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Bayazit, A | Askar, P


The aim of this study is to investigate the eye movement and pencil usage differences between symbolic representation of a question and context design in a passage. For this purpose, an experimental study in which forty-one students' eye movements were recorded by an eye-tracker and their answers to fourteen GRE (Graduate Record Examination) questions were collected via an online assessment tool. Questions were asked through the browser and participants' digital pen usage (mouse click counts) was recorded by graphic tablet via the software. Twenty-one participants took the Test-1 (four symbolic, three text passages) and the remainin . . .g twenty took the Test-2 (four symbolic, three text passages) which consisted of the same questions asked in a different presentation modality. Which participants would take the tests first was determined randomly. Tests were used in a counterbalanced design and the sequence of the questions were randomly aligned in order to eliminate the primary effect. Paired sample t-tests and Wilcoxon signed rank tests were applied on eye-metrics for the comparison of the presentation modalities. The results showed that designing a question without any context (using the equations) caused a decrease on eye movements and pencil usage. However, it caused an increase on the fixation duration. On the contrary, using symbols in a question context did not effect on students' fixation duration and pencil usage. Asking a logical reasoning question in a different context with the same number of words does not effect on students' pencil usage and eye movements Daha fazlası Daha az

When Stock Market Investors Breathe Polluted Air

Demir, E | Ersan, O

Conference Object | 2016 | ENTREPRENEURSHIP, BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, VOL 203.02.2020 , pp.705 - 720

The finance literature documents a strong relationship between mood effects and stock market returns. Air pollution is one of the factors affecting people both physiologically and mentally. This study examines the impact of air pollution sourced mood change on stock returns in Turkey. We find that lag of air pollution in the three most populated cities of Turkey where the majority of investors live is negatively related to stock returns, even when other variables are controlled. On the contrary, the relationship doesn't exist for the air pollution in other cities of Turkey.

Conformational analysis of sulfated and unmodified levan polysaccharides via molecular dynamics simulations

Oner, ET | Coskunkan, B | Turgut, D | Rende, D | Bucak, S | Baysal, N | Ozisik, R

Conference Object | 2016 | NEW BIOTECHNOLOGY33 , pp.705 - 720

Sulfated Halomonas levan as a heparin-mimetic bioactive glycan

Erginer, M | Coskunkan, B | Morova, T | Rende, D | Bucak, S | Baysal, N | Oner, ET

Conference Object | 2016 | NEW BIOTECHNOLOGY33 , pp.705 - 720

Role of tissue transglutaminase transaminase and GTP-binding functions on renal cancer cell migration

Ulukan, B | Bihorac, A | Kiraly, R | Fesus, L | Telci, D

Conference Object | 2016 | FEBS JOURNAL283 , pp.187 - 187

A multi-channel real time implementation of Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform in field programmable gate arrays

Canbay, F. | Levent, V.E. | Serbes, G. | Ugurdag, H.F. | Goren, S. | Aydin, N.

Conference Object | 2016 | IFMBE Proceedings57 , pp.114 - 118

In medical applications, biomedical acquisition systems (BASs) are frequently used in order to diagnose and monitor critical conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer disease, arrhythmias and etc. Biomedical signals (BSs), which produce valuable information about the condition of various physiological subsystems in our body, can be obtained by using multi-channel BASs. Due to the time-varying behavior of physiological sub-systems, most of the BSs are expected to have non-stationary character. In order to derive desired clinical information from these non-stationary BSs, an appropriate analysis method which exhibits adjustable t . . .ime-frequency resolution is needed. The wavelet transform (WT), in which the time-frequency resolution can be adjusted according to the different parts of the signal, are widely used in the analysis of BSs. The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is a fast and discretized implementation of classical WT and was employed as a feature extractor and de-noising operator for BSs in literature. However, due to the aliasing, lack of directionality and being shift-variance disadvantages, the DWT exhibits limited performance. A modified version of the DWT, which is named as Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform (DTCWT), is employed in the analysis of BSs and improved results are obtained. Therefore, in this study, considering the improvements in embedded system technology and the needs for wavelet based multi-channel real-time feature-extraction/de-noising operations in portable medical devices, the DTCWT is implemented as a multi-channel system-on-chip by using field programmable gate arrays. In proposed hardware architecture, for N input-channels, the DTCWT is implemented by using only one adder and one multiplier. The area efficiency and speed limits of proposed system are presented comparing with our previous approaches. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016 Daha fazlası Daha az

Biodistribution patterns of Lu177-DKFZ-PSMA617 and Ga68-DKFZ-PSMA11 in the same patient group

Yeyin, N | Sahin, OE | Vatankulu, B | Toklu, T | Demirci, E | Aygun, A | Kabasakal, L


The Healing Effect of Resveratrol on Excisional Wound

Gunal, MY | Ayla, S | Ozansoy, M | Bedri, N | Aslan, I | Ersavas, C | Kilic, E

Conference Object | 2016 | ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA218 , pp.38 - 38

The Impact of Scientific Evolution on the Neurosciences

Yasargil, MG

Conference Object | 2016 | ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA218 , pp.1 - 1

Investigation of the role of cardiolipin on autophagy in the yeast model

Oz-Arslan, D | Kilickaya, G | Bilge, B | Ustuner, B | Kilinc, E | Kan, B | Oktay, Y

Conference Object | 2016 | FEBS JOURNAL283 , pp.68 - 69

Chemotherapeutic effect of Everolimus and ABT-737 combination on renal cell carcinoma

Nayman, AH | Ilhan, H | Zemheri, E | Yencilek, F | Yildirim, A | Telci, D

Conference Object | 2016 | FEBS JOURNAL283 , pp.119 - 119

Fluorescent probes for detection of oxidative stress-induced carbonylation in live cancer cells

Erkan, H | Dilek, O | Erkan, H | Ozlem, D

Conference Object | 2016 | FEBS JOURNAL283 , pp.98 - 99

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