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Bulunan: 590 Adet 0.001 sn
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Revisiting schein (1965) study on the managerial values and attitudes of MBA students

Gönül Demirel, A. | Atilla Oner, M.

Article | 2015 | International Review of Management and Marketing5 ( 2 ) , pp.73 - 84

As schools are organized networks of socializing experiences which prepare individuals to act in society, MBA programs are the socializing media to prepare the future managers. Our study is “a partial replication” of the study done by Schein (1965). The same constructs are used in the questionnaire of the present study. Assuming that what is valued by managers infl uences how those individuals make business decisions, we aim to fi nd out the managerial values and attitudes of MBA students. We also aim to draw the attention of the faculty members to think about what attitudes, beliefs, and values MBA students are learning and what mi . . .ght the faculty contributions be to the transfer of managerial values. Therefore, the main question of our study is “What are the major managerial values and attitudes of our MBA students?” A second intended contribution of this study is the validation of the scales. The goal of science is empirical generalization, or knowledge development. Systematically conducted replications with extensions facilitate this goal. Keeping this in mind our reconsidering the original constructs of the Schein (1965) study contributes to the validation of at least some of these original constructs. © 2015, Econjournals. All right reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

On the effect of homogeneous soil dams upstream slope

Ibrahim, M | Kenan, K


Leakage is infiltration or slow moving water through the soil mass. Leakage losses from dams have a large proportion of water losses in the agricultural sector. Create leaks in the soil dam, causing water loss, reducing the stability of the dam and the creation of health risks. In this respect, analyzing and seepage of soil dam is one of the first step and the most important issues in the design of dams that are considered by professionals. Sufficient knowledge of the basic rules of geotechnical leakage allows to the professionals to managing the appearing of serious problems in analysis and selects the best type of control system t . . .o avoid Leakage. Up to now, many efforts of researchers and scholars in communication about the effect of leaking and its controlling in soil dam have been studied. In this study, changes in the slope of the dam was evaluated in a laboratory model, and the results showed that by reducing the slope of the output rate on other side the dam will rises. Then obtained data from dimensional analysis by using SPSS statistical software analyzed and the obtained relations of software was compared with relations of dimensional analysis and finally good results have been obtained. (C) 2015 IASE Publisher All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Development of group buying in Turkey: Shopping on daily deal websites

Erdem, Can | Demirağ, Aşkın

Article | 2015 | AJIT-e: Bilişim Teknolojileri Online Dergisi6 ( 18 ) , pp.39 - 56

Günlük fırsat siteleri, çok sayıda tüketicinin eşzamanlı ürün/hizmet alımlarında yüksek adetten kaynaklanan fiyatindirimi sağlaması prensibine dayalı grup satın alma kavramının uygulandığıen yeni iş modelidir.2008 yılında ABDde başlayıp dört yılda tüm dünyada yüzlercekopyası oluş an günlük indirim sitelerinin başarısı ilgili tüm tarafların kısa sürede sistemin faydalarını gördüğü gerçeğinde gizli. Bu çalışmanın amacı Türkiyede hizmet veren çevrimiçi günlük indirim sitelerini incelemek ve özellikle bazı değişkenlerin bu sitelerde a lışveriş yapan tüketicilerin satın alma niyetlerine etkisini araştırmaktır. 2014 yılında İstanbulda 400 . . . adet tüketiciningünlük indirim sitelerinde çevrimiçi alışveriş ile ilgili ile güdüleri, davranışları ve grup satın alma sistemi ile ilgili algıları ara ştırıldı. Araştırmanın sonuçları günlük fırsat sitelerini ziyaret ve etme ve bu sitelerde alışveriş yapma sıklığının tüketicilerin kendilerini akıllı müşteri olarak algılama, bu sitelere güvenme ve sadık kalma süreçlerinde anlamlı etkileri olduğu gösterdi. Daily deals or deal-of-the - day is a relatively new business model based on online group buying, a shopping strategy providing volume discounts on products and services. Starte d in the USA in 2008, the daily deals system has become so successful that in a period of four years hundreds of clone group buying web sites havedisseminatedacross the world mainly because all the involved parties in the system have enjoyed the benefits in a short period of time. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the online group buying system in Turkey, with an emphasis on the influence of some moderator variables on purchase intention of consumers when they shop on daily deal sites. The research wa s conducted with 400customersin Istanbul to shed a light on their motivations, behavior, and perception of the online buying system in 2014.The results indicated that on an overall basis the visit and shopping frequencies of the customer to the deal- of- the day web sites will have significant impact on their perceptions of feeling smart shoppers, having trust and being loyal to the visited web sites Daha fazlası Daha az

Inadvertent apical extrusion of sodium hypochlorite with evaluation by dental volumetric tomography

Can, E.D.B. | Kazanda?, M.K. | Kaptan, R.F.

Article | 2015 | Case Reports in Dentistry2015 , pp.39 - 56

This case report describes the tissue injury caused by inadvertently extruded NaOCl through the apical constriction. A 56-year-old female patient with complaints of pain, swelling, and ecchymosis on the left side of her face was referred to our clinic.The symptoms had emerged following root canal treatment of the maxillary left first premolar, and a soft tissue complication due to apical extrusion of NaOCl was diagnosed. Antibiotics and analgesics were prescribed.DVT images revealed that the buccal root apex had perforated the maxillary bone.The patient was followed up every other day and became asymptomatic on the 10th day. Endodon . . .tic therapy was completed with routine procedures. Determining working length precisely and following irrigation protocols meticulously are indispensable to prevent this type of complication. 3D visualization of the affected area may reveal the cause of the incident. Copyright © 2015 Elif Delve Başer Can et al Daha fazlası Daha az


Ozer, YE | Kocoglu, Z


The main goal of this thesis is to investigate the effect of two vocabulary learning approaches: 1) Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL) with a computer-based flashcards program, Quizlet, 2) Keeping vocabulary notebooks on high school EFL learners' vocabulary learning. The vocabulary targeted for the study is determined from three sequential units of the textbook. The units are determined randomly considering the starting date of the study. Eighty-nine students in four beginner EFL classes were randomly assigned as control or treatment groups. A computer-based flashcard program (Quizlet) and a vocabulary notebook program was i . . .mplemented in two different classes over a 3 week period. The remaining two classes acting as control groups followed the same curriculum with the same materials without using Quizlet or keeping vocabulary notebooks. Vocabulary acquisition was measured by pre, post and delayed post-tests of unannounced vocabulary tests including orthography, grammatical accuracy and use adapted from [1] Laufer & Goldstein (2004) and, meaning and form, adapted from [2] Webb (2009). Pre, post and delayed post-test scores of students were analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning process. Learners' perceptions about the training are also investigated by means of interviews. The results show that participants who learned the target words through Quizlet Flashcard Software Program outperformed those who completed the tasks by means of vocabulary notebook and control group. The analysis of the differences between the two tasks (receptive and productive) for each aspect (orthography, meaning and form, grammar) shows that the tasks measuring receptive knowledge led to significantly higher gains than tasks measuring productive knowledge of all three groups Daha fazlası Daha az

Pippin's Hegel against Hegel's Aesthetics

Tomkinson, F.

Article | 2015 | Hegel-Jahrbuch2015 ( 1 ) , pp.49 - 54

[No abstract available]

Investigation of invariants of a chemical reaction system with algorithms of computer algebra

Aybar, I.K. | Aybar, O.O. | Fercec, B. | Romanovski, V.G. | Samal, S.S. | Weber, A.

Article | 2015 | Match74 ( 3 ) , pp.465 - 480

In this paper the qualitative study of a reversible chemical reaction model rep- resented by a three-dimensional system of ordinary differential equations with nine parameters is performed. Algebraic invariant surfaces of the system are obtained by using methods of computational algebra. Then we look for singular points on the invariant surfaces and study their stability and bifurcations. Finally numerical simulations which confirm our theoretical results are presented. The study is carried out with help of computer algebra systems Singular and Mathematica.

To decide medical therapy according to ECG criteria in patients with supraventricular tachycardia in emergency department: Adenosine or diltiazem

Dogan, H. | Ozucelik, D.N. | Aciksari, K. | Caglar, I.M. | Okutan, N. | Yazicioglu, M. | Sarikaya, S.

Article | 2015 | International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine8 ( 6 ) , pp.9692 - 9699

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of ECG criteria which are used for the distinction between AVNRT and AVRT for the choice of treatment in patients with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT). The 77 patients with narrow QRS complex SVT which was treated with Adenosine or Diltiazem in the Emergency Department were evaluated retrospectively. All 12-lead ECG during tachycardia were blindly reviewed according to ECG criteria (Pseudo-r` in V1, Pseudo-S-wave in the inferior leads, Visible P-wave, aVL notch) by a cardiologist and an emergency physician. In this study, while 59.6% of the patients returned to normal sinus rhyth . . .m (NSR) after the first dose 6 mg, 64.91% of them after the first dose 12 mg and 71.92% of them after the second dose of 12 mg adenosine, 95% of the patients returned to NSR after the 0.25 mg/kg diltiazem. The most visible ECG findings were visible P waves and the least visible ECG findings were Pseudo-S waves in the inferior leads. It was statistically significant between converted by adenosine to NSR and converted by diltiazem to NSR to the presence of visible P-wave and the aVL lead notch in their ECG findings. Conclusion: The rate of return to NSR through diltiazem was found higher than that of adenosine in narrow complex SVT patients. Also, diltiazem may be the first medication to be preferred in the presence of retrograt P wave and aVL notch in the ECG of the patients with narrow QRS complex stable SVT. © 2015, E-Century Publishing Corporation. All Rights Reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Exciton related nonlinear optical properties of a spherical quantum dot

E. Aksahin | V. Ustoglu Unal | M. Tomak

Article | 2015 | Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures74 , pp.258 - 263

Abstract The nonlinear optical properties of an exciton in a spherical quantum dot (QD) is studied analytically. The nonlinear optical coefficients are calculated within the density matrix formalism. The electronic problem is solved within the effective mass approximation. The contributions from the competing effects of the confinement, the Coulomb interaction, and the applied electric field are calculated and compared with each other. We have made no assumptions about the strength of the confinement. We concentrate the effect of the Coulomb interaction. Our results may provide an input for optimization of the nonlinear optical coef . . .ficients. © 2015 Published by Elsevier B.V Daha fazlası Daha az

Acute Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Pupil Size and Ocular Aberrations: A Pre- and Postsmoking Study

Erdem, U. | Gundogan, F.C. | Dinc, U.A. | Yolcu, U. | Ilhan, A. | Altun, S.

Article | 2015 | Journal of Ophthalmology2015 , pp.258 - 263

Aim. To evaluate the acute effects of cigarette smoking on photopic and mesopic pupil sizes and wavefront aberrations. Methods. Cigarette smoker volunteers were recruited in the study. Photopic and mesopic pupil sizes and total ocular aberrations were measured before smoking and immediately after smoking. All volunteers were asked to smoke a single cigarette containing 1.0 mg nicotine. Pupil sizes and total ocular aberrations were assessed by optical path difference scanning system (OPD-Scan II ARK-10000, NIDEK). Only the right eyes were considered for statistical analysis. The changes of pupil size and total ocular aberrations afte . . .r smoking were tested for significance by Wilcoxon signed ranks test. Results. Mean photopic pupil size decreased from 3.52 ± 0.73 mm to 3.29 ± 0.58 mm (P=0.001) after smoking. Mean mesopic pupil size was also decreased from 6.42 ± 0.75 mm to 6.14 ± 0.75 mm after smoking (P=0.001). There was a decrease in all the measured components of aberrations (total wavefront aberration, higher-order aberration, total coma, total trefoil, total tetrafoil, total spherical aberration and total higher-order aberration) after smoking; however the differences were insignificant for all (P>0.05). Conclusion. Our results indicate that pupil constricts after smoking. On the other hand, smoking does not alter ocular aberrations. © 2015 Uzeyir Erdem et al Daha fazlası Daha az

Efficacy of biodentine as an apical plug in nonvital permanent teeth with open apices: An in vitro study

Bani, M. | Sungurtekin-Ekçi, E. | Odabaş, M.E.

Article | 2015 | BioMed Research International2015 , pp.258 - 263

The aim of this study was to evaluate the apical microleakage of Biodentine and MTA orthograde apical plugs and to compare the effect of thickness of these biomaterials on their sealing ability. A total of eighty maxillary anterior teeth were used. The apices were removed by cutting with a diamond disc (Jota, Germany) 2 mm from the apical root end in an attempt to standardize the working length of all specimens to 15 ± 1 mm. Both materials were placed in 1-4 mm thickness as apical plugs root canal. Root canal leakage was evaluated by the fluid filtration technique. One-way ANOVA was used in order to determine normality of dispersal . . .distribution of parameters; thereafter, results were analyzed by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Overall, between microleakage values of MTA and Biodentine regardless of apical plug thickness, no difference was observed. In terms of plug thickness, a statistically significant difference was observed between the subgroups of MTA and Biodentine ( Daha fazlası Daha az

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