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Erişime Açık

The role of self disgust in the relationship between childhood trauma and dissociation

Akça, Seray

In this study, it was aimed to examine the mediating role of self-disgust in the relationship between childhood traumas and dissociation in adults. 376 participants between the ages of 21-50 participated in the study. “Sociodemographic Information Form”, Childhood Mental Trauma Scale 33-item Form, Dissociation Scale and Self-Disgust Scale were used on the participants. In the study, Pearson Correlation was applied to examine the relationship between childhood traumas, dissociation, and self-disgust. Mediator role analysis was conducted to examine the mediating role of self-disgust in the effec ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

An exploratory study of a Turkish sample of persons with hoarding behavior

Alpturer, Mari Ito

Hoarding research in Turkey is still in an early stage, where both quantitative and qualitative research is needed to understand hoarding in the Turkish context. This is an exploratory qualitative study of a Turkish sample of individuals who exhibit compulsive hoarding behavior. The study consists of two phases. Firstly, an online hoarding screening survey (N=357) was conducted using three diagnostic tools (i.e., Saving Inventory-Revised, Hoarding Rating Scale, and Clutter Image Rating). Secondly, the participants (n=13) who met the criteria for hoarding disorder were invited to an online inte ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Online psychotherapy setting and its reflections on Therapeutic relationship during Covid-19 pandemic

Soncu Büyükişcan, Ezgi

The purpose of this study was to explore how psychotherapy setting is affected by the mandatory conversion from face-to-face psychotherapy setting to online platforms due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, mainly with respect to the relationship between subjective perceptions and/or experiences regarding COVID-19 and therapeutic alliance for both psychotherapists and patients. A sample of 94 Turkish participants which consisted of 62 psychotherapy patients and 32 mental health professionals filled out the questionnaire whilst semi-structured interviews were done with nine psychotherapists and ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The adaptation study of the brief form of the affective Neuroscience personality scales (BANPS) to Turkish

Soncu Büyükişcan, Ezgi

The aim of this study is to adapt Brief Form of Affective Neuroscience Scales (BANPS) into Turkish culture and examine its reliability and validity. BANPS was originally developed by Barrett and colleagues (2013) to shorten and improve the psychometric properties of ANPS (Davis et al., 2003). The BANPS consisted of 33 items and six scales which aim to assess personality traits on the basis of six affective systems (SEEK, PLAY, CARE, FEAR, ANGER, SADNESS). The reliability and validity analyses of Turkish BANPS were conducted with three groups of participants, including all participants (N= 873) ...Daha fazlası

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