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Does Primary Hyperparathyroidism Have an Association with Thyroid Papillary Cancer? A Retrospective Cohort Study

Çetin, K. | Sıkar, H.E. | Temizkan, Ş. | Ofluoğlu, C.B. | Özderya, A. | Aydın, K. | Küçük, H.F.

Article | 2019 | World Journal of Surgery43 ( 5 ) , pp.1243 - 1248

Background: To investigate the relationship between primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) and papillary thyroid cancer (PTC). Methods: The perioperative findings of 275 patients with pHPT who underwent surgery between January 2014 and December 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. Thirty-one patients were diagnosed with pHPT and PTC concurrently. Pathology results and demographic findings of these patients were compared with 186 patients who underwent thyroidectomy and diagnosed with PTC at the same time interval. Results: The co-occurrence of pHPT and PTC was 11.3% (31/275). The median ages of the pHPT, pHPT + PTC, and PTC groups were 5 . . .5, 57, and 50 years old, respectively (p < 0.001). The diameter of tumor was smaller in the pHPT + PTC group [median 7 mm (range 0.5–25 mm) vs. 15 mm (range 1–100 mm)], with higher rates of microcarcinomas (p < 0.001), than the patients in the PTC group. Examination of tumor morphology showed higher rates of tumor capsule invasion and multicentricity in the pHPT + PTC group than those in the isolated PTC group (p = 0.02, p = 0.04, respectively). Conclusion: The pHPT + PTC group had significantly smaller tumor diameter than the PTC group. This result may support the idea that pHPT leads to overdiagnosis of PTC. However, observation of high rates of tumor capsule invasion and multicentricity in the pHPT + PTC group may suggest an associative etiology with more aggressive PTC. © 2019, Société Internationale de Chirurgie Daha fazlası Daha az

A new decomposition approach for the home health care problem

Lahrichi, N. | Lanzarone, E. | Yalçındağ, S.

Conference Object | 2017 | Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics210 , pp.27 - 36

Home Health Care (HHC) is a relatively new service that plays an important role to reduce hospitalization costs and improve the life quality for patients. Human resource planning is one of the most important processes in HHC systems, for which service providers have to deal with several operational problems, e.g., the assignment of operators to patients together with their routing process. In the literature, either these problems have been simultaneously solved, or decomposed by first solving the assignment problem and then the routing problem. In this work, we propose an alternative approach, where the decomposition is based on the . . . First Route and Second Assign (FRSA) approach. An instance generation mechanism is developed as well, which generates instances inspired from real HHC providers, to test the proposed FRSA approach under different circumstances. Preliminary experiments show the effectiveness of the approach. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017 Daha fazlası Daha az

Basic properties of the non-abelian global reciprocity map

İkeda, K.İ.

Conference Object | 2015 | Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics98 , pp.45 - 92

6th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics, WC 2013 -- 6 March 2013 through 9 March 2013 -- -- 122289

Gene therapy strategies in bone tissue engineering and current clinical applications

Atasoy-Zeybek, A. | Kose, G.T.

Book Part | 2018 | Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology1119 , pp.85 - 101

Gene therapy provides a promising approach for regeneration and repair of injured bone. Application of gene therapy has displayed increased efficiency in various animal models and preclinical trials in comparison with traditional bone grafting methods. The objective of this review is to highlight fundamental principles of gene therapy strategies in bone tissue engineering and solutions of their current limitations for the healing of bone injury. Vector types are debated for the repair of defected site due to demonstration of constraints and applications of the protocols. In recent years, the combination of gene therapy strategies an . . .d bone tissue engineering has highly gained attention. We discussed viral and non-viral mediated delivery of therapeutic protein by using scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Although pre-clinical studies have showed that gene therapy has very promising results to heal injured bone, there are several limitations regarding with the usage of gene delivery methods into clinical applications. Choice of suitable vector, selection of transgene and gene delivery protocols are the most outstanding questions. This article also addresses current state of gene delivery strategies in bone tissue engineering for their potential applications in clinical considerations. © Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018 Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of Chlorine Stress on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm and Analysis of Related Gene Expressions

Kekeç, Ö. | Gökalsın, B. | Karaltı, İ. | Kayhan, F.E. | Sesal, N.C.

Article | 2016 | Current Microbiology73 ( 2 ) , pp.228 - 235

Chlorine is deployed worldwide to clean waters and prevent water-originated illnesses. However, chlorine has a limited disinfection capacity against biofilms. Microorganisms form biofilms to protect themselves from biological threats such as disinfectant chemicals. Pseudomonasaeruginosa is an opportunistic pathogen and its biofilm form attaches to surfaces, living buried into exopolysaccharides, can be present in all watery environments including tap water and drinking water. This research aimed to study the biofilm trigger mechanism of the opportunistic pathogen P.aeruginosa PAO1 strain, which is known to form biofilm in water supp . . .ly systems and human body, under chlorine stress levels. In addition to biofilm staining, certain genes that are relevant to the stress condition were selected for gene expression analysis. The bacteria cultures were grown under chlorine stress with concentrations of 0.5, 0.7 and 1 mg/l. Six gene regions were determined related to biofilm and stress response: rpoS,bifA,migA,katB,soxR, and algC. Biofilm formation was analyzed by basic fuchsin staining, and gene expressions were quantified by quantitative real-time PCR. According to the results, highest biofilm production was observed in P.aeruginosa PAO1 wild strain under no stress conditions. Higher biofilm amounts were observed for bacteria under 0.5 and 0.7 mg/l chlorine stress compared to 1 mg/l chlorine stress. © 2016, Springer Science+Business Media New York Daha fazlası Daha az

Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Sexual Satisfaction Scale for Women

Abali Cetin, S. | Aslan, E.

Article | 2018 | Sexuality and Culture22 ( 3 ) , pp.881 - 893

Although several validated sexual satisfaction scales are globally relevant, none has demonstrated sufficient validity and reliability for use in Turkish populations, particularly women. This study aimed to assess the psychometric properties of the Sexual Satisfaction Scale for Women (SSS-W) in the Turkish version. A descriptive study was conducted involving 300 women. The scale’s validity and reliability were analyzed in two phases: phase I involved the translation and adaptation of the scale into Turkish and pilot testing; and phase II involved psychometric assessment. Content validity index was calculated and confirmatory factor . . .analysis was conducted to test the scale’s validity. To establish reliability we calculated Cronbach’s alpha, item-total and subscale-total correlations, and test–retest reliability that indicated time invariance. The scale’s content validity was reviewed by eight experts. Construct validity was established via confirmatory factor analysis; item factor loadings ranged.71–.93. Item-total score correlations ranged.49–.82; item-subscale score correlations ranged.58–.88; and subscale-total score correlations ranged.55–.92. Statistically significant correlations were found between each of these results (p Daha fazlası Daha az

Intra-arterial Ultra-low-Dose CT Angiography of Lower Extremity in Diabetic Patients

Özgen, A. | Sanioğlu, S. | Bingöl, U.A.

Article | 2016 | CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology39 ( 8 ) , pp.1165 - 1169

Purpose: To image lower extremity arteries by CT angiography using a very low-dose intra-arterial contrast medium in patients with high risk of developing contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN). Materials and Methods: Three cases with long-standing diabetes mellitus and signs of lower extremity atherosclerotic disease were evaluated by CT angiography using 0.1 ml/kg of the body weight of contrast medium given via 10-cm-long 4F introducer by puncturing the CFA. Images were evaluated by an interventional radiologist and a cardiovascular surgeon. Density values of the lower extremity arteries were also calculated. Findings in two cases wer . . .e compared with digital subtraction angiography images performed for percutaneous revascularization. Blood creatinine levels were followed for possible CIN. Results: Intra-arterial CT angiography images were considered diagnostic in all patients and optimal in one patient. No patient developed CIN after intra-arterial CT angiography, while one patient developed CIN after percutaneous intervention. Conclusion: Intra-arterial CT angiography of lower extremity might be performed in selected patients with high risk of developing CIN. Our limited experience suggests that as low as of 0.1 ml/kg of the body weight of contrast medium may result in adequate diagnostic imaging. © 2016, Springer Science+Business Media New York and the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) Daha fazlası Daha az

Styles and style-stretching: How are they related to successful learning?

Griffiths, C. | İnceçay, G.

Article | 2016 | Journal of Psycholinguistic Research45 ( 3 ) , pp.599 - 613

Although the learning style construct has aroused much interest over the years, questions remain regarding basic issues such as definition, the validity and/or reliability of various measurement instruments, and the relationship between learning style and successful learning. Furthermore, although maintaining stylistic flexibility is recommended by many authors, few studies have attempted to relate the style-stretching concept to successful learning. This study therefore attempted to address these questions. According to results, conducted among 106 Turkish university students, using an original instrument constructed using elements . . . from established questionnaires, a small group of styles was significantly correlated with exam results, accounting for about a quarter of the variance (considered a large effect size in social science). In addition, higher-scoring students reported a more eclectic range of styles, suggesting more willingness to style-stretch, while lower-scoring students reported a more limited range. Pedagogical implications as well as areas for ongoing research are suggested. © Springer Science+Business Media New York 2015 Daha fazlası Daha az

A Novel Virtue in Stem Cell Research: Exosomes and Their Role in Differentiation

Abdik, H. | Avsar Abdik, E. | Hızlı Deniz, A.A. | Taşlı, P.N. | Şahin, Fikrettin

Book Part | 2019 | Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology1144 , pp.133 - 146

In the past decade a number of different stem cell types have entered the clinical applications increasingly as a therapeutic option, due to their tissue maintenance capacity at the site where they localize. Although it was initially thought that conferral of resilience to damaged tissue largely depends on the stem cells themselves through orchestration of signaling among the local epithelial and immune systems at the injury site, recent findings point out that the remarkable regenerative capacity of stem cells is rather due to their nanovesicular products that emerge as the new active players of tissue repair processes. Among these . . . extracellular vesicles exosomes generated particularly by stem cells have been receiving a substantial interest both in the fields of stem cell biology and extracellular vesicles. In this chapter fundamental facts about stem cell biology, biogenesis of extracellular vesicles and exosomes, their structure, and function are summarized. Moreover, properties of both tumor-derived exosomes as well as those derived from stem cells are discussed relatively in-depth in terms of their influence on proximal and distal tissue physiology. Last but not the least, among countless studies in an exploding field, we summarize those that attempt to unravel the complex signaling networks through which stem cell-derived exosomes alter the fate of differentiating stem cells as well as the molecular make-up of exosomes released from differentiating stem cells by conducting thorough proteomic and genomic analyses with the ultimate goal of identifying effector gene products mediating exosomal cues in stem cell biology. © 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG Daha fazlası Daha az

Cancer stem cells in metastasis therapy

Aydemir Çoban, E. | Şahin, Fikrettin

Book Part | 2018 | Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology1089 , pp.97 - 113

Tumors consists of subpopulation of cells in which each subtype has contributes to tumor progression. Specifically one subtype known as cancer stem cells are associated with the initiation, progression, resistance to conventional therapies and metastasis. Metastasis is leading cause of cancer related deaths. Overall it is important to consider cancer as a whole in which a mutated cell proliferating indefinitely and forming its hierarchy consisting of subgroups with different molecular signatures. To be able to target this disease we need to evaluate every step including initiation, progression, survival, angiogenesis and finally mig . . .ration and repopulation. Cancer stem cells do play vital roles in each step however when metastasis can be stopped or eliminated we talk about saving a life or improving its quality. Considering how deeply these cancer stem like cells affect the tumor life and metastasis it is crucial to develop effective strategies against them. Metastatic cascade can also be directed by membrane derived vesicles specifically exosomes. Several studies show the role of exosomes in mediating cellular migration and pre-metastatic niche formation. During this chapter we wanted to explain in detail how the metastasis occur in tumor and how cancer stem cells contribute into the development of metastatic cascade and possibly suggest therapeutic approaches against cancer stem cells. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2018 Daha fazlası Daha az

Pituitary dysfunction due to sports-related traumatic brain injury

Hacioglu, A. | Kelestimur, F. | Tanriverdi, F.

Review | 2019 | Pituitary22 ( 3 ) , pp.322 - 331

Purpose: After traumatic brain injury was accepted as an important etiologic factor of pituitary dysfunction (PD), awareness of risk of developing PD following sports-related traumatic brain injury (SR-TBI) has also increased. However there are not many studies investigating PD following SR-TBIs yet. We aimed to summarize the data reported so far and to discuss screening algorithms and treatment strategies. Methods: Recent data on pituitary dysfunction after SR-TBIs is reviewed on basis of diagnosis, clinical perspectives, therapy, screening and possible prevention strategies. Results: Pituitary dysfunction is reported to occur in a . . . range of 15–46.6% following SR-TBIs depending on the study design. Growth hormone is the most commonly reported pituitary hormone deficiency in athletes. Pituitary hormone deficiencies may occur during acute phase after head trauma, may improve with time or new deficiencies may develop during follow-up. Central adrenal insufficiency is the only and most critical impairment that requires urgent detection and replacement during acute phase. Decision on replacement of growth hormone and gonadal deficiencies should be individualized. Moreover these two hormones are abused by many athletes and a therapeutic use exemption from the league’s drug policy may be required. Conclusions: Even mild and forgotten SR-TBIs may cause PD that may have distressing consequences in some cases if remain undiagnosed. More studies are needed to elucidate epidemiology and pathophysiology of PD after SR-TBIs. Also studies to establish screening algorithms for PD as well as strategies for prevention of SR-TBIs are urgently required. © 2019, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature Daha fazlası Daha az

Investigating the effects of multimedia input modality on L2 listening skills of Turkish EFL learners

İnceçay, V. | Koçoğlu, Z.

Article | 2017 | Education and Information Technologies22 ( 3 ) , pp.901 - 916

The present study examined whether or not different input delivery modes have an effect on listening comprehension of Turkish students learning English at the university level. It investigated the effect of one single mode, which is audio-only, and three dual input delivery modes, which were audio-video, audio-video with target language subtitles and audio with PowerPoint presentation, on listening comprehension. The data have been gathered through: a listening proficiency exam, a topic familiarity questionnaire, listening comprehension tests, think-aloud protocols and a semi-structured focus group interview. Analysis of data demons . . .trated that the students’ listening comprehension scores were significantly lower in audio-video with subtitles mode. In addition to this, the students stated that they experienced most confusion and anxiety in understanding through audio-video with subtitles. Moreover, the students mentioned that they were most successful in the audio with PowerPoint presentation mode. Results also indicated that the students were influenced by their pre-university listening class experiences, meaning that they were most accustomed to the audio-only mode, and therefore felt most relaxed when they listened only. © 2016, Springer Science+Business Media New York Daha fazlası Daha az

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