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An interactive approach for hierarchical analysis of helicopter logistics in disaster relief operations

Barbarosolu, G. | Özdamar, L. | Çevik, A.

Article | 2002 | European Journal of Operational Research140 ( 1 ) , pp.118 - 133

This study develops a mathematical model for helicopter mission planning during a disaster relief operation. The decisions inherent in the problem decompose hierarchically into two sub-problems where tactical decisions are made at the top level, and the operational routing and loading decisions are made at the base level. Consistency between the decomposed problems is achieved with an iterative coordination procedure which transfers anticipated information from the base level to improve the top level decisions. The existence of conflicting multiple objectives in this hierarchical structure requires the development of a multi-criteri . . .a analysis, and an interactive procedure is designed with the top level decision-maker to assess the preference of alternative non-dominated solutions. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Correlation between polymerization shrinkage and microleakage of composite resins.

Civelek, A | Ersoy, M | L'Hotelier, F | Soyman, M | Say, EC

Conference Object | 2002 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH81 , pp.118 - 133

System dynamic modeling of conflicts within Turkey and between Turkey and her neighbors

Boz, C.M. | Basoglu, A.N. | Oner, M.A.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.118 - 133

A system dynamic modeling of conflicts within Turkey and between Turkey and her neighbours were presented. The dynamic structure of international and domestic conflict was explored by defining population, technology, military expenditure and income equality level. It was observed that the system dynamics was the best tool to examine the major processes that generate conflict and warfare within and between nations.

Detection of thoracotomy-induced alterations in cell- and humoral-mediated immune response

Isitmangil, G. | Isitmangil, T. | Balkanli, K. | Cerrahoglu, K. | Kunter, E.

Article | 2002 | European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery21 ( 3 ) , pp.497 - 501

Objective: It is well known that thoracotomy leads to several complications. In this study, effects of thoracotomy on cellular and humoral immunities have been investigated. Leukocyte counts and lymphocyte counts of 100 patients operated by thoracotomy have been determined preoperatively and on the postoperative 3rd hour, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th days. Also lymphocyte surface markers (CD3, CD4, CD8, CD4/CD8, CD19, CD16/56) and immunoglobulin levels (IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE) in 40 out of 100 patients in the preoperative period and postoperatively twice on 7th day and then in the 3rd week have been detected. Materials and methods: For the me . . .thodology hemocounter, flow cytometer, immunoprecipitation, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay were used. Results: A marked increase in leukocyte count while a marked decrease in lymphocyte count has been observed after thoracotomy (P0.2). Conclusion: According to these results, leucocytosis occurred but lymphocyte count decreased in the early postoperative period. Immunoglobulin levels and subpopulation of lymphocytes were not affected from the operative stress. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

A system-dynamic simulation game for energy sector of Turkey

Turan, S.B. | Basoglu, A.N. | Oner, M.A.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.497 - 501

System-dynamic simulation game for energy sector of Turkey was discussed. System-dynamic modeling helps to simulate the results of the decisions before actually implimenting them. It was found that this system can help in solving decision problems in energy investments.

Treatment of Condylar Hypoplasia with Distraction Osteogenesis: A Case Report

Arun, T. | Kayhan, F. | Kiziltan, M.

Article | 2002 | Angle Orthodontist72 ( 4 ) , pp.371 - 376

This report describes the surgical-orthodontic treatment procedures of a patient with condylar hypoplasia. Condylar hypoplasia is a major factor in any facial abnormality in a growing child. This case report describes a patient with a facial anomaly with an acquired unilateral condylar hypoplasia. His asymmetry was corrected by using functional therapy for the correction of muscle tonus and distraction osteogenesis for lengthening the mandibular ramal height. Fixed orthodontic appliances were used for conventional orthodontic therapy and final occlusal adjustment.

Tam protez ve overdenture kullanan hastaların proprioseptif yetenek açısından karşılaştırılması

Köksal, Temel

Article | 2002 | Hacettepe Dişhekimliği Fakültesi Derg.(. Clinical Dentistry and Research)26 ( 2 ) , pp.15 - 25

Overdenture (diş destekli tam protez) kullananlarda korunan köklerin, derinduyusal (proprioseptif) yeteneğe katkıları olup olmadığının saptanması için, bu tür ve klasik tam protez kullanan hastalarda boyutsal duyarlık ve önceden saptanan eksentrik çene konumlarını tekrarlayabilme yeteneği ölçüldü. Deney grubunu oluşturan 10 hastaya yapılan diş destekli tam protezler modifiye edilerek deneyde klasik tam protez olarak da kullanıldı. Tam protez kullanan 10 dişsiz hasta ise kontrol grubu oldu. Deneyler sonucunda overdenture'ların klasik tam protezlerden daha üstün derinduyusal yetenek sağladıkları saptandı. Dimensional sensibility and t . . .he ability to reproduce predetermined eccentric jaw movements were evaluated on both, overdenture and conventional complete denture wearers, to determine whether the preserved roots under the overdenture contribute to proprioceptive ability. Tooth-supported complete dentures, constructed for 10 test group patients, were modified to use as conventional complete dentures also. Another 10 complete denture wearers created the control group. After the tests were performed, it was determined that overdentures had superiority over conventional complete dentures in regard to proprioceptive ability Daha fazlası Daha az

Cytokine profile of patients with amlodipine-induced gingival overgrowth.

Kose, KN | Kuru, L | Noyan, U | Kuru, B | Yilmaz, S

Conference Object | 2002 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH81 , pp.15 - 25

Photochemical rearrangement of salicylideneaniline in solution

Bayrakçeken, Fuat | Özceylan, M.

Article | 2002 | Asian Journal of Spectroscopy6 ( 3 ) , pp.119 - 123

Salicylindeneaniline originally crystallized from a solution has lemon yellow colour. Irradiation with near ultraviolet causes the colour change from yellow to red. The red state changes spontaneously back to yellow. This change is accelerated by visible light. Kinetic data are reported in the temperature range between 18.5 and 55°C, for the dark fading reactions of the coloured isomers formed by the ultraviolet irradiation. First order reactions were observed, activation energies and entropies of activation are reported. The observation of T-T absorption was complicated due to coloured isomer formation during the optical pumping.

Media content analysis by MORN to determine anticipated megatrends in Turkey: A factor-analytic approach

Kok, M.S. | Basoglu, A.N. | Oner, M.A.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.119 - 123

The megatrends in Turkey were discussed. Media content analysis by MORN was done using factor-analytic approach. Results showed that most of the respondents disagree on the trends obtained from Germany and Austria. It was also found that respondents believe that technological developments cause social problems such as unemployement and energy consumption rationing.

Dental caries and dental health care of high income family children in Turkey.

Nulhantoglu, ER | Kavaloglu, S | Guzeltirpun, E | Sandalli, N

Conference Object | 2002 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH81 , pp.119 - 123

Lengthening of replanted or revascularized lower limbs: Is length discrepancy a contraindication for limb salvage?

Parmaksizoglu, F. | Beyzadeoglu, T.

Article | 2002 | Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery18 ( 6 ) , pp.471 - 480

Some replantation cases require substantial bone shortening for primary closure. Leg-length discrepancy can be restored by lengthening of the replanted or revascularized extremities. Between 1991 and 2000, four patients with four total and two subtotal below-knee amputations had replantation or revascularization for their severely damaged extremities. All of them had extensive debridement, vascular repair, bone shortening and nerve repair for sensibility of their soles. One of the replanted extremities failed and had to undergo below-knee amputation because of sepsis. No other infection or vascular complications were encountered fol . . .lowing the replantations or revascularizations. After bony consolidation, four legs were lengthened; for elimination of length discrepancy in three cases, and for obtaining balanced body proportion in one case in which the other leg was also amputated. In all procedures, a unilateral dynamic axial external fixator was used. The lengthening was performed from the proximal tibial metaphysis, with a subperiosteal osteotomy. Evaluation of injury according to the Mangled Extremity Severity Score (MESS) would encourage the surgeon to avoid salvage surgery with a shortened extremity, because of the required debridement of soft tissue and bone. These authors think the amount of limb shortening is not a major criterion in evaluating a traumatic total or subtotal below-knee amputation for salvage replantation or revascularization. A knee that has stable joint motion and the possibility of preservation of sensibility of the sole broadens the scope of indications for limb salvage, even with deliberate shortening that can be restored by lengthening; length discrepancy is not a contraindication for limb salvage Daha fazlası Daha az

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