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Exploring the technological pedagogical content knowledge of pre-service teachers in language education

Koçoglu, Z.

Article | 2009 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences1 ( 1 ) , pp.2734 - 2737

The teacher education programs are concerned not only with pre-service teachers' use of technology but also with their development of knowledge related to the use of technology as a pedagogical tool in teaching; that is, the development of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK), modeled by Mishra and Koehler (2006). The purpose of this study is to explore how TPCK develops in pre-service English-as-a-Foreign Language (EFL) teachers enrolled in the required computer-assisted language learning (CALL) course. Interviews were gathered to explore the progress of their TPCK during the course. Development of TPCK in the partici . . .pants is evidenced in their analysis of different functions of TPCK such as understanding what it means to teach English language with technology; knowledge of instructional strategies; knowledge of students' learning; knowledge of materials that integrate technology in language teaching. © 2009 Daha fazlası Daha az

Impact of autistic children on the lives of mothers

Koydemir, S. | Tosun, U.

Article | 2009 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences1 ( 1 ) , pp.2534 - 2540

The present study attempted to investigate the impact of having an autistic child on the lives of Turkish mothers. Consensual Qualitative Research (CQR) Approach was followed. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 mothers of autistic children. The interview questions were designed to reveal many facets of the mothers' experiences. The analysis resulted in a variety of themes related to the experiences of mothers, such as the reactions to the disability of the child, sources of stress, coping strategies used to deal with stress, involvement with the education of the child, and evaluation of the facilities of the special e . . .ducation center. © 2009 Daha fazlası Daha az

The effects of collaborative reflection on EFL teaching

Mede, E.

Conference Object | 2010 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences2 ( 2 ) , pp.3888 - 3891

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of collaborative reflection on two EFL teachers to explore teaching with a view of solving various problems in their language classes. It's assumed that during the process of collaboration, participants develop new strategies to deal with different problems in their language classrooms. Particularly, the dialogue between teachers extends their beliefs about language teaching and learning emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge in professional development (Akyel, 2000; Kraft, 2002). To examine this hypothesis, two EFL teachers working at the preparatory school of an Engl . . .ish-medium Turkish university in Istanbul, Turkey volunteered to participate in this study. The data came from three qualitative research methods: a) observers' field notes, b) electronic journals and c) notes from the teachers' dialogues. The results revealed that collaborative reflection might have positive effects on EFL teachers' instructional practice and enhance teacher dialogue. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Classroom teachers styles of using and development materials of inclusive education

Coşkun, Y.D. | Tosun, U. | Macaroglu, E.

Article | 2009 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences1 ( 1 ) , pp.2758 - 2762

Teaching students with disabilities in an inclusive classroom may be regarded as a challenge for teachers accustomed to teaching in the regular classroom; therefore teachers should require the basic characteristics of effective teaching. The use of educational materials makes learning and conprehension easier for students at all levels. For students who have learning difficulties, educational materials are more important. In this research study, it is aimed to determine classroom teachers' ways to choose, develop, and use of instructional materails for inclusion students in their classes. It is also important to support the developm . . .ent of inclusion programs by using the knowledge gathered in this research study. Qualitative and quantitative data collected throughout the research study display the inefficiency of teachers to develop and use instructional materials for inclusion students. © 2009 Daha fazlası Daha az

Training English language student teachers to become teacher-researchers

Demirbulak, D.

Conference Object | 2011 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences30 , pp.491 - 496

2nd World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance, WCPCG-2011 -- 25 May 2011 through 29 May 2011 -- Antalya --

The acquisition of word order (verb placement) in an adult Serbo-Croatian-Turkish bilingual

Enisa, M.

Conference Object | 2011 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences15 , pp.134 - 137

Bilingual first language acquisition (BFLA) is a sub-field of bilingualism. Two conditions considered for a speaker in terms of are: (1) contact with the two languages has to start no later than a week after birth, and (2) contact with the two languages has to be regular until the time of the study (Meisel, 1989; De Houwer 1990). The present study aims to investigate the acquisition of word order (verb placement) in an adult Serbo-Croatian-Turkish bilingual. Data came from spontaneous speech. The results revealed a great deal of evidence for syntactic transfer due to different word order patterns between the two languages. Further d . . .etails are discussed in the research. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

Prospective elemantary science teachers' epistemological beliefs

Kaplan, A.O. | Akgul, E.M.

Article | 2009 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences1 ( 1 ) , pp.2529 - 2533

A language needs analysis research at an English medium university in Turkey

Akyel, A.S. | Ozek, Y.

Conference Object | 2010 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences2 ( 2 ) , pp.969 - 975

This study aimed to conduct a need analysis to examine the university students' needs for the innovation of the ELT curriculum of the preparatory-school of an English medium university in Istanbul. A triangulation research method was followed in the present study. The educational approach underpinning this method is constructivism. Data was collected by using two different instruments: semi-structured interviews and questionnaires. The items in the questionnaires and interviews addressed different issues related with constructivism, in other words the focus was basically on the importance and effective use of learning strategies rel . . .ated to four basic language skills in second or foreign language learning. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved Daha fazlası Daha az

Turkish university students' perceptions of communicative and non-communicative activities in EFL classroom

Inceçay, G. | Inceçay, V.

Article | 2009 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences1 ( 1 ) , pp.618 - 622

This study presents a case study that investigates the perceptions of 30 Turkish university students in order to better understand the appropriateness and effectiveness of communicative and non-communicative activities in their English as a foreign language (EFL) courses in a private university preparatory school in Istanbul, Turkey. Using multi-method, data were collected by means of a questionnaire and semi-structured interview. Quantitative data were supported by the qualitative data to provide more reliable results. The results suggest that, EFL countries like Turkey need to modernize and update their teaching methods which mean . . .s doing changes by taking students' previous educational habits into consideration. It is obvious from the study that students in non-English speaking countries make use of communicative language teaching (CLT) if communicative activities and non-communicative activities are combined in English classrooms. In other words, aligning the communicative approach with traditional teaching structures is beneficial for EFL students. © 2009 Daha fazlası Daha az

A comparative analysis of teaching vocabulary in context and by definition

Çiftçi, H. | Üster, S.

Article | 2009 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences1 ( 1 ) , pp.1568 - 1572

The study aims to prove a hypothesis related to the different ways of teaching vocabulary and their effectiveness. This study has been applied at two classes of the Department of Foreign Languages of TOBB University of Economics and Technology. These classes have been instructed on words in two different techniques; one of which is teaching vocabulary in discourse and context whereas the other is teaching words by providing only the word definitions. A vocabulary test composed of four parts has been constructed and applied before and after the instruction. The test has been applied in two steps as a pretest to show the selected word . . .s are unknown by the students and as a posttest to evaluate the effectiveness of both techniques. According to Levene's test in Independent Samples Test for the post-test, there is not a statistically significant difference in post-test scores of the two groups. As a result, presenting the target vocabulary items in context and by definitions does not make a remarkable difference in terms of overall performance. © 2009 Daha fazlası Daha az

The nature of preservice mathematics teacher's knowledge of students

Kilic, H.

Conference Object | 2010 | Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences9 , pp.1096 - 1100

Teachers need to be equipped with various knowledge and skills to establish and maintain effective teaching environments that enable them to enhance students' understanding and learning. Knowledge of students is one of the components of teachers' professional knowledge and it is defined as teachers' knowledge of what mathematical concepts are difficult for students to grasp, which concepts students typically have misconceptions about, possible sources of students' errors, and how to eliminate those difficulties and misconceptions. The purpose of the study was to investigate the nature of preservice mathematics teachers' knowledge of . . . students. Six preservice teachers participated in the study and the data were collected in the forms of observations, interviews and written documents. The findings revealed that preservice teachers had difficulty in both identifying the source of students' misconceptions, and errors and generating effective ways to eliminate such misconceptions. They frequently failed to recognize what conceptual knowledge the students were lacking and they inclined to address students' errors by telling how to carry out the procedure or apply the rule to solve the given problem correctly. Therefore, preservice teachers should be given opportunities 1) to take content-specific courses that they have opportunity to discuss fundamental high school mathematics concepts in detail to gain a solid understanding of how mathematical concepts are related and why mathematical rules and procedures work and 2) to analyze an act of teaching by watching videos of classrooms or discussing a student work and classroom cases to determine how to address students' errors and misconceptions. © 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd Daha fazlası Daha az

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