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Time and sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in Ankara, Turkey

Oznurhan, F. | Ekci, E.S. | Ozalp, S. | Deveci, C. | Delilbasi, A.E. | Bani, M. | Oztas, N.

Article | 2016 | Pediatric Dental Journal26 ( 1 ) , pp.1 - 7

Introduction The aim of this study was to determine time and sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in addition to caries status and gender differences in children and young adolescents in Ankara. Materials and methods Cross-sectional data were collected by examining a total of 890 (407 female and 483 male) pre-school, primary and secondary school children of 5-15 years of age. The mean age of eruption and caries status of individual permanent teeth were recorded. Data were statistically evaluated with sample T-Test and One-way ANOVA. Results Eruption tended to be earlier in girls than boys in most of the groups accept for the teet . . .h 44. The sequences of eruption of permanent teeth were 6-1-2-4-3-5-7 in mandible, and 6-1-2-4-5-3-7 in maxilla in boys whereas 1-6-2-3-4-5-7 in mandible, and 6-1-2-5-4-3-7 in maxilla in girls. Increased caries prevalence was seen both in primary and permanent teeth. Conclusion When compared with the other studies, eruption times show differences which were affected by genetics, genders, ethnicity, nutrition, fluoridation, carious condition, premature extraction of predecessors, socioeconomic variables, congenital anomalies and the changes in eruption time is significant when planning dental treatments. © 2015 The Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry Daha fazlası Daha az

Implementation of boundary conditions in modeling the femur is critical for the evaluation of distal intramedullary nailing

Bayoglu, R. | Okyar, A.F.

Article | 2015 | Medical Engineering and Physics37 ( 11 ) , pp.1053 - 1060

In previous numerical and experimental studies of the intramedullary nail-implanted human femur several simplifications to model the boundary and loading conditions during pre-clinical testing have been proposed. The distal end of the femur was fixed in the majority of studies dealing with the biomechanics of the lower extremity, be it numerical or experimental, which resulted in obviously non-physiological deflections. Per contra, Speirs et al. (2007) proclaimed physiological deflections as a result of constraining the femur in a novel statically determinate fashion in combination with using a complex set of muscle forces. In tande . . .m with this, we have shown that not only the deflections but also the stress and strain predictions turn out to be much lower in magnitude, as a result of using the latter approach. To illustrate the dramatic change in results, we compared these results with those of two other models employing commonly used boundary and loading conditions in retrograde stabilization of a distal diaphyseal fracture. The model used herewith resulted in more realistic femoral cortical strains, lower stresses on both the nail and the screws, as well as such deflections in the overall structure. © 2015 IPEM Daha fazlası Daha az

Coordinating debris cleanup operations in post disaster road networks

Özdamar, L. | Tüzün Aksu, D. | Ergüneş, B.

Article | 2014 | Socio-Economic Planning Sciences48 ( 4 ) , pp.249 - 262

We propose a constructive heuristic that generates roadside debris cleanup plans for a limited number of equipment in the post-disaster road recovery planning problem. Travel times between cleanup tasks are not pre-fixed but depend on the blockage status of the entire road network at the time of travel. We develop a novel mathematical model that maximizes cumulative network accessibility throughout the cleanup operation and minimizes makespan. We propose several practical and robust task selection rules that favor one or both goals that are tested on realistic size road networks with deterministic and stochastic debris cleanup times . . .. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Determining type 2 diabetes risk factors for the adults: A community based study from Turkey

Cosansu, G. | Celik, S. | Özcan, S. | Olgun, N. | Yıldırım, N. | Gulyuz Demir, H.

Article | 2018 | Primary Care Diabetes12 ( 5 ) , pp.409 - 415

Aims: This study aimed to determine risk factors for type 2 diabetes among adults who were not diagnosed with diabetes. Methods: Adults were included in this study within the public activities performed on World Diabetes Day (n = 1872). Data were collected using the FINDRISC questionnaire and a short questionnaire. Results: Participants’ mean age was 39.35 ± 10.40. The mean FINDRISC score was 7.46 ± 4.62, women's mean score was higher than that for men. The FINDRISC score indicates that 7.4% of the participants were in the highrisk group. Among participants, BMI value of 65.1% was 25 kg/m 2 and higher, waist circumference of 58% was . . . over the threshold value; and 50.7% did not engage in sufficient physical activity. Of the participants, 9.5% had a history of high blood glucose, families of 38.9% had a history of diabetes. The mean FINDRISC score was in the slightly high category, 121 participants were found likely to be diagnosed with diabetes within ten years if no action was taken. Conclusions: It is recommended the risk screening studies to be conducted and the FINDRISC tool to be used in Turkey, where diabetes prevalence is increasing rapidly, to determine diabetes risks in the early period and to raise social awareness for diabetes. © 2018 Primary Care Diabetes Europ Daha fazlası Daha az

An unbiased computation methodology for estimating the probability of informed trading (PIN)

Ersan, O. | Alıcı, A.

Article | 2016 | Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money43 , pp.74 - 94

Computational drawbacks regarding the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) of the widely used PIN (probability of informed trading) measure (Easley et al., 1996) heavily distort the findings of a broad literature. Previously proposed methodologies are not free of computational biases mainly because involved problems are not treated accurately and in unity. Upon revealing the mistreatment in commonly used YZ algorithm (Yan and Zhang, 2012), we suggest a remedy for the problem of boundary solutions. Next, we differentiate and focus on another computational issue: “determination of powerful initial value sets”. We develop a new algorith . . .m that employs cluster analysis to assign multiple powerful sets of initial values for the MLE function. The analyses of the simulated quarterly datasets reflect that applying the algorithm outperforms the existing methods in accuracy. Most notably, none of the mean estimates on PIN and five intermediary parameters contains significant bias at 1% level. Empirical evidence from BIST-30 Index constituents provides consistent and supportive results. In addition to accuracy concerns, consuming one-seventeenth of the time spent in YZ algorithm, the algorithm is highly applicable by researchers and professionals. © 2016 Elsevier B.V Daha fazlası Daha az

Information technology in Turkey: Creating high-skill jobs along with more unemployed highly-educated workers?

Dube, S. | Dube, M. | Turan, A.

Article | 2015 | Telecommunications Policy39 ( 10 ) , pp.811 - 829

We measure the impact of the growth in ICT sector in Turkey on unemployment rates using domestic IT production and total ICT market-size based variables as proxies, from 1990 to 2013, and the sub-period 2000-2013 of rapid ICT growth. Results show that changes in youth and female unemployment rates are correlated positively with growth of domestic IT production. Within educational subcategories, the correlation is positive and significant especially for youth females at lower educational levels; and negative at the vocational high school level, especially for youth male. At the same time the growth in number of individuals employed a . . .s well as workforce size are correlated positively with growth in domestic IT production for male youth at the university level, and negatively at the vocational high school level for females. The youth workforce composition changes significantly during the period of our study. Data suggests that growth in domestic IT production is correlated with more youth undertaking university education and that although additional jobs are created, especially for males, the number of unemployed youth with university degrees also increases. We examine these results in the context of Turkish educational policy changes and discuss the need for coordinating these with policies promoting ICT. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

RAM: Real Time Activity Monitoring with feature extractive training

Uslu, G. | Baydere, S.

Article | 2015 | Expert Systems with Applications42 ( 21 ) , pp.8052 - 8063

Abstract Activity monitoring systems (AMS) detect actions performed by humans. For an AMS to be effectively deployed in daily life, it should partition sensor data streams in real time and determine what activity corresponds to each partition. In this work, a real time continuous activity monitoring system, named RAM, is proposed. RAM detects simple and composite activities, collecting the data with a single 3D accelerometer to produce a non-invasive solution. Classification module of RAM carries out non-predefined feature extraction and activity detection in a coalesced manner thanks to feature extractive training, whereas the stat . . .e-of-art classifiers need to be fed with the output of a predefined feature extraction scheme. As being a Support Vector Machines (SVM) inspired solution, RAM fulfils multiclass classification with one-against-pseudo class strategy, without generating hyperplanes. The strength of the proposed model lies in that RAM achieves robustness in terms of inter-activity detection consistency and time efficiency with little overhead. Robustness property offers a potential to reduce the need for re-training an expert system, which faces the problem of growing set of activity classes in the real time activity recognition domain. We compared RAM for a set of hand oriented activities, against 8 different configurations, where SVM and K-Nearest Neighbour (KNN) classifiers are fed with different predefined features. We observed that RAM outperforms these configurations in overall accuracy as well as inter-activity detection consistency. We also presented the results of real tests as a proof-of-concept for transition detection in composite activities. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Haemodynamic changes and emergence delirium in children undergoing isoflurane general anaesthesia for dental treatments: effect of propofol administration

Selvi-Kuvvetli, S. | Turan, B.S. | Bayrak, G.D. | Noyan, A.

Article | 2020 | Pediatric Dental Journal , pp.8052 - 8063

Objective: To evaluate the effects of administration of 1 mg·kg-1 propofol before the end of surgery on the haemodynamic values and incidence of emergence delirium in paediatric dental patients retrospectively. Methods: Ninety-seven children aged between 2 and 12 who were treated under general anaesthesia in Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry were included. Midazolam for premedication and intravenous propofol for induction and isoflurane for maintenance of anaesthesia were used. One mg·kg-1 propofol was administered before extubation and 15 min before the end of surgery. The monitorized haemodynamic values including heart rate . . ., oxygen saturation in periferic circulation, CO2 in expirium and body temperature were collected from patient files. The level of emergence delirium was measured using the Pediatric Anaesthesia Emergence Delirium Scale. Results: Thirty-nine girls and fifty-eight boys (5.21 ± 2.32) were investigated. A statistically significant increase was found in the mean heart rate during induction and end of intubation. Expired CO2 significantly increased after the end of intubation and decreased at the end of anaesthesia. According to the Pediatric Anaesthesia Emergence Delirium Scale none of the patients were scored as emergence delirium and 52,78% of the children were scored as 0. Conclusions: When administration of single dose of propofol is used for the prevention of Emergence Delirium, constant monitoring of expired CO2 values during and after the end of intubation is essential. It can be suggested that administration of a single dose of 1 mg·kg-1 propofol prevents emergence delirium in paediatric dental patients; nevertheless this finding should be confirmed with prospective clinical trials. © 2020 Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistr Daha fazlası Daha az

The influence of spatial frequency in partial spatial erasure of holographic diffraction gratings within LiNbO3: Fe

R. Ince | H. Yukselici | A.T. Ince | A.V. Tunc

Article | 2008 | Optics and Lasers in Engineering46 ( 11 ) , pp.842 - 847

The effect of spatial frequency on partial spatial erasure of a hologram within a photorefractive crystal, lightly doped LiNbO3, was studied by capturing its reconstructed image on a digital camera at times varying from 40 s to 420 min after storage. The image's constituent spatial frequencies (6.2-62.3/cm) at these times were studied. Using a capacitor discharge model, lower spatial frequencies (6.2-41.6/cm) discharge exponentially after 180 min, the maximum space-charge field was found to occur for a median spatial frequency of 34.6/cm. Higher spatial frequencies charge continuously. Features oscillating at -2 mm/s were superimpos . . .ed on all frequencies >27.7/cm, evolving quadratically to a maximum amplitude at the spatial frequency of 48.5/cm before decaying. It is thought that the refractive-index field stored within the photorefractive crystal caused focussing of the read-out beam leading to the generation of a spatial soliton. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

In-plane behaviour of beam-to-column connections of corrugated web I-sections

Aydin, R. | Yuksel, E. | Yardimci, N. | Hasim Kisa, M. | Gokce, T.

Article | 2014 | Journal of Constructional Steel Research100 , pp.183 - 196

This paper presents the results of an experimental study to examine the in-plane behaviour of the moment-resisting beam-to-column connections of thin-walled sinusoidally-corrugated web I-sections. A group of specimens of nearly full-sized beam-column assemblies made of sinusoidal corrugated web I-sections were tested under cyclic loading in the Structural and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory of Istanbul Technical University (ITU). Whereas two of the specimens have corrugated panel zones, the others have flat plate panel zones, according to an existing practice. The results of the experimental works are evaluated in terms of the gen . . .eral behaviour of the specimens and the regional behaviour of the panel zones. Three-dimensional nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) models are developed in ABAQUS, including nonlinear interaction along with the contacting parts. The analytical results show a satisfactory convergence with the experimental results. The specimens that had relatively thicker flat plate webs in the panel zone were more stable than those which had corrugated web panels. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

DaimonDNA: A portable, low-cost loop-mediated isothermal amplification platform for naked-eye detection of genetically modified organisms in resource-limited settings

Kaygusuz, D. | Vural, S. | Aytekin, A.Ö. | Lucas, S.J. | Elitas, M.

Article | 2019 | Biosensors and Bioelectronics141 , pp.183 - 196

The steady increase in commercialization of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) demands low-cost, rapid and portable GMO-detection methods that are technically and economically sustainable. Traditional nucleic acid detection platforms are still expensive, immobile and generate complex read-outs to be analyzed by experienced personal. Herein, we report the development of a portable, rapid and user-friendly GMO-detection biosensor, DaimonDNA. The system specifically amplifies the target DNA using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and provides real-time, naked-eye detection with Hydroxynaphthol blue reagent in less than 3 . . .0 min. The construction of the platform relies on 3D printing and off-the-shelf electronic components that makes it extremely low-cost Daha fazlası Daha az

A hierarchical clustering and routing procedure for large scale disaster relief logistics planning

Özdamar, L. | Demir, O.

Article | 2012 | Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review48 ( 3 ) , pp.591 - 602

We describe a hierarchical cluster and route procedure (HOGCR) for coordinating vehicle routing in large-scale post-disaster distribution and evacuation activities. The HOGCR is a multi-level clustering algorithm that groups demand nodes into smaller clusters at each planning level, enabling the optimal solution of cluster routing problems. The routing problems are represented as capacitated network flow models that are solved optimally and independently by CPLEX on a parallel computing platform. The HOGCR preserves the consistency among parent and child cluster solutions obtained at consecutive levels. We assess the performance of . . .the algorithm by using large scale scenarios and find satisfactory results. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

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