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Nitric oxide mediated effects of nebivolol on cardiomyocyte apoptosis after myocardial infarction in rats

G Mercanoglu | H Uzun | F Mercanoglu | M Gungor

Conference Object | 2007 | EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEART FAILURE6 , pp.84 - 84

Effect of Strategic Leadership Styles on Firm Performance: A study in a Turkish SME

Ozer, F | Tinaztepe, C

Conference Object | 2014 | 10TH INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2014150 , pp.778 - 784

Many studies suggested that a development of good leadership is one of the driving forces for the success of SMEs in the future, and evidences suggest that inadequate leadership and management skills as primary factors contributing towards the failure of SMEs (Razak, 2000, Davies et al., 2002). In this study, we examine to understand how these leaders have the greatest positive impact on firm performance. This study is significant since the outcomes will contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of leadership and SME's firm performance in Turkey. The aim in this study is to interrogate the strategic leadership in terms of dif . . .ferent leadership styles and test the effect of them on performance. The study is applied to an export company in Turkey. The sample is consisted of white-collared members who are working in managerial and non-managerial job positions in different offices of the company. A total of 215 complete responses were used for analyses. In terms of hypothesis testing, the first hypothesis of the study is partially supported as only relationship-oriented and transformational leadership styles are significantly related to firm performance. As to the second hypothesis compared to other leadership styles transformational leadership has a stronger effect on firm performance. When the means of leadership styles are considered, it is clear that in three countries most common leadership style is relationship-oriented. This study can be repeated by increasing the number of participants. And also for further studies, to identify the effects of leadership styles on firm performance more precisely, the number of leadership styles may be increased. (C) 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Group A streptococcal infection cases during influenza season 2016 Coinfections in influenza season

Gurol, Y | Romano, E | Coskun, FT | Bicer, S | Celik, G

Article | 2017 | EGYPTIAN PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATION GAZETTE65 ( 2 ) , pp.31 - 32

Objective: Even though mixed bacterial-viral infections are very common in other respiratory tract conditions such as acute otitis media and pneumonia, concurrent GAS-influenza virus pharyngotonsillitis is generally not considered. We share our experience of mixed infection of GAS and influenza in children with this report. Methods: The rapid antigen test for streptococcus group A (Quidel, USA) was applied to the throat samples. The throat samples were also cultured in sheep blood agar at 37 degrees C for 24 h incubation. The rapid antigen test for influenza (Quidel, USA) was applied to the nasal samples at the same time. Results: B . . .etween January and April 2016, among 541 children, 11 cases had concurrent influenza and GAS; 3 cases with influenza B and 8 cases with influenza A. Conclusion: There is a number of data alerting the clinicians about bacterial coinfections because of the rapid progression to severe illnesses. (C) 2017 The Egyptian Pediatric Association. Production and hosting by Elsevier B.V Daha fazlası Daha az

The Effect of Schooling Enrolment Rates on Economic Sustainability

Tasel, F | Bayarcelik, EB


This paper studies the effects of human capital on economic sustainability. Education is one of the most important factors that stimulate human capital. Thus previous studies supported that educated work force have important contributions on economic growth. And also many studies have pointed out that human capital has an impact on firm competitiveness which leads economic performance. In this study, the relationship between human capital and economic growth will be examined by using enrolment rates at different levels of schooling for human capital and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for sustainable economic growth.

Time frequency analysis of Event-Related Potentials associated with the Stroop task

Saban, S | Ergen, M | Kirmizi, E | Bayraktaroglu, Z | Gurvit, H | Demiralp, T

Conference Object | 2006 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY61 ( 3 ) , pp.371 - 371

Noninvasive ventilation in cancer children with acute respiratory failure

Yilmaz, S | Yildizdas, RD | Dursun, O | Karapinar, B | Kendirli, T | Demirkol, D | Cakir, FB

Article | 2017 | JOURNAL OF ACUTE DISEASE6 ( 1 ) , pp.23 - 27

Objective: To establish the effectiveness of noninvasive ventilation in cancer children with acute respiratory failure. Methods: The data of 33 cancer patients were obtained prospectively from six different pediatric intensive care units in Turkey between the years of 2012 and 2013. Results: The diagnosis was leukemias in 25 (75.8%), lymphomas in 3 (9.1%) and other solid tumors in 5 (15.1%) patients. Pneumonia in 12 (36.3%) and sepsis in 15 (45.4%) patients were seen as the common reasons of respiratory failure. The mean PaO2/ FiO2 ratios were (164.22 +/- 37.24) and (126.80 +/- 42.73) in noninvasive ventilation success and failure g . . .roup, respectively. Noninvasive ventilation was successful in 18 (54.5%) patients. The failure group consisted of 15 patients required intubation. A total of 14 (42.4%) patients died. The clinical outcome in terms of success and failure was meaningful statistically (P = 0.0 00 1). Conclusions: Our results could encourage the use of noninvasive ventilation in children with cancer who develop acute respiratory failure. It should be considered as a useful therapeutic approach to avoid endotracheal intubation Daha fazlası Daha az

Future pharmacy practice and teaching pharmacists in Turkey

Sencan, N | Moral, F

Conference Object | 2007 | EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES32 ( 1 ) , pp.23 - 27

Organization-based self-esteem as a moderator of the relationship between employee dissent and turnover intention

Cenkci, T | Otken, AB

Conference Object | 2014 | 10TH INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2014150 , pp.404 - 412

This study investigates the association between employee dissent and turnover intention, and the moderating role of organization-based self-esteem on this relationship. A survey questionnaire was prepared and distributed by the researchers, with a sample of 211 white-collar employees in Turkey participating. The results point to employee constructive upward dissent, questioning upward dissent, and latent dissent explaining the variance in turnover intention. In addition, partial support was found for the moderating influence of organization-based self-esteem on the relationship between employee dissent and turnover intention. (C) 20 . . .14 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Computerized extraction of BI-RADS breast mass location descriptors from breast volume segmented on MR images

Demirgunes, DD | Ertas, G | Telatar, Z | Erogul, O

Conference Object | 2017 | JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY256 , pp.2682 - 2686

A Comparison of the Cognitive Processes Involved in L2 Learners' Writing Process when They are Composing in English and in Their L1

Sevgi, E


This research investigates whether advanced-level language learners use similar cognitive strategies when they are composing a paragraph in their L2 (English) and L1 (Turkish). More specifically, the cognitive processes under investigation were grouped under two categories: Planning and Content Generation, and the investigation was designed to observe if there was a tendency to use any of these categories more than the other one while composing in a particular language. A mixed method was used to investigate the issue. Qualitative data was collected through think-aloud protocols during the participants' written composition process, . . .and quantitative data was obtained by calculating the indicators of planning and content generating strategies on the coded data. Chi-square tests were used to see whether the difference between the strategies used in the composing process for two languages was statistically significant. The results showed no statistically significant difference (p=.03), which suggested that the participants were making use of similar cognitive strategies when they were writing a paragraph in their L1 and L2. This leads to a further suggestion that instruction in written composition in one language might affect the composition process in another language. (C) 2016 Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Electric field effect on the refractive index changes in a Modified-Poschl-Teller quantum well

Unal, VU | Aksahin, E | Aytekin, O


The effect of an applied static field is studied on the optical properties of a quantum well (QW) represented by a Modified Poschl-Teller potential. This potential allows analytical solution of the eigen-values and eigen-functions which in turn makes the numerical calculation of optical properties quite transparent. In this work, we concentrate on the linear and nonlinear refractive index changes. Comparison of the results using the finite Modified-Poschl-Teller (MPT) potential with those in the literature using the infinite Poschl-Teller (PT) potential shows that the main difference between the two potentials is coming from the dep . . .th differences of the two wells. The changes in the refractive indices are bigger than those using infinite PT potential. If one wants a larger change in the total refractive index, one should try to reduce the applied electric fields and the optical intensities. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

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