Erişime Açık

Status of Ilkhan in the socio-political organization of the Qashqai Tribe

This anthropological research is related to the Qashqai tribe, which lives in southwestern Iran, and apart from the urban and rural population, it has nearly 96,500 nomadic people. This research answers the question, could the Qashqais have the same solidarity, authority, and integrity without an Ilkhan from the Shahilu family? My claim is based on the fact that the main factor of Qashqai solidarity and empowerment in southern Iran, where the majority of the population is Tajik and non-Turkish, was the Ilkhans from the Shahilu family. And with the leadership of the Shahilu family, the Qashqais ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Beyond a footrace: Ultramarathon as a liminoid performance

This study aims to explore the experience of becoming an ultramarathoner and the codes of ultramarathon culture in Turkey through the lenses of symbolic and interpretive anthropology and performance studies. It identifies the meaning, value, and significance of ultramarathons for runners, and presents an ethnographic description of ultramarathon racing. The anthropological fieldwork was conducted from April 2018 to March 2022, employing in-person and online interviews, and participant observations at İznik Ultra Marathon, Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail and Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail organizati ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

An anthropological approach to the status of women in circassian culture: the case of the village of Soğucak

This qualitative study aims to explore the status of women in Circassian Culture through the lens of Feminist Anthropology. Soğucak village, one of the Circassian villages in Yalova, was chosen as a sample in the research. The research is prepared using qualitative research techniques, participant observation, and in-depth interviews. The field interview was conducted between 17 December 2022 and 16 July 2023 with 25 female and nine male participants. Participants are determined by the snowball sampling technique. As a result of the study, it is revealed that housework, especially cooking, and ...Daha fazlası

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