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Interface Design for Automation of the Scanning EMG Method

Dogan, B | Goker, I | Baslo, MB | Erdal, H | Ulgen, Y


Scanning EMG is a method developed for examining the electro-physiological cross section and the size of the motor unit of a human muscle. Electrical specifications of the motor unit can be obtained as well as anatomical distribution of muscle fibers and pathological changes between different muscles can be examined by the help of this method. In this paper; an automation system which is designed for the execution of scanning EMG method, whether manually or automatically, and a user-interface are described. Parameters like step count and step size which are about the movement of an electrode. moved by a linear actuator, through musc . . .le fibers can be defined as reference by user via designed interface. As a result, acquired signals are digitalized by data-acquisition card (DAQ) and saved as text file for the future signal process tasks Daha fazlası Daha az

inLoc : Location-aware Emergency Evacuation Assistant

Eksen, K | Serif, T | Ghinea, G | Gronli, TM


Healthcare services and research centre reports estimate that by 2050, Americans aged 65 or older will reach the 89 million mark; this is more than double the number of older adults in the United States in 2010. In an aging society, it is important to home care elderly and maintain their daily needs and provide safe evacuation alternatives in the case emergency. Hence, this paper aims to implement and evaluate a smart and location-aware indoor emergency evacuation system for elderly users. The prototype system employs multiple Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon sensors and a smartphone. The smartphone utilizes the beacon signals to es . . .timate its location within the building and uses the sensor data transmitted by the iBeacons to identify the level of threat (if any) to the elderly user and guide him/ her to a safe zone in the case of fire, earthquake etc. Our prototype was tested in three different locations utilizing two different types of sensors. The results show that our system can detect a threat and guide the elderly user with minimum 85.47 centimeters and maximum 239.8 centimeters distance error Daha fazlası Daha az

The effect of temperature to the performance of coupled bent optical waveguides

Unverdi, NO | Unverdi, NA | Canbay, C

Conference Object | 2007 | 2007 IEEE 15TH SIGNAL PROCESSING AND COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS, VOLS 1-3 , pp.50 - 56

Optical fibers which are the basic elements of the optical communication technology, that progressed rapidly during the recent years, have become the key element in many industrial applications. In this study, coupled optical waveguides which are in use in many areas such as directional couplers, sensors, multiplexers, amplifiers and filters, were analyzed. The impact of temperature on the performance of circularly bent, bare, weakly guiding, lossless, multimode and slab optical waveguides was investigated The coupling between pair TE modes was observed to be higher than the coupling between other modes. Coupled optical waveguides w . . .ere analyzed in an ambient temperature of 100C. The change in the modal propagation constant was observed to decrease as the ambient temperature increases Daha fazlası Daha az

Region Proposal Networks in Domain Generalization of MR Landmark Detection

Yetkin, AE | Hamamci, A

Conference Object | 2017 | 2017 21ST NATIONAL BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING MEETING (BIYOMUT) , pp.50 - 56

In this study, landmark detectors which are trained on head model obtained using magnetic resonance (MR) images, are applied on the optical camera images of the same subject. 2 different CNN based region proposal networks are employed for this purpose. The problem due to the domain discrepancy between the training and application domains is considered in domain generalization framework. Although, the performance of both networks on their training domain (MRI) were similar, their performance on the target domain (camera images) differ significantly.

Detecting Inshore Ships in Satellite Images

Ozcan, AH | Unsalan, C


Ship detection in satellite images is used for monitoring illegal fishing and violation of coastal waters or general maritime management. SAR images has been extensively used in this manner. Recently, researchers have started using optical satellite images for ship detection. These studies can be divided into two categories as inshore and offshore ship detection. Offshore ship detection is a relatively easy problem. But, inshore ship detection is a challenging problem in which ships are located closely. In this study, we handle this problem and propose a novel method assuming we have the harbor information beforehand. In the method, . . . the mask is morphologically thickened in single steps and adjacent ships are detected with a contour following method. Moreover, a shape model for the ships is used to eliminate false alarms. We tested the proposed method on high resolution satellite images and achieved promising results Daha fazlası Daha az

Investigation of Oil and Winding Temperature Models of Power Transformers

Yigit, E | Ucak, C


The quality of electrical power and serves continuity of electricity is a significant research area for consumer satisfaction and for the reliability of electric system. The prolonged outages of the electricity grid may cause increased power demand during distribution system restoration because of thermostatically control loads. This situation may lead to overloading of the power transformers. Minimization of overload problems and effective restoration of distribution system depend on the determination of power transformer loading limits. Therefore, derivations of dynamic temperature models based on operation conditions and temperat . . .ure variations should be known for different loadings and time intervals. In this study, top oil and hottest-spot temperatures of power transformers are examined by using IEEE Annex G model and equivalent heat circuit model for different loading conditions, and differences between these models are stated Daha fazlası Daha az

Development of Bending Artificial McKibben Muscle

Golge, B | Yaman, A

Conference Object | 2017 | 2017 21ST NATIONAL BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING MEETING (BIYOMUT) , pp.11 - 15

McKibben artificial muscle has attracted attention in Robotics studies because of its similar characteristics with human muscles and its high power- weight ratio. McKibben muscles have the advantage in terms of safety due to its soft property especially in the field of rehabilitation robotics where human- robot interaction is more important. Furthermore the external loads on human body can be minimized. In this study, by changing the structure of McKibben muscle, it was provided that McKibben muscle was bended rather than shortened when compressed air was supplied. By using sensors, the relationship between input air pressure, bendi . . .ng angle and generated force was shown Daha fazlası Daha az

Experimental Analysis of Optical Sensors in Detecting Heart Beat

Hasdemir, I | Ertas, G

Conference Object | 2017 | 2017 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES NATIONAL CONGRESS (TIPTEKNO) , pp.11 - 15

Advanced smart pillboxes are needed for use with the heart rate regulating drugs. The most important component of these pillboxes is the heart beat rate sensor. In this study, experimental analyses have been performed with different optical sensors namely HRM-2511B transmissive sensor, TCRT1000 reflective sensor and PulseSensor reflective sensor in heartbeat sensing. All of the sensors provide very similar frequency signals captured from the left index finger. All the sensors give quite similar and correct measurement results when compared with the reference device. However, the measurement consistency is highly dependent on the pla . . .cement of the fingertip on the sensor. TCRT1000 and PulseSensor sensors require additional mechanical setup while HRM-2511B sensor is already equipped with a robust fingertip fixing mechanism. In the future, we are planning to develop an advanced smart pillbox based on the HRM-2511B sensor Daha fazlası Daha az

Development of Computer Accessible Programmable Syringe Pump and Its Graphical Computer Interface

Bilginer, S | Ertas, G

Conference Object | 2015 | 2015 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES NATIONAL CONFERENCE (TIPTEKNO) , pp.11 - 15

Administration of medicine through vessels is usually carried out using syringe pumps. In this study, a programmable electronic syringe pump and a computer software computer interface that ensures the effective use of the pump has been developed. The syringe pump developed has a mechanical structure, a servo motor, a microcontroller, a power supply stage and a PC connection module. Calibration of the pump is done by performing several experiments with a 5ml syringe to clarify the relationship of the wave pulse width required by the servo motor to provide the desired flow rate. Using computer software interface, the serial port which . . . the pump is connected to is selected first. A list is created by entering the flow rate and the time. After each entry, total volume is automatically calculated. Once the list is completed, a simulation can be executed to visually inform the operator about the volume to be administered. Next,, administration process is started. Volume in the syringe is continually updated during administration. The process can be stopped immediately at any time by the operator Daha fazlası Daha az

An Ontology based Semantic Representation for Turkish Cuisine

Ergun, OO | Ozturk, B


Following recent advances in digital technologies, many data in various domains have been transformed into digital world and shared with millions of users via social media and web technologies. As a result, big amount of data has presented many challenging problems in different fields, e.g internet of things, artificial intelligence. One of application areas is in food domain. Recognition of food category from images, automatic recipe retrieval from internet and analysis and matching of food images with recipes, ingredients, nutrition values bring cooperation of multi disciplines and technologies. In this work, for the first time, s . . .emantical analysis of Turkish Cuisine is held and various information related to food in Turkish Cuisine is structured in a hierarchical ontology model. A new database containing 50 different food categories and related images is constructed and linked with data such as food properties, recipes, etc.. As a result, multimodal information retrieval can be achieved faster in a more semantic way. At the same time, food image classification with deep learning methods is performed and faster connection of recognized food category to related semantic data is provided Daha fazlası Daha az


Senturk, K | Sen, T | Coruhlu, T | Varturk, I | Korachi, M | Aslan, N

Conference Object | 2015 | 2015 42ND IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PLASMA SCIENCES (ICOPS) , pp.11 - 15

Using color indices to overcome the scattering problem in line laser scanners

Benveniste, R | Unsalan, C


3D laser scanning systems have been used in many industrial applications. They provide depth information of an object so that it can be processed by a computer. Unfortunately, laser scanners can not be used reliably on metallic surfaces and shiny marble stones due to scattering of the laser line on the surface. To overcome this problem, either the light intensity of the environment is adjusted or the surface is covered with a powder to decrease the scattering on the surface. In this study, we propose a solution to overcome the scattering problem of line lasers by using color indices. This way, shiny surfaces can also be scanned reli . . .ably. To test our method, we also developed a prototype 3D laser scanner system and provide the results Daha fazlası Daha az

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