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Mobil Arayüz Tasarımlarında Kullanılan Hareketli Grafiklerin Kullanıcı Memnuniyetine Etkisinin İncelenmesi

Uzun, Furkan

Preprint | 2022 | Yeditepe Üniversitesi Akademik ve Açık Erişim Bilgi Sistemi

Teknolojinin gelişmesiyle tasarımlar dijital ortamlara taşınmış ve hareketli grafikler tasarlayabilmemize olanak sağlamıştır. Kullanıldığı alanlardan biri de mobil arayüzlerdir. Hareketli grafikler bir uygulamanın benzerlerinden ayrılması için ona ayırt edici özellikler ve işlevsellik kazandırır. Mobil uygulama arayüzlerdeki hareketli grafikler hem kullanıcıların uygulamada daha fazla kalmasını sağlamak, hem de geribildirim sağlamak için önemli bir unsurdur. Tezde, kullanıcılar için arayüz tasarımında hareketli grafiklerin kullanıcı memnuniyeti üzerindeki etkisi araştırılmış, gönüllü kullanıcılar ile sistem kullanılabilirlik ölçeği . . .ve A-B testi çalışmaları gerçekleştirilip ortaya çıkan sonuçlar değerlendirilmiştir Daha fazlası Daha az

Large-scale forecasting of large fluctuations using wavelet coherence and multifractal behavior and developing wavelet coherence for multiple time series

Oygur, Tunç | Erzurumlu, Yaman Ömer | Ünal, Gazanfer

Preprint | 2022 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Shocks, jumps, booms, and busts are typical large fluctuation markers that appear in crisis. Identifying financial crises and estimating leading indicators with strong relations during crisis periods have an essential role in the literature. This thesis examines the dynamic co-movements of leading indicators' multifractal features to identify financial crises due to large fluctuations. The detected dynamic relationships predict leading indicators with scale-by-scale analysis and make large-scale predictions better than challenger models. As a natural result of these studies, the n-dimensional wavelet coherence method is examined, an . . .d the vectorwavelet package is transferred to the R program. This thesis consists of three independent parts, and the contents of the studies are summarized below. In the first part, stock returns' co-movements with other leading indicators in crisis periods are analyzed with multiple and quadruple wavelet coherence using interest rate, exchange rate, and trade balance differences. The scale-by-scale wavelet transformation was used to predict large-scale relationships, and stock return estimation was performed. In the second part, the multifractal characteristics of sectoral default probabilities of the real sector in Turkey and Turkey sovereign CDS rates were examined by detrended fluctuation analysis. Significant dynamic connections between the Hölder exponents of the default rates and CDS during financial crisis periods have been examined. During the periods of financial crises, among the Hölder exponents, severely correlated large scales show multifractal features. Scale-by-scale wavelet transform has been used to predict large-scale relationships, and hence vector fractionally autoregressive integrated moving average forecasting provides better results than scalar models. The final part of the thesis introduces a new wavelet methodology to handle multivariate time series dynamic co-movements by extending multiple quadruple wavelet coherence methodologies. The primary motivation of our works is to measure wavelet coherence analytically for the specific dimension Daha fazlası Daha az

Emotional clarity, adult attachment and emotional eating

Terzi, Ecemnur

Preprint | 2022 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

This study aims to investigate the relationship between emotional clarity, adult attachment and emotional eating. The research was carried out during the Coronavirus epidemic, in two periods (self- quarantine and new normal periods) with and without governmental restrictions. The research was carried out with a total of 194 participants; 69 in the self- quarantine period and 125 in the new normal period; between the ages of 20-45. In order to measure emotional eating scores, eating with positive and negative emotions subscale of “Emotional Appetite Questionnaire” were used. Emotional clarity subscale of “Difficulties in Emotion Regu . . .lation Strategies” were used to measure emotional clarity . Additionally, in order to measure attachment dimensions, “Experiences in Close Relationships- Revised” were used. As a result, a positive correlation between attachment anxiety and emotional clarity and attachment avoidance and emotional clarity were found in new-normal period. In this period, no significant relationship was found between emotional eating and attachment dimensions and emotional clarity. In self-quarantine period, a positive relationship between attachment anxiety and eating with positive emotions and attachment anxiety and emotional clarity were found. However, no significant difference was found between avoidant attachment dimension and emotional eating and emotional clarity. The findings were evaluated in the light of the literature and suggestions for future studies were presented Daha fazlası Daha az

New Inclinations in the Museumification Process of Private Museums in Turkey After 2010

Salar, İlkay

Preprint | 2022 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

This study comprises the development of art collectorship in Turkey through the concept of collections and in comparison with the Western world, the transformation of these art collections into private museums in the 2000s, and the new inclinations regarding the location choices of private museums after 2010. Ever since the prehistoric period, humans have researched, discovered, and collected, evolving over the centuries to do it consciously and consistently, becoming collectors, and later, with rational categorization and institutionalization, secularizing their collections, thus establishing museums. Becoming wealthier through com . . .merce, while collectorship developed in Europe starting with the Renaissance in the 15th century, leading to collections becoming public in the 17th century and the start of modern museumification in the century that followed, it was the bourgeoisie that birthed European collectorship. The foundations of art collectorship lay with the autonomy and the commodification of art, which created its own market. Thus, art collectorship and the art market always progress simultaneously. In the Republic of Turkey, liberal economic policies starting in the 1980s allowed private capital to take over from the state, launching a period where artworks and collectorship increased. Attempting to integrate itself with the world as a result of the globalization policies of the 1990s, the 2000s for the Turkish art market, dominated by private capital, coincide with a highly dynamic period when the recently growing population of art collectors founded private museums in İstanbul by which they could receive exposure and recognition This period saw the emergence of culture and arts events and activities in the periphery. After 2010 this was followed by collectors who wished to bring their collections to the lands where they were born and dreamt about showing revealing the existence of a culture outside the center, who then established museums towards that goal Daha fazlası Daha az

The role of news media in reproduction of urban space: Ideological presentation of news reports on Galataport Istanbul Project in Hürriyet and Sabah newspapers

Kartalcı Güreken, Rümeysa

Preprint | 2022 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Media is shaping the consciousness, ideas, emotions and even daily lives of individuals by presenting a certain framework of meaning to the society. The individuals evaluate the social events and facts within the framework of meaning that is provided by the media. This study is defending the opinion that the content and discourse that is produced in the urban transformation news reports by the journalist, as the organic intellectual, is legitimizing the capital-oriented transformation of the city and the relations of production are reproduced. Starting from the presupposition that reality that is constructed in news which is produce . . .d along with certain hegemonic discourse has influences on the consciousness of the individuals, the study argues the news discourse is influential over the individuals in leading them to illusions by neglecting the social inequalities and contradictions, and by virtue of this, neoliberal hegemony can be reproduced. Accordingly, in the study, the role of the hegemonic discourses produced in the news in mainstream newspapers about the Galataport Istanbul Project, which is considered as the spatial reflection of neoliberal hegemony, in legitimizing the capital-oriented transformation of the city and in the production of social consent, is researched with a critical approach and Teun A. Van Dijk's critical discourse analysis method. As a result of the study, to be legitimized the space reproduced as a commodity, it has been observed the project is identified with a strong economy, development, well-being and welfare of the society in the news discourses. By developing a content and discourse that affirms such projects for a strong and developed, society has been encouraged to support neoliberal urban hegemony Daha fazlası Daha az

Examining Heuristic-System 1 and Analytic-System 2 Processing During Reasoning on the Syllogisms and the Modified Version of the Bat and Ball Problems: Response Time, Response Confidence, and Dual-Task Assessments

Saban, Sara | Gültekin, Burak Berk

Preprint | 2022 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

How are reasoning processes shaped by the heuristic system and analytic system? In the present study, we were focused on how heuristics and analytical thinking affect reasoning. According to dual-process theories, reasoning consists of two distinct modes of processing: System 1 and System 2. System 1 generates responses that are automatic, fast, and intuitive. This system does not need working memory resources. The other system is reflective. Characteristics of this system are deliberative, slow, and conscious. System 2 depends on working memory capacity. Therefore, system 2 needs working memory resources. In the present study, the . . .experimental design was as follows: All participants performed randomly distributed modified version of the bat and ball problems and the syllogistic reasoning problems while they kept memory load in mind and had a time limit in the initial response stage. Then the questions were asked again without memory load and deadline. Both tasks consist of conflict (experiment questions) and no-conflict (control questions) questions. Whereas participants chose among four options in a modified version of the bat and ball problems, they chose between yes and no, considering two premises and a conclusion in the syllogistic reasoning problems. A two-response paradigm was applied. The problems were asked twice. In the first presentation of the problems, we occupied the participant’s working memory with a dual task procedure and time pressure. We replicated the common implication of system 1 with fast response and system 2 with slow thinking Daha fazlası Daha az

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