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Koysal, Y. | Işik, Ş. | Köksal, M. | Erdogan, H. | Gökhan, N.

Article | 2003 | Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online59 ( 12 )

The title compound, C19H20ClN3O 2, is composed of an essentially planar benzoxazolinone ring system, a chlorophenyl group and a central piperazine ring. The benzoxazolinone ring system is nearly perpendicular to the piperazine ring, which displays an almost perfect chair conformation. © 2003 International Union of Crystallography Printed in Great Britain - all rights reserved.

The role of unemployment in wage determination: Further evidence on the wage curve from Turkey

Ilkkaracan, I. | Selim, R.

Article | 2003 | Applied Economics35 ( 14 ) , pp.1589 - 1598

This paper presents an empirical estimation of the correlation between wages and regional unemployment rates in Turkey, more specifically it explores the role of regional unemployment rates in wage determination. The analysis builds upon a series of recent empirical studies on the wage-unemployment relationship, now commonly known as 'the wage curve', a downward sloping curve in wage-unemployment space. The existing studies are for most part in advanced market economies, while this paper presents one of the few attempts at a wage curve analysis within the context of a developing market economy. A cross-sectional estimation of micro . . .level individual wage data for the Turkish labour market in 1994, suggest a statistically significant negative correlation between wages and regional unemployment rates. Separate regressions for men and women, however, show a wage curve to exist only in the male labour market. The study also presents the results on other variables of wage determination such as returns to schooling, returns to age, job tenure, gender, industrial and occupational affiliation of the worker, economic sector and union status Daha fazlası Daha az

Interaction integrals of extended bodies and convolution/folding operation

Kehnemi, Ş. | Akyüz, R.Ö.

Article | 2003 | Turkish Journal of Physics27 ( 2 ) , pp.91 - 99

The convolution, or folding, theorem related to Fourier transforms is applied to the evaluation of interaction integrals of certain extended bodies for the specific purpose of nuclear applications. The integrals give analytical results for a class of functions when chosen from among uniform sharp and leptodermous spheres, delta-points, Yukawa, and Coulomb shapes. Such shapes are convenient to use as models for source density and point-point interaction.

Productivity and technical change in Malaysian banking: 1989-1998

E. Dogan | D.K. Fausten

Article | 2003 | Asia-Pacific Financial Markets10 ( 02.03.2020 ) , pp.205 - 237

This study examines the impact of deregulation and technological change on the productivity of Malaysian banks over the period 1989-1998. Malmquist indices constructed with nonparametric DEA techniques are decomposed into their pure efficiency, scale efficiency, and technological change components. Our findings indicate an erosion of banking productivity that masks divergent tendencies among its component elements. These are dominated by adverse effects of technological change, which are associated with a reduction in the labor intensity of banking activity. Consistent with the mixed findings reported in the literature, the present . . .investigation suggests that regulatory reform and liberalization are not sufficient conditions for productivity improvement. © Springer 2005 Daha fazlası Daha az

First isolation and characterization of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato strains from Ixodes ricinus ticks in Turkey

Güner, E.S. | Hashimoto, N. | Takada, N. | Kaneda, K. | Imai, Y. | Masuzawa, T.

Article | 2003 | Journal of Medical Microbiology52 ( 9 ) , pp.807 - 813

In order to investigate the presence and prevalence of Lyme borreliosis (Lyme disease) Borrelia species, 312 unfed ticks were collected by flagging at a woodland area in Trakya, in the European side of Turkey, in May 2002. Twelve of 299 Ixodes ricinus ticks were infected with Borrelia spp., as determined by cultivation in BSK medium (prevalence rate 4.0%). Ten pure cultures were subjected to further characterization by sequencing analysis of the 5S-23S rDNA intergenic spacer, 16S rDNA and flagellin gene. One isolate of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, two of Borrelia garinii (Eurasian type), two of Borrelia afzelii, four of Borre . . .lia lusitaniae and one of Borrelia valaisiana were identified. However, no Asian-type B. garinii was found. Interestingly, all Borrelia species that are known to be carried by I. ricinus were discovered among the 10 isolates. These results provide the first evidence for the existence of the Lyme borreliosis agent in Turkey Daha fazlası Daha az

Self-etch sistemler ile hibridizasyon; SEM çalışması

Say, Esra Can | Karakaya, Şölen | Soyman, Mübin | Özer, Füsun | Tagamı, Junji

Article | 2003 | Hacettepe Dişhekimliği Fakültesi Derg.(. Clinical Dentistry and Research)27 ( 3 ) , pp.7 - 11

Bu çalışmanın amacı, scanning elektron mikroskobu ile self-etch adezivlerin (Clearfil SE Bond; ABF Bond; Tyrian SPE; Prompt L Pop) dentine penetrasyon özelliklerinin ve hibrit tabakası oluşumlarının iki basamaklı bir total-etch sistemi (Single Bond) ile karşılaştırılmasıdır. 15 adet çürüksüz üçüncü büyük azı dişinin oklüzal minesi düşük devirli elmas disk (Isomet) ile kaldırıldı, oklüzal dentin yüzeyindeki smear tabakası 600 gritlik silisyum karbit (SiC) zımpara ile standardize edildi. Dentin bonding sistemleri üretici firmaların talimatları doğrultusunda dentin yüzeylerine uygulandı ve oklüzal yüzey 3mm yüksekliğinde kompozit ile r . . .estore edildi. Bağlanma yüzeyine dik olacak şekilde ikiye kesilen dişler, 24 saat % 10'luk nötral formolde bekletildi. Epoksi rezin içerisine gömülen örnekler seri SiC zımpara ve cila pastası ile cilalandıktan sonra argon etching yapıldı. Altın kaplanan örnekler scanning elektron mikroskobu ile incelendi. Clearfil SE Bond ile 0.5 um kalınlığında hibrit tabakası oluşumu saptanırken, ABF Bond sistemlerinin kullanıldığı örneklerde belirgin bir hibrit tabakası gözlemlenemedi, ancak dentin ve adeziv rezin arasında herhangi bir aralık da tespit edilmedi. Prompt L-Pop ile yaklaşık 2pm kalınlığında hibrit tabakası ve rezin uzantıları, Tyrian SPE, One Step Plus ve Single Bond ile belirgin ve keskin sınırlı 3um kalınlığında hibrit tabakası ile rezin uzantıları saptandı. Yüksek pH'lı zayıf self-etch adezivlerin smear tabakası ve yüzeyel dentine penetrasyonlan ve hibrit tabakası oluşumları sınırlı iken, düşük pH'lı agresif self-etch adezivlerin penetrasyon derinliği ve hibrit tabakası kalınlığının total-etch sistemleri ile benzerlik gösterdiği saptandı. The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of self-etching systems (Clearfil SE Bond, ABF Bond, Tyrian SPE, Prompt L Pop) in penetrating dentin and the formation of the hybrit layers with a total-etch system (Single Bond). The occlusal enamel of third molars was removed using a low-speed saw, the smear layer on the occlusal dentin was standardized using 600 grit silisium carbide (SiC) paper. Dentin bonding systems uıere applied according to the manufacturer's instructions and composite was built up in 3 mm height. Bonded teeth were sectioned longitudinally to the bonded surface, stored 24 hours in 10 % neutral formalin. The specimens were embedded in epoxy resin, polished using senal SiC paper and polishing paste and then subjected to argon ion etching. The specimens were gold sputter coated and examined with a scanning electron microscope. Clearfil SE Bond created a O.Bum thick hybrid layer, uıith ABF Bond a definite hybrid layer could not be observed, however there was also no gap formation between dentin and bonding resin. Prompt L Pop created hybrid layers around 2 um thick with resin tag formation. Tyrian SPE and Single Bond shouıed hybrid layers around 3 um thick with resin tag formation. The ability to penetrate the smear layer and subsurface dentin of the mild self-etch adhesive systems with high pH is limited uıhereas the aggressive self-etch adhesive systems with low pH can solubilize smear layers and smear plugs and form hybrid layers with a thickness similar to total-etch systems Daha fazlası Daha az

A novel, fast-growing Borrelia sp. isolated from the hard tick Hyalomma aegyptium in Turkey

E.S. Güner | N. Hashimoto | T. Kadosaka | Y. Imai | T. Masuzawa

Article | 2003 | Microbiology149 ( 9 ) , pp.2539 - 2544

A novel, fast-growing spirochaete was isolated from the hard tick Hyalomma aegyptium (family Ixodidae, subfamily Metastriata) using Barbour-Stoenner-Kelly (BSK) II medium. Tick samples were taken during the summer of 2000 from the Istanbul area in northwestern Turkey. Sixty-seven of 153 adults (44%) and 72 of 185 nymphs (39%) were infected with the novel spirochaete, whereas none of the 20 larvae examined were infected. The optimal growth temperature of the spirochaete in BSK II medium was 34-37°C, and it could grow at 39°C. Doubling times at 34 and 37°C were 5.3 and 5.1 h, respectively. Six pure cultures of the spirochaete were obt . . .ained and characterized by microscopic observation, sequence analysis of the flagellin gene (flaB), SDS-PAGE and Western blotting. The spirochaete was morphologically similar to those of the genus Borrelia and contained a 41 kDa protein reactive with mAb H9724 specific to the flagellin of a Borrelia species. Polyclonal antibody raised to this spirochaete reacted with several antigen bands, whereas no bands were detected with Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia hermsii, Borrelia turicatae and Borrelia parkeri. The flaB sequences of the six isolates showed high similarity, with sequence similarity values ranging from 99.2 to 100%; however, the similarity of the isolates' flaB sequences to those of the Lyme-disease-related Borrelia and relapsing-fever-associated Borrelia species was less than 90%. These findings suggest that the unique spirochaete is a member of the genus Borrelia, and differs from previously described Borrelia species Daha fazlası Daha az

Realization of nth-order current transfer function using current-differencing buffered amplifiers

Acar, C. | Sedef, H.

Article | 2003 | International Journal of Electronics90 ( 4 ) , pp.277 - 283

The authors propose two new configurations suitable for high-order filter response. It is possible to realize the most general nth-order current-mode transfer function using these configurations, involving a single or two current-differencing buffered amplifiers (CDBAs) and the RC:-RC decomposition technique. With the proposed configurations, the number of active elements is reduced to one or two, which is a significant reduction in comparision with the previously reported methods.

Endogenous firm objectives

Yalçin, E. | Renström, T.I.

Article | 2003 | Journal of Public Economic Theory5 ( 1 ) , pp.67 - 94

We analyze the behavior of a monopolistic firm in general equilibrium when the firm's decisions are taken through shareholder voting. We show that, depending on the underlying distribution, rational voting may imply overproduction as well as underproduction, relative to the efficient level. Any initial distribution of shares is an equilibrium, if individuals do not recognize their influence on voting when trading shares. However, when they do, and there are no short-selling constraints, the only equilibrium is the efficient one. With shortselling constraints typically underproduction occurs. It is not market power itself causing und . . .erproduction, but the inability to perfectly trade the rights to market power. © 2003 Blackwell Publishing, Inc Daha fazlası Daha az

Triplet-triplet absorption of-salicylidene-p-toluidine in solution

Bayrakceken, F | Keskin, AU

Article | 2003 | ASIAN JOURNAL OF SPECTROSCOPY7 ( 2 ) , pp.93 - 96

The observation of triplet-triplet absorption of salicylidene-p-toluidine is complicated because of the possible colored isomer formation during the optical pumping. The short-lived (singlet-singlet) and long-lived (triplet-triplet) absorption spectra were recorded photographically by microsecond flash photolysis and nanosecond laser flash photolysis techniques. Salicylidene complexes were purified by repeated recrystallisation until further recrystallisation produced no further changes for x-ray diffraction pattern and, optical absorbtion and emission properties.

Combined wavelet-neural fault classifier for power distribution systems

Dag, O. | Uçak, C.

Article | 2003 | Bulletin of the Technical University of Istanbul53 ( 1 ) , pp.82 - 97

This paper presents an integrated design of a fault classifier for distribution systems using a hybrid Waveletartificial neural network (ANN) based approach. Data for the fault classifier is produced by PSCAD/EMTDC simulation program for 34.5 kV Sagmalcilar-Maltepe distribution system in Istanbul, Turkey. It is aimed to design a classifier capable of recognizing ten classes of three-phase distribution system faults. A database of line currents and line-to-ground voltages is built up including system faults at different fault inception angles and fault locations. The characteristic information over six-channel of current and voltage . . .samples is extracted by the wavelet multi-resolution analysis technique. Afterwards, an ANN-based tool was employed for classification task. The main idea in this approach is solving the complex fault (three-phase short-circuit) classification problem under various system and fault conditions. A self-organizing map, with Kohonen's learning algorithm and typeone learning vector quantization technique is implemented into the fault classification study. The performance of the wavelet-neural fault classifier is presented and the results are analyzed in the paper. It is shown that the technique presented correctly recognizes and discriminates the fault type and faulted phases(s) with a high degree of accuracy for different location and time of occurrence in the simulated model distribution system Daha fazlası Daha az

Business and Information Technology Strategies and Their Impact on Organizational Performance

Gunes, F. | Nuri Basoglu, A. | Kimiloglu, H.

Conference Object | 2003 | Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology , pp.208 - 216

Measuring the impact of Information Technology (IT) on organizational performance is a complicated task. Since organizational performance cannot be shaped only by IT applications, other factors such as business strategies and organizational culture should also be taken into consideration while measuring the impact of IT on overall performance. For measuring organizational performance, a long list of tangible and intangible factors can be found in the literature. Following a survey of the literature study, a conceptual model and a measurement instrument were developed. The questionnaire was distributed to top 500 companies in Turkey . . .and some public organizations. The results of 105 questionnaires were included in the analyses. The relationship between independent variables and organizational performance was analyzed. One of the major findings is that in organizations adopting an innovative and supportive culture, the impact of IT on overall performance is stronger. IS departments scanning IT continuously in various ways make better use of technology and implement applications that reduce operational costs. Most respondents admit that IT enables them to show better individual performance Daha fazlası Daha az

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