The Effect of Authentic Leadership on Intrinsic Motivation of Millennial Engineers Working in Information Technology (IT) Sector

Aydoğdu, Birgül | Alkan, Deniz Palalar

Article | 2019 | İşletme Araştırmaları Dergisi11 ( 3 ) , pp.1503 - 1517

Purpose – This study focuses on millennial engineers working in IT sector in Turkey and aims to investigate the effect of authentic leadership on their intrinsic motivation on the basis of self-determination theory.Design/Methodology/Approach – This study is a descriptive study exploring the relationship between authentic leadership and intrinsic motivation of millennial engineers. Survey technique is used and online survey is carried out with the engineers working for at least one year or more in IT departments of different companies operating in finance, telecommunication and software development sector in Turkey. The sample size . . .is 196 and the sample includes both male and female engineers at different ages belonging to millennial generation.Findings – This study shows that there is a positive relation between authentic leadership and intrinsic motivation of millennial engineers. This means that authentic leadership increases intrinsic motivation of millennial engineers and millennial engineers working with authentic leaders show more self-determined behaviors and involve more in activities that they are inherently satisfied by doing. This result has important implications for the organizations that have millennial engineers.Research Limitations/Implications – More generalizable findings might be obtained if this study is carried out by a larger number of participants working in IT departments of companies operating in different sectors and if the data are collected within a longer time frame.Practical Implications – This study includes managerial implications for organizations in developing, training, recruiting leaders and in strategy making processes.Originality/Value – There is a limited literature on the effect of authentic leadership on intrinsic motivation of millennials. This thesis aims to fill this gap in the literature and the conclusions drawn are intended to provide guidance to leaders and managers to better understand and motivate millennial engineers in order to sustain the workforce in the long run Daha fazlası Daha az

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