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Productivity and technical change in Malaysian banking: 1989-1998

E. Dogan | D.K. Fausten

Article | 2003 | Asia-Pacific Financial Markets10 ( 02.03.2020 ) , pp.205 - 237

This study examines the impact of deregulation and technological change on the productivity of Malaysian banks over the period 1989-1998. Malmquist indices constructed with nonparametric DEA techniques are decomposed into their pure efficiency, scale efficiency, and technological change components. Our findings indicate an erosion of banking productivity that masks divergent tendencies among its component elements. These are dominated by adverse effects of technological change, which are associated with a reduction in the labor intensity of banking activity. Consistent with the mixed findings reported in the literature, the present . . .investigation suggests that regulatory reform and liberalization are not sufficient conditions for productivity improvement. © Springer 2005 Daha fazlası Daha az

Wear and microhardness of different resin composite materials

Say, E.C. | Civelek, A. | Nobecourt, A. | Ersoy, M. | Guleryuz, C.

Article | 2003 | Operative Dentistry28 ( 5 ) , pp.628 - 634

This study determined the three-body abrasive wear resistance of two packable composites (P-60; Solitaire 2), an ion-releasing composite (Ariston AT), a hybrid composite (Tetric Ceram) and an ormocer (Admira). The study also looked at the correlation between wear resistance and hardness of the composites. Three-body wear testing was performed using an ACTA wear machine with 15 N contact force using millet seed as the third body. Wear depth (µm) was measured by profilometry after 200,000 cycles. The hardness test was performed using a digital microhardness tester (load: 500 g; dwell time: 15 seconds). The data were analyzed by using . . .Kruskal Wallis (p AristonAT=Tetric Ceram= Solitaire 2= Admira). The results of this study indicate that there are significant differences in the wear resistance of the resin composites. The correlation between hardness and wear was significant with a correlation coefficient of r:-0.91. A significant negative correlation exists between hardness and three-body wear of resin composites Daha fazlası Daha az

Enamel matrix proteins in the treatment of periodontal sites with horizontal type of bone loss

Yilmaz, S. | Kuru, B. | Altuna-Kiraç, E.

Article | 2003 | Journal of Clinical Periodontology30 ( 3 ) , pp.197 - 206

Objectives: The present study aims to assess the clinical and radiographic outcome of horizontal type of bone loss over a period of 8 months following periodontal surgery with adjunctive use of enamel matrix proteins (EMP). Materials and Methods: Twenty patients, who received nonsurgical periodontal therapy and had radiographic horizontal bone loss with an associated probing depth (PD) of ?4 mm at the maxillary incisor/canine segment, were included. One side of the selected segment divided by the mid-sagittal plane was treated with EMP as part of a crevicular flap. The other side was treated either with a similar intracrevicular (IC . . .I) or a reverse bevel incision (RBI) as part of a conventional flap debridement. Therefore, patients were divided into two groups of 10 patients according to the type of incision performed on the control side. The analysis was based on a classification of two severity groups according to preoperative PD, with the patient's means of measurements for each treatment being the experimental units for the statistical analysis. Results: For pockets of 4-6 mm, EMP treatment was significantly better than the ICI/ flap debridement in terms of PD reduction (p < 0.001), relative attachment level (RAL) gain (p < 0.001) and recession (REC) (p < 0.05). Although sites exposed to EMP treatment exhibited significantly greater RAL gain than RBI/flap debridement sites (p < 0.01), both treatments resulted in equally effective PD reduction. Less REC occurred with EMP application than with ICI-RBI/flap debridement (p < 0.05). Treatment of shallow sites by the conventional flap with both incisions resulted in a tendency for loss of attachment whereas EMP treatment maintained the attachment levels. No significant difference in the degree of probing and radiographic bone levels was found between the treatments. Conclusion: EMP treatment showed better clinical improvements as compared to the conventional flap debridement performed with two different incisions. Clinical improvements were more pronounced at periodontal sites with deep, rather than shallow, periodontal pockets. The results of this study provided an important preliminary base for further clinical and histologic studies Daha fazlası Daha az


Koysal, Y. | Işik, Ş. | Köksal, M. | Erdogan, H. | Gökhan, N.

Article | 2003 | Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online59 ( 12 ) , pp.197 - 206

The title compound, C19H20ClN3O 2, is composed of an essentially planar benzoxazolinone ring system, a chlorophenyl group and a central piperazine ring. The benzoxazolinone ring system is nearly perpendicular to the piperazine ring, which displays an almost perfect chair conformation. © 2003 International Union of Crystallography Printed in Great Britain - all rights reserved.

Inhibition of T helper 2-type responses, IgE production and eosinophilia by synthetic lipopeptides

Akdis, C.A. | Kussebi, F. | Pulendran, B. | Akdis, M. | Lauener, R.P. | Schmidt-Weber, C.B. | Alkan, S.S.

Review | 2003 | European Journal of Immunology33 ( 10 ) , pp.2717 - 2726

In allergy and asthma, the fine balance between the T helper (Th) 1, Th2 and T regulatory cytokine responses appears to be shifted towards Th2. Here, we report that synthetic lipopeptides which contain the typical lipid part of the lipoprotein of gram-negative bacteria stimulate a distinct regulatory cytokine pattern and inhibit several Th2 cell-related phenomena. The most potent analogue of synthetic lipopeptides, lipopeptide CGP 40774 (LP40) was not active in MyD88-deficient mice and stimulated Toll-like receptor (TLR)-2, but not TLR-4. LP40 potentiated the production of IFN-? and IL-10, but not IL-4 and IL-5 by human T cells. In . . .addition, triggering of TLR-2 by lipopeptides promoted the in vitro differentiation of naive T cells towards IL-10- and IFN-?-producing T cells and suppressed IL-4 production by Th2 cells. Accordingly, LP40 inhibited IgE production induced by allergen, anti-IgD antibody, Nippostrongylus brasiliensis or murine acquired immunodeficiency virus. Furthermore, ovalbumin-induced lung eosinophilic inflammation was abolished and Schistosoma mansoni egg-induced granuloma size and eosinophil counts were suppressed in mice by LP40. These results demonstrate that stimulation of TLR-2 by lipopeptides represents a novel way for possible treatment of allergy and asthma by regulating the disrupted cytokine balance Daha fazlası Daha az

Haemangioma originating from a tendon sheath as an unusual cause of trigger wrist: Case report

Parmaksizoglu, F. | Beyzadeoglu, T. | Yildirim, S.

Article | 2003 | Handchirurgie Mikrochirurgie Plastische Chirurgie35 ( 1 ) , pp.64 - 65

Haemangioma localised in the wrist originating from the sheath of the fifth deep flexor tendon and obstructing the movement of the tendon through the carpal tunnel as an unusual cause of trigger wrist is presented. Tumoural masses around the wrist can cause triggering by obstructing the movement of tendons through the carpal tunnel and the clinician should consider other causes of triggering for surgical treatment.

Parallel implicit solution of full Navier-Stokes equations

Ünal, V.Ü. | Gülçat, Ü.

Article | 2003 | Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)2659 , pp.622 - 631

Parallel implicit solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations based on two fractional steps in time and Finite Element discretization in space is presented. The accuracy of the scheme is second order in both time and space domains. Large time step sizes, with CFL numbers much larger than unity, are taken. The Domain Decomposition Technique is implemented for parallel solution of the problem with matching and non-overlapping sub domains. The segregate solution to tempereature field is obtained for the flow case where the forced convection is one order of magnitude higher than the free convection. © Springer-Verlag Berlin H . . .eidelberg 2003 Daha fazlası Daha az

Composite osteocutaneous groin flap combined with neurovascular island flap for thumb reconstruction

Parmaksizoglu, F. | Beyzadeoglu, T.

Article | 2003 | Journal of Hand Surgery28 B ( 5 ) , pp.399 - 404

Three amputated thumbs were reconstructed with a composite osteocutaneous groin flap and a neurovascular island flap. The average age at the time of surgery was 28 (range 25-35) years. The level of the amputation was distal to metacarpophalangeal joint in two cases and proximal in one case. The injury mechanism was avulsion in all cases. The postoperative follow-up periods ranged from 27 to 30 months. There were no cases of skin necrosis, bone resorption or infection. Radiographs and three-phase bone scans showed union of the iliac bone block and the stump without any resorption in all three patients. This surgical procedure is reli . . .able and simple and the functional results are satisfying. We reserve this technique for the treatment of thumb amputations which cannot be replanted, particularly as it does not result in bone resorption Daha fazlası Daha az

Combined wavelet-neural fault classifier for power distribution systems

Dag, O. | Uçak, C.

Article | 2003 | Bulletin of the Technical University of Istanbul53 ( 1 ) , pp.82 - 97

This paper presents an integrated design of a fault classifier for distribution systems using a hybrid Waveletartificial neural network (ANN) based approach. Data for the fault classifier is produced by PSCAD/EMTDC simulation program for 34.5 kV Sagmalcilar-Maltepe distribution system in Istanbul, Turkey. It is aimed to design a classifier capable of recognizing ten classes of three-phase distribution system faults. A database of line currents and line-to-ground voltages is built up including system faults at different fault inception angles and fault locations. The characteristic information over six-channel of current and voltage . . .samples is extracted by the wavelet multi-resolution analysis technique. Afterwards, an ANN-based tool was employed for classification task. The main idea in this approach is solving the complex fault (three-phase short-circuit) classification problem under various system and fault conditions. A self-organizing map, with Kohonen's learning algorithm and typeone learning vector quantization technique is implemented into the fault classification study. The performance of the wavelet-neural fault classifier is presented and the results are analyzed in the paper. It is shown that the technique presented correctly recognizes and discriminates the fault type and faulted phases(s) with a high degree of accuracy for different location and time of occurrence in the simulated model distribution system Daha fazlası Daha az

Interaction integrals of extended bodies and convolution/folding operation

Kehnemi, Ş. | Akyüz, R.Ö.

Article | 2003 | Turkish Journal of Physics27 ( 2 ) , pp.91 - 99

The convolution, or folding, theorem related to Fourier transforms is applied to the evaluation of interaction integrals of certain extended bodies for the specific purpose of nuclear applications. The integrals give analytical results for a class of functions when chosen from among uniform sharp and leptodermous spheres, delta-points, Yukawa, and Coulomb shapes. Such shapes are convenient to use as models for source density and point-point interaction.

Triplet-triplet absorption of-salicylidene-p-toluidine in solution

Bayrakceken, F | Keskin, AU

Article | 2003 | ASIAN JOURNAL OF SPECTROSCOPY7 ( 2 ) , pp.93 - 96

The observation of triplet-triplet absorption of salicylidene-p-toluidine is complicated because of the possible colored isomer formation during the optical pumping. The short-lived (singlet-singlet) and long-lived (triplet-triplet) absorption spectra were recorded photographically by microsecond flash photolysis and nanosecond laser flash photolysis techniques. Salicylidene complexes were purified by repeated recrystallisation until further recrystallisation produced no further changes for x-ray diffraction pattern and, optical absorbtion and emission properties.

Role of side branches in determining suitable arterial segments for anastomosis in avulsion injuries: Experimental studies

Parmaksizoglu, F. | Beyzadeoglu, T.

Article | 2003 | Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery19 ( 4 ) , pp.279 - 284

The role of side branches, when the parent arterial trunk is stretched, with emphasis on preventing the effects of avulsion injury, was investigated in an experimental model. In ten New Zealand rabbits, the femoral arteries were isolated with and without side branches in the left and right legs, respectively, and controlled longitudinal traction was applied. The elongation of the arteries just before avulsion rupture at each side, with and without side branches, was compared, by measuring the initial and final length from the inguinal ligament to the mid-point of the distance between the inguinal ligament and the saphenous bifurcati . . .on. Side branches were observed to be tethered in a way that resisted elongation of the trunk artery. Arteries without side branches in the right legs elongated more, as they lacked the fixating and protective support provided by the side branches. Comparison of the two legs, with and without side branches, showed an average of 50 percent more arterial elongation, resulting in severe injury to the arteries without side branches. In the light of these results, the authors suggest performing microsurgical arterial anastomosis after resection past a minimum of two unruptured branch points of the avulsed part, in order to obtain a safer arterial segment for a better patency rate Daha fazlası Daha az

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