The timid flowers of the heart and the mind: Verses of a V.A.D

Patat, E

Article | 2016 | SIMPLEGADI14 ( 15 ) , pp.114 - 127

Regression tree analysis for predicting slaughter weight in broilers

Mendeş, M. | Akkartal, E.

Article | 2009 | Italian Journal of Animal Science8 ( 4 ) , pp.615 - 624

In this study, Regression Tree Analysis (RTA) was used to predict and to determine the most important variables in predicting the slaughter weight of Ross 308 broiler chickens. Data for this study came from 224 chickens raised during three different seasons, namely spring (n=66), summer (n=66), winter (n=92). Second week body weight, shank length, shank width, breast bone length, breast width, breast circumference and body length were used to predict the slaughter weight. Results of RTA showed that among the seven independent variables only four were selected, namely; body weight, breast bone length, shank width, and breast circumfe . . .rence. These selected independent variables were more efficient than the others in predicting the slaughter weight. RTA indicated that the birds which had values of second week body weight >295.95 g, breast bone length >55.82 mm and breast circumference >14.18 cm or that of body weight ?295.95 g, breast bone length >60.26 mm and shank width >8.32 mm could be expected to have higher slaughter weights Daha fazlası Daha az

Before and after catastrophe: The Urban and architectural identity of salonica and Izmir between the ottoman empire and the nation-state

Bugatti, E.

Article | 2014 | Citta e Storia8 ( 2 ) , pp.357 - 378

The Fires of Salonica and Izmir in 1917 and 1922 respectively, have deeply marked historical and urban events of both cities. The catastrophic events happened when the Ottoman Empire fell and Salonica and Izmir went under new national contexts. The two cities had a complex period of modernization and urban transformation during the Late Ottoman period. The end of the empire, the radical social change of the 1920s, and the new cultural nationalistic context paved the way to the rethinking of their architectural and urban identity. © 2014 Universita Roma Tre-CROMA.

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