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Bond strength of three different dentin bonding systems to abraded dentin.

Karakaya, S | Unlu, N | Say, EC | Ozer, F | Soyman, N | Tagami, J

Conference Object | 2003 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH82

Business and Information Technology Strategies and Their Impact on Organizational Performance

Gunes, F. | Nuri Basoglu, A. | Kimiloglu, H.

Conference Object | 2003 | Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology , pp.208 - 216

Measuring the impact of Information Technology (IT) on organizational performance is a complicated task. Since organizational performance cannot be shaped only by IT applications, other factors such as business strategies and organizational culture should also be taken into consideration while measuring the impact of IT on overall performance. For measuring organizational performance, a long list of tangible and intangible factors can be found in the literature. Following a survey of the literature study, a conceptual model and a measurement instrument were developed. The questionnaire was distributed to top 500 companies in Turkey . . .and some public organizations. The results of 105 questionnaires were included in the analyses. The relationship between independent variables and organizational performance was analyzed. One of the major findings is that in organizations adopting an innovative and supportive culture, the impact of IT on overall performance is stronger. IS departments scanning IT continuously in various ways make better use of technology and implement applications that reduce operational costs. Most respondents admit that IT enables them to show better individual performance Daha fazlası Daha az

The background of translations in the social sciences: Publishers as culture planners

Eker, A


Influence of primer application times on bond strength to abraded dentin.

Unlu, N | Karakaya, S | Say, EC | Ozer, F | Soyman, M | Tagami, J

Conference Object | 2003 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH82 , pp.183 - 191

Bonding to sound vs. caries-affected dentin using photo- and dual-cure adhesives.

Say, EC | Nakajima, M | Senawongse, P | Soyman, M | Ozer, F | Tagami, J

Conference Object | 2003 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH82 , pp.183 - 191

Microtensile bond strength of a filled vs. unfilled adhesive to dentin.

Say, EC | Nakajima, M | Senawongse, P | Soyman, M | Ozer, F | Ogata, M | Tagami, J

Conference Object | 2003 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH82 , pp.183 - 191

Memetic algorithms for timetabling

Alkan, A. | Ozcan, E.

Conference Object | 2003 | 2003 Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC 2003 - Proceedings3 , pp.1796 - 1802

Course timetabling problems are real world constraint optimization problems that are often coped with educational institutions, such as universities or high schools. In this paper, we present a variety of new operators that can be also applied in evolutionary algorithms for other timetabling problems, such as, exam timetabling. Operators include violation directed mutations, crossovers, and a successful violation directed hierarchical hill climbing method. Tests are performed on a small portion of a real data and results are promising. © 2003 IEEE.

SEM comparision of acid-etching, Er,Cr : YSGG laser and combined treatment on dentin surfaces.

Benderli, Y | Kazak, M | Gokce, K | Gursoy, T

Conference Object | 2003 | JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH82 , pp.558 - 558

Last five years of undergraduate biomedical engineering programs in Turkey and predictions for the year of 2020

Ertaş, G. | Keskin, A.U.

Conference Object | 2003 | 2014 18th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting, BIYOMUT 2014 , pp.558 - 558

2014 18th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting, BIYOMUT 2014 -- 16 October 2014 through 17 October 2014 -- -- 110485

Computational fluid dynamics simulations based on time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography

Topkara, A. | Ökeer, E. | Hakyemez, B. | Işik, E.O. | Olcay, B.

Conference Object | 2003 | 2014 18th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting, BIYOMUT 2014 , pp.558 - 558

Computation fluid dynamics (CFD)is widely used to simulate blood flow in vascular systems. Most of the studies focus on identification of reasons behind the cardiovascular disorders. In this study, magnetic resonance angiography data belonging to a patient were used to obtain brain vasculature solid model. This model prior to CFD simulations was evaluated in terms of surface quality and critical region was identified to be investigated. After CFD analysis, the regions with low and high velocity vector fields, pressure, contours and wall shear stresses (WSS) were obtained. The effect of shape and orientation of vessels was observed. . . .It was seen that increased blood velocity increases the pressure and WSS especially in narrow regions. © 2014 IEEE Daha fazlası Daha az

Equivalence groups for first-order balance equations and applications to electromagnetism

Özer, S. | Şuhubi, E.

Conference Object | 2003 | Theoretical and Mathematical Physics137 ( 2 ) , pp.1590 - 1597

We investigate the groups of equivalence transformations for first-order balance equations involving an arbitrary number of dependent and independent variables. We obtain the determining equations and find their explicit solutions. The approach to this problem is based on a geometric method that depends on Cartan's exterior differential forms. The general solutions of the determining equations for equivalence transformations for first-order systems are applied to a class of the Maxwell equations of electrodynamics.

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