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Tamer, Diler

Article | 2016 | Uluslararası Ticaret ve Tahkim Hukuku Dergisi5 ( 2 ) , pp.361 - 398

Tahkim müessesinin geçmişi oldukça eskiye dayanmaktadır. Çalışmamızda İlk Çağdan günümüze tahkimin genel bir panoraması çizilecektir. Çalışmamızda öncelikle İlk Çağda ve Roma hukukunda tahkim üzerinde durulacak; daha sonra Orta Çağdan günümüze kadar olan sü- reçte uyuşmazlık çözüm yolu olarak tahkim müessesesi incelenecektir. İslam hukukunda ve Osmanlı hukukunda tahkim konuları ise ayrı baş- lıklar altında değerlendirilecektir. The origin of arbitration mechanism can be traced back to very old times. Our study will draw a panoramic view of arbitration from ancient times till today. First of all, the study will focus on arbitration d . . .uring the period of antiquity and according to the Roman law. Then, the arbitration as a means of dispute resolution from the Middle Ages to the present will be examined. Furthermore, arbitration under the Sharia law and Ottoman law will be discussed under separate headings Daha fazlası Daha az

46 XX male syndrome: A case report

Yencilek, F. | Baykal, C.

Article | 2005 | Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology32 ( 4 ) , pp.263 - 264

Introduction: 46 XX male syndrome (de la Chapelle syndrome) is a rarely seen genetic disorder causing male infertility. It is generally a result of unequal crossing over between X and Y chromosomes. Case report: A 26-year-old infertile male was referred to the Urology Department. He had normal external male genital phenotype and secondary sex characters. No gynecomastia was noted. At physical examination soft and atrophic testes were palpated. Laboratory analysis and testis biopsies indicated nonobstructive azospermia. Chromosomal analysis showed 46 XX karyotype. Conclusion: In the literature, there are various phenotypic properties . . . of 46 XX male patients. Thus, translocation of the sex determining region (SRY) the gene probably cannot be the only reason for XX male syndrome. There might be some other abnormalities leading to de la Chapelle syndrome Daha fazlası Daha az

Synthesis and pharmacological activity of diterpenylnaphthoquinone derivatives

Pertino, M.W. | Theoduloz, C. | Palenzuela, J.A. | Del Mar Afonso, M. | Yeşilada, Erdem | Monsalve, F. | Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.

Article | 2011 | Molecules16 ( 10 ) , pp.8614 - 8628

New diterpenylquinones, combining a diterpene diacid and a naphthoquinone, were prepared from junicedric acid and lapachol. The new derivatives were assessed as gastroprotective agents by the HCl-EtOH-induced gastric lesions model in mice as well as for basal cytotoxicity on the following human cell lines: Normal lung fibroblasts (MRC-5), gastric epithelial adenocarcinoma (AGS), and hepatocellular carcinoma (Hep G2). Several of the new compounds were significantly active as antiulcer agents and showed selective cytotoxicity against AGS cells.

Elderly People's Choice of Media and their Perceived State of Loneliness

Ongun, E | Guder, FZ | Demirag, A


Last five years of undergraduate biomedical engineering programs in Turkey and predictions for the year of 2020

Ertaş, G. | Keskin, A.U.

Conference Object | 2003 | 2014 18th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting, BIYOMUT 2014 , pp.35 - 47

2014 18th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting, BIYOMUT 2014 -- 16 October 2014 through 17 October 2014 -- -- 110485

Patients' knowledge and awareness of dental implants in a Turkish subpopulation

Tomruk, C.O. | Özkurt-Kayahan, Z. | Sençift, K.

Article | 2014 | Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics6 ( 2 ) , pp.133 - 137

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the patients' knowledge on dental implants in a Turkish subpopulation. Materials And Methods: Five hundred twenty seven Turkish adults referred to Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey, were presented with a questionnaire including 20 questions regarding the level of information and awareness about the dental implants. The data were collected and statistical analyses were performed with Chi square test to compare the descriptive data. Results: Among 527 subjects, 54% were female and 46% were male with a mean age of 42.2 years. The rate of patients' implant aware . . .ness was 27.7%. When the patients were questioned about the treatment options for rehabilitation of tooth missing, 60.9% of patients were informed about fixed partial denture, followed by conventional complete denture (32.5%) and removable partial denture (24.9%). Six percent reported that they were very well informed about the dental implants whereas 48.2% were poorly informed. The information sources of the implants were from the dentist (44.5%), printed media (31.6%) and friends and acquaintances (17.3%), respectively. Sixteen percent of the population believed that their implants would last forever. Conclusion: The dentists should give more detailed information to the patients about dental implants and tooth-supported fixed partial dentures in the future. © 2014 The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics Daha fazlası Daha az

Industrial sludge remediation with photonic treatment using Ti-Ag nano-composite thin films: Persistent organic pollutant removal from sludge matrix

Tunçal, T. | Uslu, O.

Article | 2015 | Journal of Environmental Management149 , pp.37 - 45

Mechanically dewatered industrial sludge (MDIS) was treated using pure and silver-doped thin films (TFs) grown on quartz substrates. TFs were prepared using a sol-gel dip coating technique. The resulting films were annealed at 450°C for 3h and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Mixtures that were homogeneous in the UV A (380nm) and UVvis (450nm) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum were used as the irradiation source. The results revealed that illumination with different wave . . .lengths helps to generate well-separated e-/h+ pairs, resulting in a decrease in the recombination rate. An electron transfer chain model was also developed using the experimental results. The performance of the applied method was evaluated by observing variations in the sludge bound water content (SBWC), volatile solids removal rate (VSR), and the consumed and generated energy fluxes through endergonic and exergonic reactions. After treatment, SBWC was reduced from 65%±1% to 39% ±1 and the highest VSR was measured to be 27±0.1mg VSS cm-2 h-1. The consumed and recovered energy fluxes were 960±151 and 412±26Jg-1 VSremoved, respectively. Raw sludge and polychlorinated biphenyls (?15PCB) and polyaromatic hydrocarbon (?16PAH) concentrations were 4356.82±22µgkg-1 and 446.25±4.8µgkg-1, respectively. The ?15PCB and ?16PAH concentrations in the treated sludge samples were 129.86±22µgkg-1 and 34.85±1.3µgkg-1, respectively. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Medical errors and patient safety in the operating room

Ugur, E. | Kara, S. | Yildirim, S. | Akbal, E.

Article | 2016 | Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association66 ( 5 ) , pp.593 - 597

Objective: To investigate medical errors in the operating room, attitudes of healthcare professionals in case of errors and educational needs of professionals. Methods: The descriptive study was conducted at a university hospital in Turkey from January 25 to February 14, 2011, and comprised operating room staff, including physicians, nurses, anaesthesia technicians and perfusion technicians. Data was obtained using a questionnaire. Results: Of the 69 respondents, 45(65.2%) had experienced medical errors and 29(42%) had verbally warned the person who caused the error. The main cause of the medical errors was a lack of healthcare prof . . .essionals and their inadequate qualifications, 51(73.9%); and insufficient communication, 41(59.4%). Coping with stress and communication 45(65.2%) and radiation safety 28(40.6%) were the most common educational needs. Conclusion: Patient safety applications in the operating room can be improved by offering educational programmes, designing an easy reporting system, encouraging reporting of medical errors and active participation of healthcare professionals in decisions that might affect patient safety. © 2016, Pakistan Medical Association. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Fracture resistance of direct inlay-retained adhesive bridges: Effect of pontic material and occlusal morphology

Özcan, M. | Breuklander, M. | Salihoglu-Yener, E.

Article | 2012 | Dental Materials Journal31 ( 4 ) , pp.514 - 522

This study evaluated the effect of a) pontic materials and b) occlusal morphologies on the fracture resistance of fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) inlay-retained fixed dental prostheses (FDP). Inlay-retained FRC FPDs (N=45, n=9) were constructed using a) resin composite (deep anatomy), b) natural tooth, c) acrylic denture tooth, d) porcelain denture tooth and e) resin composite (shallow anatomy), as pontic materials. In addition resin composite beams were fabricated (N=30, n=10): i) 'circular', ii) 'elliptic I', and iii) 'elliptic II'. There was no significant difference between the fracture resistance of Groups a, b, c, and d (598, . . . 543, 539, 509 N, respectively) (p>0.05) (One-way ANOVA). Fracture resistance of Group e (1,186 N) was significantly higher than those of other groups ( Daha fazlası Daha az

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