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An interactive approach for hierarchical analysis of helicopter logistics in disaster relief operations

Barbarosolu, G. | Özdamar, L. | Çevik, A.

Article | 2002 | European Journal of Operational Research140 ( 1 ) , pp.118 - 133

This study develops a mathematical model for helicopter mission planning during a disaster relief operation. The decisions inherent in the problem decompose hierarchically into two sub-problems where tactical decisions are made at the top level, and the operational routing and loading decisions are made at the base level. Consistency between the decomposed problems is achieved with an iterative coordination procedure which transfers anticipated information from the base level to improve the top level decisions. The existence of conflicting multiple objectives in this hierarchical structure requires the development of a multi-criteri . . .a analysis, and an interactive procedure is designed with the top level decision-maker to assess the preference of alternative non-dominated solutions. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

The distribution of foreign direct investments in the service sector in Istanbul

Özdemir, D.

Article | 2002 | Cities19 ( 4 ) , pp.249 - 259

Turkey adopted neo-liberal policies in order to increase its economic integration into international relations after 1980. As a result of these measures, foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows increased greatly and Istanbul became the prime site for foreign firms operating in Turkey's various service sectors, such as financial, producer and distributive services. The location preferences of the foreign firms were generally in parallel with the development of the central business district (CBD) of Istanbul, although in some cases the location preferences of the foreign investors contributed to the emergence of new center extensions. . . . © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Treatment of Condylar Hypoplasia with Distraction Osteogenesis: A Case Report

Arun, T. | Kayhan, F. | Kiziltan, M.

Article | 2002 | Angle Orthodontist72 ( 4 ) , pp.371 - 376

This report describes the surgical-orthodontic treatment procedures of a patient with condylar hypoplasia. Condylar hypoplasia is a major factor in any facial abnormality in a growing child. This case report describes a patient with a facial anomaly with an acquired unilateral condylar hypoplasia. His asymmetry was corrected by using functional therapy for the correction of muscle tonus and distraction osteogenesis for lengthening the mandibular ramal height. Fixed orthodontic appliances were used for conventional orthodontic therapy and final occlusal adjustment.

Comparative study of wavetilt for TM and TE modes

Canbay, C.

Article | 2002 | Frequenz56 ( 03.04.2020 ) , pp.93 - 98

The effect of conductivity, dielectric constant and their variations with respect to frequency on the amplitude and phase of the wavetilt was investigated. The phase of wavetilt appeared to be more sensitive to change of frequency at low frequencies. The results showed the effect of dispersion on the sensitivity of wavetilt under modeled earth conditions.

Effect of galium arsenide diode laser on human periodontal disease: A microbiological and clinical study

Yilmaz, S. | Kuru, B. | Kuru, L. | Noyan, L. | Argun, D. | Kadir, T.

Article | 2002 | Lasers in Surgery and Medicine30 ( 1 ) , pp.60 - 66

Background and Objective: The present study is aimed to describe short-term results on selected microbiological and clinical parameters obtained by treatment with soft laser in conjunction with methylene blue and/or mechanical subgingival debridement in human periodontal disease. Study Design/Materials and Methods: Ten patients, in whom each dental quadrant was randomly designated to receive one of four types of treatment procedures, were included in the study. Groups of quadrants received: scaling/root planing (SRP); laser application (L); SRP combined with L (SRP/L); oral hygiene instructions (OHI). Four single rooted teeth (one i . . .n each quadrant), having an interproximal site with a probing depth of 4 mm mesio-buccally, were selected in each patient. The selected teeth were first assessed for microbiological (one site/ tooth) and then for clinical variables (six sites/tooth). Supragingival irrigation with methylene blue was performed prior to laser application. The microbiological (proportions of obligate anaerobes) and clinical measurements (plaque and gingival indices, bleeding on probing, probing pocket depth) were evaluated over a period of 32 days. Results: Only the SRP/L and SRP groups provided significant reductions in the proportions of obligate anaerobes before and after treatments with no significant differences in between. Parallel to the microbiological changes, both SRP/L and SRP resulted in similar clinical improvements, whereas L alone revealed a limited effect similar to OHI. Conclusion: Within the limits of this study, methylene blue/soft laser therapy provided no additional microbiological and clinical benefits over conventional mechanical debridement. © 2002 Wiley-Liss, Inc Daha fazlası Daha az

Turbo coded signals over wireless local loop environment

Uan, O.N. | Osman, O. | Paker, S.

Article | 2002 | AEU-Archiv fur Elektronik und Ubertragungstechnik56 ( 3 ) , pp.163 - 168

In this paper, the performance of turbo coded signals are investigated over Wireless Local Loop (WLL) environment with no side information on the phase noise and no channel state information (CSI). We assume that the transmitter and the receiver are point-to-point microwave links, separated by WLL which is modelled as 1+Dn/Partial Response Microwave Channel (PMRC) with realizable and practical medium parameters. Here, the combined effects of the nonideal coherent receiver on the phase of the received amplitude and of a noisy carrier reference are considered, each modelled by the Rayleigh and Tikhonov distributions respectively. As a . . .n example, the jitter performance of turbo coded signals are evaluated over 1+D/PRMC with effective signal-to-noise ratio in the carrier tracking loop, fading parameter, iteration number and frame data block size. The numerical results clearly demonstrate the error performance degradation due to both amplitude fading and phase noise process Daha fazlası Daha az

Technology processes management capability profiles of machine manufacturers in Turkey

Yildirim, O.U. | Oner, M.A. | Basoglu, A.N.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.455 - 456

A research about the technology management practices and draw technology management profiles of machine manufacturing industry in Turkey was presented. The research provided a means to assess the effectiveness of the critical technology management activities, and identify areas of improvement. It intended to diagnose and identify the actual reasons for deficiency in management of technology processes.

A system-dynamic simulation game for energy sector of Turkey

Turan, S.B. | Basoglu, A.N. | Oner, M.A.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.455 - 456

System-dynamic simulation game for energy sector of Turkey was discussed. System-dynamic modeling helps to simulate the results of the decisions before actually implimenting them. It was found that this system can help in solving decision problems in energy investments.

Media content analysis by MORN to determine anticipated megatrends in Turkey: A factor-analytic approach

Kok, M.S. | Basoglu, A.N. | Oner, M.A.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.455 - 456

The megatrends in Turkey were discussed. Media content analysis by MORN was done using factor-analytic approach. Results showed that most of the respondents disagree on the trends obtained from Germany and Austria. It was also found that respondents believe that technological developments cause social problems such as unemployement and energy consumption rationing.

Improvement of targeting efficiency in chaos control using clustering

Sutcu, Y | Iplikci, S | Denizhan, Y

Conference Object | 2002 | COMPUTING ANTICIPATORY SYSTEMS627 , pp.514 - 522

In this paper an improved version of the previously presented ECR (Extended Control Regions) targeting method is proposed, where the system data is first pre-processed and subdivided into clusters, and then one artificial neural network is assigned to each such cluster. Furthermore, an analytical criterion for determining the region of the current system state during targeting is introduced, whereas in the original ECR method the region information was hidden in the neural networks. Simulation results on several chaotic systems show that this modified version of the ECR method reduces the average reaching time and in general also th . . .e training time of the neural networks Daha fazlası Daha az

A modified method of microvascular autogenous interposition vein grafting for vascular reconstruction

Parmaksizoglu, F. | Beyzadeoglu, T.

Article | 2002 | Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery18 ( 3 ) , pp.191 - 194

A modified technique of vein grafting for vascular reconstruction that facilitates surgical procedures by preventing size, diameter, and length discrepancies as well as twisting, is presented. The distal end of the harvested vein graft is ligated, and the graft is inflated with heparinzed saline. The determination of the small side branches makes ligation easier. Gentle hydrostatic dilation relieves spasm, straightens the vein, and ligation of the proximal end is then performed under tension. As the vein inflated with heparinzed saline achieves maximum size, diameter, and length without torsion, the sausage-like graft can easily be . . .interposed in tunnels, passages, or soft tissues between recipient vessel gaps. As the graft is under adequate tension, it is easy to determine its appropriate length, size, and diameter. Suturing is carried out using double approximating clamps. The graft will not twist or kink, as it is anastomosed under tension. The clamps are left in place until completion of the distal and proximal anastomoses. The distal clamp is released first. With this simple modification, most of the technical difficulties, such as length, size, and diameter discrepancies, and twisting and torsion of the graft, can be eliminated. The risk of failure due to vascular thrombosis at the anastomotic sites is lowered, as the vein graft is filled with heparinzed saline, and no blood flow is permitted during the reconstruction. The surgeon also saves time with this easy, simple, and feasible method Daha fazlası Daha az

System dynamic modeling of conflicts within Turkey and between Turkey and her neighbors

Boz, C.M. | Basoglu, A.N. | Oner, M.A.

Conference Object | 2002 | PICMET , pp.191 - 194

A system dynamic modeling of conflicts within Turkey and between Turkey and her neighbours were presented. The dynamic structure of international and domestic conflict was explored by defining population, technology, military expenditure and income equality level. It was observed that the system dynamics was the best tool to examine the major processes that generate conflict and warfare within and between nations.

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