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Porous, biphasic CaCO3-calcium phosphate biomedical cement scaffolds from calcite (CaCO3) powder

Tas, A.C.

Article | 2007 | International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology4 ( 2 ) , pp.152 - 163

Calcite (CaCO3) is a geologically abundant material, which can be used as a starting material in producing biomedical scaffolds for clinical dental and orthopedic applications. Bone-filling applications require porous, biocompatible, and resorbable materials. Commercially available CaCO3 powders were physically mixed, for 80-90 s, with an orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4) solution, which was partially neutralized to pH 3.2 by adding NaOH, to form biphasic, micro-, and macroporous calcite-apatitic calcium phosphate (Ap-CaP) cement scaffolds of low strength. The resultant carbonated and Na-doped Ap-CaP phase in these scaffolds crystallogra . . .phically and spectroscopically resembled calcium hydroxyapatite. Upon mixing CaCO3 powders and the setting solution, carbon dioxide gas was in situ generated and formed the pores. Thus formed scaffolds contained pores over the range of 20-750 µm. Scaffolds were also converted to single-phase Ap-CaP, without altering their porosity, by soaking them in 0.5 M phosphate buffer solutions at 80°C for 36 h in glass bottles. Soerensen's buffer solution was also shown to be able to convert the calcite powders into single-phase Ap-CaP powders upon soaking at 60-80°C. This robust procedure of synthesizing Ap-CaP bioceramics is simple and economical. © 2007 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az


Sari, G | Kanyilmaz, S | Telli, H | Huner, B | Yaraman, N | Ozturk, G | Kuran, B

Conference Object | 2014 | ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES73 , pp.300 - 300

Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on Freeze-Thaw Resistance, Surface Scaling and Flexural Toughness of Concrete

Soylev, TA | Ozturan, T

Conference Object | 2012 | 7TH ASIAN SYMPOSIUM ON POLYMERS IN CONCRETE , pp.737 - 744

Fibers do not provide significant increase in the strength of concrete at low fiber volumes commonly used in practice. The main benefits of fibers result from the control of the width of cracks in concrete. Polypropylene fiber is one of the most popular polymer fibers used in concrete, which has been shown to be effective in controlling the plastic shrinkage at the content of approximately 0.1% by volume. However, as polypropylene fibers are low modulus fibers and used at such low contents, it is difficult to expect an improvement in the crack control of hardened concrete in theory. In the present study, the effect of a multi-filame . . .nt polypropylene fiber on the resistance of concrete to surface scaling and freeze-thaw attack is investigated. Polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete was also tested under flexural load. Two different water/cement ratios were used for concrete production. The results indicated that polypropylene fibers can be beneficial in the control of micro-cracking induced by freeze-thaw cycling and surface scaling. The development of cracks under flexural load was not affected significantly by the presence of the polypropylene fibers Daha fazlası Daha az

A phenomenological study of spatial experiences without sight and critique of visual dominance in architecture

Basvazici-Kulac, B | Ito-Alpturer, M


Architectural phenomenology suggests that the basis of perceptual integrity between the subject and a space is multi-sensorial. However, the advancement of visual representation techniques within architecture has led to predominance of the visual experience over other sensory modalities. As a consequence, the integrity of the user's multi-sensorial appreciation of space has been largely neglected which may impact on the holistic experience of the individual. The present study uses an architectural phenomenology approach to explore user experiences of architectural spaces without reference to visual input: the aim being to elucidate . . .key sensory modalities that drive a synthesis of the spatial experience in the absence of visual cues. In this way, the study aims to highlight the role of the non-visual, as a criticism against the tendency to present architecture as a predominantly visual phenomenon. A qualitative study of spatial experiences from four congenitally blind and three late blind individuals was carried out within the framework of architectural phenomenology. Thus, although all suffered total loss of sight, it was possible to assess the impact of latent visual memories within the second group. In-depth interviews with each participant explored responses to four semi-structured, open-ended questions. They were asked to describe; 1) what an architectural space means to them, 2) the place they live, 3) the most important architectural features that affect their experience either positively or negatively and 4) the most favourable and unfavourable place they had ever been. No time limit was imposed for answering the questions. The answers were audio recorded with permission. All participants judged an architectural space predominantly by its acoustic properties, with no clear difference between the congenital or late blindness subgroups. A frequently mentioned construct was the sense of spaciousness with the acoustic properties of architectural features such as materials and ceiling height identified as critical determinants. Tactile experiences, in the form of air circulation felt on the skin also helped the participants to judge spaciousness. But, it was odour that was often described as the feature that defines the identity of a place. Contrary to common beliefs, tactile experiences using the hands were mentioned least. We conclude that non-visual senses subserve a central role in the formulation of spatial experiences for the visually impaired and postulate that they may have similarly significant impact on the experiences of the visually adept. Designing the properties of different acoustical ambiances to promote a synergy of sensory experiences through, for example, the selection of materials or dimensional adjustment at intersections, voids, openings and atria rather than concentrating on visual impact alone would enrich the environmental experience significantly Daha fazlası Daha az

Isolation of H. pylori from gastric tissues by microculture method: The ever first experience worldwide

Caliskan, R | Allahverdiyev, A | Tokman, HB | Unal, G | Bagirova, M | Kalayci, F | Kocazeybek, B

Conference Object | 2014 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES21 , pp.347 - 347

Developing a scale for vocabulary learning strategies in foreign languages

Kocaman, O. | Cumaoğlu, G.K.

Article | 2014 | Egitim ve Bilim39 ( 176 ) , pp.293 - 303

An association study of functional polymorphic genes IRF-1, IFNGR-1, and IFN-gamma with disease progression, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, and viral load in chronic hepatitis B and C

Korachi, M | Ceran, N | Adaleti, R | Nigdelioglu, A | Sokmen, M

Article | 2013 | INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES17 ( 1 ) , pp.293 - 303

Background: Investigational approaches based on genome-wide association studies have proven useful in identifying genetic predictors for many diseases, including susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B and C. In these studies, the majority of genetic variants that have shown a positive association have been identified in genes involved in the immune response. In this study IFN-gamma, IFNGR-1, and IRF-1 genes were analyzed for their role in susceptibility to the development of chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C in a Turkish population. Methods: Polymorphic genes IRF-1 (-410, -388), IFNGR-1 (-56, -611), and IFN-gamma (+874) wer . . .e analyzed in a total of 400 individuals: 100 chronic hepatitis B patients, 100 hepatitis B carriers, 100 chronic hepatitis C patients, and 100 healthy controls. A single base primer extension assay was used. Correlations between genes and gender, viral load, and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels were also investigated. Results: The IRF-1 gene at positions -388 and -410 were observed to be candidate gene markers for susceptibility to the development of chronic hepatitis B and C (p < 0.05). IFN-gamma +874 and IFNGR-1 (-56 and -611) correlated with chronic hepatitis B but not chronic hepatitis C. Correlation of functional genotype with viral load and AST and ALT levels revealed an association of IFN-gamma +874 and IFNGR-1 -611 with chronic hepatitis C and IFN-gamma +874 with viral load and chronic hepatitis B (p < 0.05). Conclusions: Findings suggest that IFN-gamma (+874), IRF-1 (-410, -388), and IFNGR-1 (-56, -611) are candidate gene markers for determining patient susceptibility to the development of chronic hepatitis B and C. (C) 2012 International Society for Infectious Diseases. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

A case report of priapism caused by ziprasidon

Karamustafalioglu, N. | Kalelioglu, T. | Tanriover, O. | Gungor, F.C. | Genc, A. | Ilnem, C.

Article | 2013 | Psychiatry Investigation10 ( 4 ) , pp.425 - 427

Priapism is defined as having prolonged (more than 6 h), and usually painful penile erection that occurs without a sexual desire or arousal. Only a very few priapism cases caused by ziprasidone are reported in the literature. In this case report we aimed to present a prolonged penile erection due to use of ziprasidone. © 2013 Korean Neuropsychiatric Association.

The efficacy and safety of triple vs dual combination of angiotensin ii receptor blocker and calcium channel blocker and diuretic: A systematic review and meta-analysis

P. Kizilirmak | M. Berktas | Y. Uresin | O.B. Yildiz

Article | 2013 | Journal of Clinical Hypertension15 ( 3 ) , pp.193 - 200

Many hypertensive patients require ?2 drugs to achieve blood pressure targets. This study aims to review and analyze the clinical studies conducted with dual or triple combination of angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), calcium channel blockers (CCBs), and diuretics. Medical literature between January 1990 and April 2012 was reviewed systematically and data from eligible studies were abstracted. Data were analyzed using random-effects models. Of the 224 studies screened, 7563 eligible patients from 11 studies were included. Triple combinations of ARBs (olmesartan or valsartan), CCBs (amlodipine), and diuretics (hydrochlorothiazi . . .de) at any dose provided more blood pressure reduction in office and 24-hour ambulatory measurements than any dual combination of these molecules ( Daha fazlası Daha az

Design of wideband low profile Ku band antenna array

M.M. Bilgic | K. Yegin | T. Turkkan | M. Sengiz

Conference Object | 2012 | IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, AP-S International Symposium (Digest) , pp.193 - 200

Aperture coupled phased array antenna design at Ku band is introduced. The array spans entire Receive Band of Ku band (10.8 GHz - 12.75 GHz) and has a gain greater than 24.5 dBi with approximately 330×70×25 mm (LxWxH) dimensions. Low loss waveguide-microstrip type hybrid feed network is also designed and simulation results are presented. Aperture efficiency greater than 70% is achieved. © 2012 IEEE.

Winter Squash and Pumpkins

Evranuz, EO | Arduzlar-Kagan, D


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