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Elections in Risk Society

Turkan-Ipek, IZ

Article | 2018 | SOSYOEKONOMI26 ( 36 ) , pp.65 - 79

New political movements and ideological patterns become more and more frequent regarding to the contemporary political and social transformations on local and global contexts. Referring mostly to the post concepts, we can observe the actuality and development of risk society in global level. On one hand, global developments have a considerable impact on local changes and on the other hand, countries become more and more introverted and conservative that influences the transformation of the leader's discourse and electoral behavior. This article aims to analyze the development of risk society, extreme right political tendencies and p . . .olitical volatility in international politics starting with terrorist attacks in Europe until 2015-2016; Brexit decision of England; presidential election results in United-States. Our analysis will be based on the following concepts of risk society, post-truth and populism Daha fazlası Daha az

Activities of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Turkey and Its Changing Role in Turkish Asylum System

Eksi, N

Article | 2019 | ISTANBUL HUKUK MECMUASI77 ( 1 ) , pp.343 - 370

The UNHCR was established as a subsidiary body by the resolution of the UN General Assembly in 1949 in Geneva. The functions of the UNHCR are defined in the Statute which was adopted in 1950 and in various resolutions subsequently adopted by the UN General Assembly. In accordance with the Statute, the work of the High Commissioner is humanitarian and social and of an entirely non-political character. In this study, the establishment and the scope of missions of the UNHCR which has been operating in Turkey since 1960 are firstly explained. Then the host country agreement between Turkey and the UNHCR which was made in 2016 will be exa . . .mined. In this context, the reasons for making host country agreement; rights immunities, privileges and facilities provided for the UNHCR under this agreement will be described. In this study, the provisions of the treaties and legal arrangements concerning cooperation with the UNHCR from past to the present will also be summarized. The role of the UNHCR in Turkey has been changed since 2013. The factors leading such a change will be identified and the results of the changing role of the UNHCR will be evaluated. Finally, the determinations and proposals made in this study will be stated in the conclusion part Daha fazlası Daha az

Set-based dynamic cache partitioning on chip multiprocessors

Küçük, G. | Güney, I.A.

Article | 2013 | Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University28 ( 3 ) , pp.545 - 554

Today, most of the chip multiprocessor architectures utilize a shared last level cache to reduce the off-chip memory delay. Benefit from such a cache may be very limited due to cache conflicts caused by applications running in parallel. In the literature, there are numerous studies that try to reduce cache conflicts by partitioning this cache level and allocating dedicated cache areas to each application. These studies generally focus on policies dedicating an appropriate number of ways to each core. There has also been recent studies suggesting set-based cache partitioning. Set-based partitioning has a number of advantages over way . . .-based partitioning. This study aims to improve the processor performance by using a mechanism to dynamically partition the cache based on sets. The resizing decisions for partitions are made according to statistics collected at periodic intervals Daha fazlası Daha az


Dikmen, Melih | Çağlar, Adil

Article | 2015 | İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi14 ( 28/2 Özel Ek ) , pp.231 - 249

Bu araştırmanın amacı, Bilgisayar ve Öğretim Teknolojileri Öğretmen (BÖTE) Adaylarının Bilgisayar öz-yeterlik algılarını incelemektir. Araştırmanın evrenini BÖTE öğretmen adayları oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmanın örneklemi, İstanbul ilindeki 6 farklı Üniversitede öğrenim gören 352 BÖTE öğretmen adayı oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada verilerin toplanması amacıyla araştırmacı tarafından geliştirilen kişisel bilgi formu ve Aşkar ve Umay (2001) tarafından geliştirilen Bilgisayar Öz-yeterlik Algısı Ölçeği kullanılmıştır. Ölçeklerden elde edilen veriler istatistiksel yazılım programı kullanılarak analiz edilmiştir. Değerlendirmede tanımlayıcı is . . .tatistiksel metotlar (Sayı, Yüzde, Ortalama, Standart sapma) kullanılmıştır. The purpose of this research, Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher (CEIT) is to examine the candidates' computer self-efficacy. The universe of research constitutes BÖTE teachers. The sample of the study, University of Istanbul province in studying in 6 different forms BÖTE 352 teachers. The personal information form developed by the researchers for collecting the data in the study and love and Umay (2001) developed by Computer Self-Efficacy Scale were used. The data obtained from the scale were analyzed using statistical software. Descriptive statistical methods in the evaluation (Number, Percentage, mean, standard deviation) is used Daha fazlası Daha az

An adolescent case with asperger disorder and comorbid schizophrenia responded to clozapine

Bilgic, A | Kilic, BG | Kilic, EZ


It is suggested that frequency of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders is high in cases with Asperger disorder (AD) and in their families. On the other hand, information regarding management of schizophrenia in cases with AD is limited. In this paper, a 15-year-old adolescent case with AD and comorbid schizophrenia, is reported. His psychotic symptoms did not respond to quetiapine, risperidone, and pimozide, respectively. Then, clozapine was commenced and the patient began to improve at the fourth month of the clozapine treatment. In context of the reported case, challenges during the treatment process in cases with AD plus s . . .chizophrenia and possible familial influences on schizophrenia development in such cases are discussed Daha fazlası Daha az


Özgür, Ferhat

Article | 2015 | Sanat Yazıları0 ( 33 ) , pp.309 - 326

Peter Bürger'in Avangard Sanat Kuramı adlı kitabında 'Neo-Avangard' olarak tanımladığı ve İkinci Dünya Savaşı'ndan sonraki sanat akımlarına karşılık gelen süreçte sanat, tarihsel avangardın tersine Amerikalı eleştirmen ve düşünür Lester.D.Longman'a göre kaygı verici bir noktaya geldi. Longman gerek Art Forum dergisinde yazdığı yazılarda gerekse diğer kitaplarında bu süreci eleştirel yönden ele alan tartışmalı görüşler ortaya attı. Bugünkü çağdaş sanat ortamındaki eğilimleri, neo-avangard sürecin bir devamı olarak düşünürsek, İkinci Dünya Savaşı'ndan sonraki konformizm ve eğlence politikalarına Longman'ın tartışmalı görüşleri doğrult . . .usunda yeniden bakmak gerekiyor. Longman'a göre çağımızda neo-avangard sanatı anlayabilir ve onun nedenlerini tanımlayabiliriz ancak bu hiç bir zaman bugünkü sanatı tümden kabul edeceğimiz anlamına da gelmemelidir. Longman konformist süreçte sanatların kendi eksantrik aşırılıkları ve modaya eklemlenmeleri yüzünden ölmekte olduğuna inanmakta, aydın elitlerin sadece inanç ve umuttan değil aynı zamanda cesaretten de yoksun olduğunu vurgulayarak, günümüzün çağdaş sanat ortamında bir çoğumuzun yakındığı bir konformizm ve eğlence durumunun geçmişini kültürel politikalar çerçevesinde ele almaktadır. Following years of the World War Two, where innovative tendencies were described as 'Neo-Avant-garde' in the significant book entitled 'Avant-Garde Theory' by Peter Bürger, according to American theorist and critic Lester.D.Longman, art came to a very controversial point contrary to historical avant-garde practices. In his critial writings published both in Art Forum and other outstanding books, Longman has arguably spoken of these process. Considering today's art tendencies as subsequent practices to neo-avantgarde process it seems necessary to dwell upon again the issues of conformity in arts and entertainment in our current policies occurred after the World War Two within the perspective of Lester D.Longman's controversial opinions, for he negotiates the case of conformity and entertainment in contemporary art with respect to cultural policies. According to Longman although neo-avant garde art and its reasons can be wholly comprehended this does not mean that todays art should be excepted unconditionally. He believes that this conformist continuum of arts own eccentric extravaganza and its tendency to articulation to fashion are leading it to its own end. He continues, accusing the intellectual elite of lacking not only fate and hope but also courage, and investigates today's contemporary art scene, its past with respect to its conformist and entertainment milieu within the framework of cultural policies Daha fazlası Daha az

Postmodernizmin cadısı: Diamanda Galas

Tezgör, Hilmi

Article | 2010 | YEDİ: SANAT, TASARIM VE BİLİM DERGİSİ0 ( 4 ) , pp.79 - 84

Bu makalede, şov ile performans arasındaki, günümüzde iyice bulanıklaşan alanda sahiciliğiyle bir performans sanatçısı olarak öne çıkan Diamanda Galas’ın, müziğini edebiyat ve performans ile buluştururken politik tavrından da asla ödün vermeyişi üzerinde durulacaktır. Kendisi için “auteur” (yazar) nitelemesini tercih eden, üç buçuk oktavlık soprano Diamanda Galas, sesini kıyımlara uğrayanların, yurtlarından kovulan halkların, işkence görenlerin, ezilen kadınların, fahişelerin, toplumdan dışlanan eşcinsellerin, AIDS hastalarının yanında, onların lehine bir silah gibi kullanıyor; özgürlük kavramına vurgu yaparak bizzat direnişin ve ka . . .rşı koyuşun sesine dönüşüyor. Blues, gospel, caz, klasik müzik, folk, rembetiko ve rock etkili müziğinde ölüm, hastalık, kötülük, adaletsizlik gibi karanlık temaları daha çok kullanan Galas, Baudelaire, Artaud, Nerval, Pasolini, Genet, Poe, Celan, Adonis, Michaux, Vallejo gibi yazar ve şairlerin metinlerinden de yararlanıyor. Bu makale, günümüz sanatında başkaldırının en güçlü kadın seslerinden biri olan Diamanda Galas’ın özgünlüğünü ve önemini vurgulamayı amaçlamaktadır. This article will focus on Greek/American avant-garde artist Diamanda Galas and her uncompromising political attitude while her music meets performance and literature. While the boundaries between a show and a performance are blurring, Galas is also an important performance artist. Diamanda Galas has a voice range of three and a half octaves and she prefers the term ‘auteur’ for herself. She turns her great voice to a weapon for the sake of oppressed, expelled, tortured, externalized, ill-fated people, for the victims of holocausts, genocides and plagues and for the outsiders. She insists on the term ‘freedom’ and speaks, shouts and screams for their resistance. Her music, influenced by blues, gospel, jazz, classical music, folk, rembetiko and rock has its dark themes like death, illness, evil and injustice. It also uses texts by marginal writers, poets and artists like Baudelaire, Artaud, Nerval, Pasolini, Genet, Poe, Celan, Adonis, Michaux and Vallejo. This article aims to stres the originality and importance of Diamanda Galas, one of the strongest voices of revolt in today’s art Daha fazlası Daha az

Developing a wireless sensor network testbed using MSP430G2553 and nRF24L01+ based sensors

Masazade, E | Dogukan, VT | Akgun, VY


In a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), system resources, such as the total node energy, need to be utilized effectively while executing the task of interest. Since a number of sensor nodes may be needed in various type of applications, it is also important to develop each sensor node in a cost effective manner. The purpose of this paper is to develop a custom made, low power, cost-effective wireless sensor node based on a MSP430G2553 microprocessor and nRf24l01+ wireless transceiver module. Then, using these nodes, we form a simple WSN testbed, and locate the position of a light emitting source.


Tahmazoğlu, Sultan Üzeltürk

Article | 2016 | Anayasa Hukuku Dergisi5 ( 9 ) , pp.13 - 54

Kurumdan ayrılma niyetini etkileyen unsurlar: İşe bağlılık ve kurumla özdeşleşme

Bulutlar, Füsun | Ünler, Ela Öz

Article | 2010 | İş Güç Endüstri İlişkileri ve İnsan Kaynakları Dergisi12 ( 2 ) , pp.75 - 88

Çalışmamızın amacı, işe bağlılık ve kurumla özdeşleşmenin kurumdan ayrılma niyeti üzerinde ne oranda farklı etkileri olduğunu araştırmaktır. Bunun yanında, kurumla özdeşleşmenin işe bağlılık ve kurumdan ayrılma niyeti arasındaki ilişkide şartlı değişken olarak rol alıp almadığını anlamaya çalışmaktır. Yapılan anket çalışmasına toplam 271 hizmet çalışanı katılmıştır. Araştırmanın sonucunda, kurumla özdeşleşmenin kurumdan ayrılma niyeti üzerindeki etkisinin işe bağlılığa göre daha yüksek olduğu bulunurken, özdeşleşmenin şartlı değişken olarak rol almadığı anlaşılmıştır. IThe aim of the study is to explore the difference between the ef . . .fects job involvement and organizational identification on intention to leave and to find out if organizational identification has any moderating effect on the relation between job involvement and intention to leave. 271 service employees were included to the survey administered for this purpose. According to our results, organizational identification has greater negative effect on intention to leave than job involvement. Additionally, organizational identification does not have any moderating role between job involvement and intention to leave Daha fazlası Daha az

The Hamidiye Water Tower, its history, architecture, and function [Hamidiye su Terazisi Tarihi, Mimarisi, ¯şlevy]

Sönmezer, Ş. | Şahin, S.

Article | 2014 | Belleten78 ( 282 ) , pp.599 - 610

Istanbul, the capital city of several major empires, has had many urban problems related to the continuous immigrations throughout the history. Various solutions have been sought in different periods in response to the critical water problem which has always been a need for the citizens. During the Ottoman Period, to compensate for the water need of the continuously fast-growing population, water was conveyed through water fines, either by repairing the old water supply systems and structures, or by finding new water sources and constructing new water lines. Hamidiye Waterway, built mainly during the Sultan Abdulhamid II Period, is . . .a good example of this. The Hamidiye Water Tower, the subject matter of this study, has not been stressed enough or has had just its name mentioned in the literature in spite of its importance from the view point of both its architectural properties and also its functionality. This structure, now situated in Levent Sanayi Mahallesi, crammed among the closely packed and distorted residences, yet preserving its existence, is a remarkable example which possesses all the significant characteristics of the style of the period with its architecture, and clues of the water engineering of the period with its functionality. In this study, the Hamidiye Water Tower has been discussed with its above mentioned properties, hence; on one hand, its function and its operating system in the defined water line have been presented in detail, on the other hand, its architectural characteristics have been emphasized and its architectural style has been interpreted in relation with the other structures of the period Daha fazlası Daha az

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