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Pituitary Metastasis of Colon Adenocarcinoma: A Rare Occurrence

Ozturk, M.A. | Eren, O.O. | Sarikaya, B. | Aslan, E. | Oyan, B.

Article | 2014 | Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer45 ( 1 ) , pp.85 - 87

[No abstract available]

The Role of Intralipid Emulsion in the Rat Model of Digoxin Intoxication

Turan, C.A. | Ozturk, T.C. | Akoglu, E.U. | Ak, R. | Aygun, K. | Sahiner, A. | Onur, O.E.

Article | 2018 | Cardiovascular Toxicology18 ( 4 ) , pp.329 - 336

Although the mechanism of action is not well known, intravenous lipid emulsion (ILE) has been shown to be effective in the treatment of lipophilic drug intoxications. It is thought that, ILE probably separates the lipophilic drugs from target tissue by creating a lipid-rich compartment in the plasma. The second theory is that ILE provides energy to myocardium with high-dose free fatty acids activating the voltage-gated calcium channels in the myocytes. In this study, effects of ILE treatment on digoxin overdose were searched in an animal model in terms of cardiac side effects and survival. Forty Sprague–Dawley rats were divided into . . . five groups. As the pre-treatment, the groups were administered saline, ILE, DigiFab and DigiFab and ILE. Following that, digoxin was infused to all groups until death except the control group. First arrhythmia and cardiac arrest observation times were recorded. According to the results, there was no statistically significant difference among the group in terms of first arrhythmia time and cardiac arrest times. However, when the saline group compared with ILE-treated group separately, significant difference was observed. DigiFab, ILE or ILE-DigiFab treatment make no significant difference in terms of the first arrhythmia and cardiac arrest duration in digoxin-intoxicated rats. However, it is not possible to say that at the given doses, ILE treatment might be successful at least as a known antidote. The fact that the statistical significance between the two groups is not observed in the subgroup analysis, the study should be repeated with larger groups. © 2018, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature Daha fazlası Daha az

Design of Dense Brush Conformation Bearing Gold Nanoparticles as Theranostic Agent for Cancer

Verimli, N. | Demiral, A. | Yılmaz, H. | Çulha, Mustafa | Erdem, S.S.

Article | 2019 | Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology189 ( 3 ) , pp.709 - 728

Dense brush conformation–bearing theranostic agents are emerging as drug delivery systems due to their higher ability to escape from reticuloendothelial system uptake which prolongs their in vivo circulation time. With the aim of developing dual therapy agent, 13-nm gold nanoparticles’ (AuNPs) surfaces were coated with different amounts of polyethylene glycol (PEG) (SH-PEG-NH2) to obtain dense brush conformation–bearing theranostic agents. Among the 14 different theranostic agent candidates prepared, the one hosting 1819 PEG per particle was selected as the most promising theranostic agent candidate based on structural conformation, . . . stability, size, zeta potential, hemocompatibility, cell inhibition, and cell death pathway towards MCF-7 cell line. To test drug delivery efficiency of the developed PEGylated AuNP and to improve efficacy of the treatment, apoptotic peptide (AP) was covalently conjugated to NH2 terminus of the PEG in various ratios to yield AuNP-AP conjugate. Among the prepared conjugates, the one having 1 nmol of peptide per milliliter of AuNP yielded the most promising results based on the same criteria as employed for PEGylated AuNPs. Besides, incorporation of AP to AuNP returned in superior efficacy of AP since it was possible to achieve 50% cell death with 1000 times less amount of AP alone. © 2019, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature Daha fazlası Daha az

Central control of energy metabolism and hypothalamic obesity

Haliloglu, B. | Bereket, A.

Book Part | 2018 | Contemporary Endocrinology , pp.27 - 42

Etiology of hypopituitarism in tertiary care institutions in Turkish population: Analysis of 773 patients from pituitary study group database

F. Tanriverdi | H.S. Dokmetas | N. Kebapci | F. Kilicli | H. Atmaca | S. Yarman | T. Erbas

Article | 2014 | Endocrine47 ( 1 ) , pp.198 - 205

Hypopituitarism in adult life is commonly acquired and the main causes are known as pituitary tumors and/or their treatments. Since there are new insights into the etiology of hypopituitarism and presence of differences in various populations, more studies regarding causes of hypopituitarism are needed to be done in different ethnic groups with sufficient number of patients. Therefore, we performed a multi-center database study in Turkish population investigating the etiology of hypopituitarism in 773 patients in tertiary care institutions. The study was designed and coordinated by the Pituitary Study Group of SEMT (The Society of E . . .ndocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey). Nineteen tertiary reference centers (14 university hospitals and 5 training hospitals) from the different regions of Turkey participated in the study. It is a cross-sectional database study, and the data were recorded for 18 months. We mainly classified the causes of hypopituitarism as pituitary tumors (due to direct effects of the pituitary tumors and/or their treatments), extra-pituitary tumors and non-tumoral causes. Mean age of 773 patients (49.8 % male, 50.2 % female) was 43.9 ± 16.1 years (range 16-84 years). The most common etiology of pituitary dysfunction was due to non-tumoral causes (49.2 %) among all patients. However, when we analyze the causes according to gender, the most common etiology in males was pituitary tumors, but the most common etiology in females was non-tumoral causes. According to the subgroup analysis of the causes of hypopituitarism in all patients, the most common four causes of hypopituitarism which have frequencies over 10 % were as follows: non-secretory pituitary adenomas, Sheehan's syndrome, lactotroph adenomas and idiopathic. With regard to the type of hormonal deficiencies; FSH/LH deficiency was the most common hormonal deficit (84.9 % of the patients). In 33.8 % of the patients, 4 anterior pituitary hormone deficiencies (FSH/LH, ACTH, TSH, and GH) were present. Among all patients, the most frequent cause of hypopituitarism was non-secretory pituitary adenomas. However, in female patients, present study clearly demonstrates that Sheehan's syndrome is still one of the most important causes of hypopituitarism in Turkish population. Further, population-based prospective studies need to be done to understand the prevalence and incidence of the causes of hypopituitarism in different countries. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media Daha fazlası Daha az

Enzymatic Hydrolyzed Feather Peptide, a Welcoming Drug for Multiple-Antibiotic-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Structural Analysis and Characterization

Paul, T. | Mandal, A. | Mandal, S.M. | Ghosh, K. | Mandal, A.K. | Halder, S.K. | Mondal, K.C.

Article | 2015 | Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology175 ( 7 ) , pp.3371 - 3386

This study aimed to explore the bactericidal activity of a feather-degraded active peptide against multiple-antibiotic-resistant (MAR) Staphylococcus aureus. An antibacterial peptide (ABP) was isolated from the chicken feathers containing fermented media of Paenibacillus woosongensis TKB2, a keratinolytic soil isolate. It was purified by HPLC, and its mass was found to be 4666.87 Da using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) spectroscopy. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) values of this peptide were 22.5 and 90 µg/ml, respectively. SEM study reve . . .aled the distorted cell wall of the test strain along with pore formation. The possible reason for bactericidal activity of the peptide is due to generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), resulting in membrane damage and leakage of intracellular protein. Complete sequence of the peptide was predicted and retrieved from the sequence database of chicken feather keratin after in silico trypsin digestion using ExPASy tools. Further, net charge, hydrophobicity (77.7 %) and molecular modelling of the peptide were evaluated for better understanding of its mode of action. The hydrophobic region (17 to 27) of the peptide may facilitate for initial attachment on the bacterial membrane. The ABP exhibited no adverse effects on RBC membrane and HT-29 human cell line. This cytosafe peptide can be exploited as an effective therapeutic agent to combat Staphylococcal infections. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York Daha fazlası Daha az

Effects of Intermittent and Continuous Magnetic Fields on Trace Element Levels in Guinea Pigs

Erdem, O. | Akay, C. | Cevher, S.C. | Canseven, A.G. | Aydın, A. | Seyhan, N.

Article | 2018 | Biological Trace Element Research181 ( 2 ) , pp.265 - 271

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can affect living cells due to biochemical changes, followed by changes in levels of trace elements in serum and different organs. This study focuses on the effect of whole body exposure to EMF, presented everywhere in our environment, and on the levels of trace elements in serum, femur, brain, kidney, and liver tissues. The analyses performed on 29 guinea pigs were divided into five groups. Guinea pigs were exposed to a magnetic field of 50 Hz of 1.5 mT. Groups A and B were exposed to the magnetic field for a period of 4 h/day continuously (4 h/day) for 4 and 7 days, respectively. Groups C and D were e . . .xposed to the magnetic field for a period of 4 h/day intermittently for 4 and 7 days, respectively. Group E animals were enrolled as control. Copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg) levels were determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy in serum, femur, brain, kidney, and liver tissues in all guinea pigs. When compared to the control groups, the changes in the levels of Cu in serum samples, femur, and kidney tissues of the treated groups were statistically significant. The same was also true for the levels of Mg in the brain, kidney, and lung tissues. Our results suggest that in vivo continuous and intermittent exposure to EMF may cause disturbances in homeostasis of bioelements. These effects could be important risk factors for toxic effects of EMF, especially in relation to deterioration of bioelements. © 2017, Springer Science+Business Media New York Daha fazlası Daha az

A pilot study on neopterin levels and tryptophan degradation in zinc-exposed galvanization workers

Sarac, E.S. | Girgin, G. | Palabiyik, S.S. | Charehsaz, M. | Aydin, A. | Sahin, G. | Baydar, T.

Article | 2013 | Biological Trace Element Research151 ( 3 ) , pp.330 - 334

Hot-dip galvanization is a zinc-coating process to protect the metal items from corrosion. Zinc oxide nanoaerosol fume rising from hot metal bath surface in nano dimensions contains the greatest risk for workers in galvanization process. In the present study, it was evaluated whether inhalation of zinc causes any alteration in cellular immunity and tryptophan degradation by measuring neopterin, tryptophan, kynurenine, and zinc levels in 63 male galvanization workers and 23 male office personnel as controls. Serum and urinary zinc levels were found as 14.90 ± 0.90 and 102 ± 4.7 µg/dL in workers while 12.87 ± 1.45 and 75 ± 4.2 µg/dL i . . .n controls, respectively (both, p< 0.05). Similarly, the mean urinary neopterin levels and serum neopterin and kynurenine levels were found to be statistically higher in galvanization workers than the controls (all, p< 0.05). Significant correlations were found between urinary neopterin levels and kynurenine to tryptophan ratio or serum zinc levels. The results indicated cellular immune activation by occupational zinc exposure. It was estimated that neopterin, in parallel with kynurenine pathway, could reflect occupational exposure to zinc nanoaerosols and might be useful in early diagnosis of immune alterations due to nano-scale exposures. © Springer Science+Business Media New York 2012 Daha fazlası Daha az

Magnesium supplementation and bone

Aydin, H.

Book Part | 2013 | Magnesium in Human Health and Disease , pp.149 - 157

[No abstract available]

Boron Content of Some Foods Consumed in Istanbul, Turkey

Kuru, R. | Yilmaz, S. | Tasli, P.N. | Yarat, A. | Şahin, Fikrettin

Article | 2019 | Biological Trace Element Research187 ( 1 ) , pp.149 - 157

The boron content was determined in 42 different foods consumed in Istanbul, Turkey. Eleven species of fruit, ten species of vegetable, eight species of food of animal origin, four species of grain, two species of nuts, two species of legume, and five other kinds of foods were included to this study. They were analyzed by two methods: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) technique and carminic acid assay, and the results of two methods were also compared. Boron concentration in foods ranged between 0.06–37.2 mg/kg. Nuts had the highest boron content while foods of animal origin had the lowest. A strong correlation w . . .as found between the results of the carminic acid assay and the ICP-MS technique (p = 0.0001, Pearson correlation coefficient: r = 0.956). Bland Altman analysis also supported this correlation. ICP-MS is one of the most common, reliable, and powerful method for boron determination. The results of our study show that spectrophotometric carminic acid assay can provide similar results to ICP-MS, and the boron content in food materials can be also determined by spectrophotometric method. © 2018, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature Daha fazlası Daha az

Gastric Metastasis in a Patient with Lobular Breast Carcinoma 6 Years After Diagnosis

Eren, O.O. | Ozturk, M.A. | Sonmez, O. | Aslan, E. | Ozkan, F. | Oyan, B.

Letter | 2014 | Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer45 ( 4 ) , pp.504 - 505

[No abstract available]

Effects of restoration of the euthyroid state on epicardial adipose tissue and carotid intima media thickness in subclinical hypothyroid patients

Yazıcı, D. | Özben, B. | Toprak, A. | Yavuz, D. | Aydın, H. | Akalın, S.

Article | 2015 | Endocrine48 ( 3 ) , pp.909 - 915

Epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) thickness is a novel cardiovascular risk indicator, whereas carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) is a known marker of subclinical atherosclerosis. The aim of this study was to measure EAT thickness and CIMT in subclinical hypothyroid (SCH) patients and to determine the effect of restoration of the euthyroid state on these variables. The study included 43 patients with SCH (mean age: 35.2 ± 10.7 years; F–M ratio: 42:1) and 30 healthy controls (mean age: 34.5 ± 8.2 years; F–M ratio: 25:5). EAT thickness and CIMT were measured via conventional echocardiography and ultrasonography. Among the patients, 23 . . . were followed up with l-thyroxine replacement until restoration of the euthyroid state and re-evaluated 6 months after baseline. Basal EAT thickness was higher in the SCH patients than in the controls (3.2 ± 0.7 vs. 2.3 ± 0.3 mm—p < 0.0001), whereas CIMT was similar in both groups (0.50 ± 0.09 vs. 0.48 ± 0.04 mm). EAT thickness was correlated with CIMT in the patient group (r = 0.39, p = 0.01), but this correlation was not evident based on multivariate analysis when corrected for age and body mass index (r 2  = 0.47 and p = 0.0001 for the model). In the follow-up patient subgroup, both EAT thickness and CIMT decreased significantly following l-thyroxine treatment, when normal TSH levels were attained (3.4 ± 0.7 vs. 2.3 ± 0.5 mm—p = 0.007 and 0.51 ± 0.09 vs. 0.46 ± 0.07 mm—p = 0.01, respectively). EAT thickness was greater in the SCH patients than in controls, whereas CIMT was similar in both groups. Restoration of the euthyroid state with l-thyroxine treatment was associated with significant decreases in EAT thickness and CIMT in the group of patients that received l-thyroxine treatment and, as such, might reduce the cardiovascular risk associated with SCH. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media New York Daha fazlası Daha az

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