Determinants of Economic Growth in Turkey in the Presence of Structural Breaks

Ketenci, N | Aydogan, ET

Article | 2019 | SOSYOEKONOMI27 ( 42 ) , pp.11 - 28

Sustainable economic growth is defined as a continuous increase in environmentally adjusted net domestic product (Bartelmus, 1994). This study investigates the role of natural gas consumption and trade openness in relation with the economic growth of Turkey for the period 1977-2017 throughout which Turkey underwent several political and economic shocks. To accomplish this, the paper employs the Kejriwal and Perron (2010) structural break test to investigate the relationship between economic growth and its determinants in the presence of structural shifts. By demonstrating the impacts of variables on economic growth through different . . . sub-regimes, the outcomes underline the importance of structural breaks in estimations Daha fazlası Daha az

Elections in Risk Society

Turkan-Ipek, IZ

Article | 2018 | SOSYOEKONOMI26 ( 36 ) , pp.65 - 79

New political movements and ideological patterns become more and more frequent regarding to the contemporary political and social transformations on local and global contexts. Referring mostly to the post concepts, we can observe the actuality and development of risk society in global level. On one hand, global developments have a considerable impact on local changes and on the other hand, countries become more and more introverted and conservative that influences the transformation of the leader's discourse and electoral behavior. This article aims to analyze the development of risk society, extreme right political tendencies and p . . .olitical volatility in international politics starting with terrorist attacks in Europe until 2015-2016; Brexit decision of England; presidential election results in United-States. Our analysis will be based on the following concepts of risk society, post-truth and populism Daha fazlası Daha az

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