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Nationalism and National Identity of Western Ukraine in The Post - Soviet Era

Nowak, Agata

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The research is designed to examine the essence and roots of Ukrainian nationalism of Western Ukraine, categories of identity regarding Ukrainians, and to present how modern Ukrainian national identity is constructed. The aim of the study is to understand within the broad context of nationalism the complexity of Ukrainian nationalism that does not fit the commonly used definition of a nation; common language, common religion, and common historical memory. The anthropological fieldwork is based on participant observation and in total 35 in-depth interviews which were conducted mainly in Lviv between 2014-2019. Moreover, in order to f . . .ully explore the notion of Ukrainian nationalism an analysis of national symbols, myths, traditions, and historical memory through its history is evaluated. Furthermore, the study analyzes the role of religion and OUN-UPA activities in shaping Ukrainian nationalism placing it also in the context of current political circumstances. The results of the research indicate that Ukrainian nationalism has its origins in Western Ukraine and then it spread from the West of Ukraine to the eastern parts of the country. As a consequence of the latest events; the Euromaidan Revolution, and the ongoing war with Russia, Ukrainian nationalism is being re-shaped and re-constructed. Those events caused also the resurrection of Stepan Bandera’s myth which is associated with Western Ukraine Daha fazlası Daha az

Critical stance in popular/postmodern literary magazines: mainstream or alternative?

Özonur, Defne | Tekin, Vildan

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

It is possible to say that a new era has begun in the field of literary journalism in the last ten years. Magazines in this new format, one of the products of popular culture produced for mass consumption; use left figures in their cover designs and left values ​​in their content and define/introduce themselves as "left". In these magazines, the oppositional language of the youth subculture and the ironic, sarcastic, and humorous language that emerged after the Gezi resistance stand out. For this reason, the approach that the magazines are an alternative symbolic field of struggle is common, both in academic studies and in the cultu . . .ral field. In another approach, attention is drawn to the fact that magazines are products of the culture industry and commodify literature/art. In this study, it is claimed that the critical stance put forward by the magazines deemed appropriate to be called popular/postmodern literary magazines reproduces the dominant ideology. It has been tried to reveal the philosophical framework of the current critical stance in the magazines with examples of idealism, the cultural framework of postmodernism, and the theoretical framework of postMarxism. The existence of these frameworks implies the reproduction of the dominant ideology. In this study, it is aimed to draw attention to the relationship between philosophy, culture and social conditions based on these frameworks. It is a common phenomenon that what is presented "critically" in academic studies and in the cultural field intersects with what is "sovereign" and even serves it. In this way, it produces a "criticality" suitable for its own interests by breaking the "sovereign" and "critical" out of its context. In this study, which uses the Marxist approach and its method, dialectic, the popular/postmodern literary magazines Ot, Kafa and Bavul were examined based on the concept of criticism. Keywords: Criticism; Idealism; Left Melancholy; Popular/Postmodern Literary Magazines; Postmodernism; PostMarxism Daha fazlası Daha az

International Gold Prices, Gold Reserves of Central Banks and Debt Stocks Relationship: Analysis Among G8 Countries

Canözkan, Ergün

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Gold is a commodity that has been used to protect the wealth of not only people but also organizations and states from past to present. For this reason, countries prefer to keep some of their reserves as gold through their central banks. At the financial macroeconomic level, the primary goal of countries is to sustain a healthy economic growth. However, when the economies of developed countries are examined, especially when the economic growth rate of the G8 countries, which are called the strongest countries class, is examined, it is seen that the public debt ratio is very high, which increases the risk levels of the countries. . . . Therefore, it is expected that the gold reserve demands of these countries will be in a causal relationship with international gold prices. In this study, the causality relationship between the public debt stock of countries, international gold prices and gold reserve of countries is investigated based on this question. The country sample is based on the quarter between 2008 and 2020 of the G8 country group. The analysis method has been utilized by econometric methods and the relationship between variables has been examined with panel granger causality analysis. As a result, a unidirectional causality relationship has been found between the debt stock of countries and international gold prices, and between gold reservoirs and debt stock Daha fazlası Daha az

Evaluation of Kitsch Art in a Consumer Society by the Art Educators

Marangoz, Selvin

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Kitsch, like many art concepts, went beyond the boundaries of art and began to affect individuals and society. In consumer society, many imitations, cheap, serial, fake products and repetitions of their have been proliferated. With its lack of artistic concern, creativity and originality, kitsch products have caused art to lose its autonomy and enter into a commercial configuration. In this study, a survey study was conducted to reach art educators' opinions about Kitsch products. Educators working in various departments of Fine Arts Faculties were emailed and asked if they agreed with the study opinion. It was considered that the m . . .ost important points of the literature review were utilized to develop survey questions, which included demographic questions and propositions. According to the questionnaire responses, all of the educators regard kitsch as an industrial object for decorative purpose that is aesthetically deficient and entertaining to society. However, this study show that, while the great majority of faculty members do not purchase kitsch objects, a significant proportion of them argue that not all bad art should be labeled as kitsch. According to this study, which supports literature review, art educators are concerned about the rising consumption of kitsch items, as well as the commercialization of art, creativity, and uniqueness, and its service to capitalism. In the survey findings, different outcomes were obtained based on age groupings. Participants were indecisive whether kitsch was aesthetically deficient, and no clear conclusions were obtained. While 25 - 35 year olds are indecisive on whether kitsch is art, 36-45 year olds are strongly opposed, while 46-59 year olds are more open to kitsch Daha fazlası Daha az

The Turkish Right and the Republican People's Party - The Case of 1977 General Elections

Arslan, Fahri Kaan

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The definition of ideological cleavage in Turkish political life through the concepts of right and left began with the orientation of the Republican People's Party to the Left of Center in the 1960s. This separation evolved into a deep polarization and social crisis that would turn into a low-intensity civil war during the 1970s. The 1977 General Elections were held in this crisis atmosphere. In this framework, the political characteristics of the period within the scope of our study have been tried to be scrutinized through the right-left divergence. This thesis aims to analyze the points of convergence and divergence in the discou . . .rses of right-wing politics in Türkiye towards the RPP in the context of the 1977 elections. In that regard, the Justice Party, the National Salvation Party, and the Nationalist Movement Party were chosen as the subjects of our study, representing different ideologies of Turkish Right. The study's scope will be limited to the parties' official discourses: election campaign documents, radio speeches of party elites, and statements of party leaders, which will be evaluated Daha fazlası Daha az

Impact of IFRS-16 Lease Standard on Financial Statements of Transportation and Storage Companies: Evidence from Bist

Abdullahi, Mukhtar Farah

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have been implemented by firms around the globe to make financial information internationally consistent and comparable. The newly established international financial reporting standard (IFRS-16, "Leases") requires recognition of certain old off-balance-sheet assets and liabilities resulting from operating leases under the International Accounting Standard 17 (IAS 17). The objective of this research aims to employ financial statement items and ratios to investigate how the new leasing standard IFRS-16 affected financial statements following its first implementation in January 20 . . .19. The transportation and storage sector, which the IASB's impact analysis identifies as one of the industries that would be impacted the most has been looked into in this context. This study covers firms included in the transportation and storage sector that are traded in BIST (Borsa İstanbul) as of 2020 Daha fazlası Daha az

Absurdism in Communication Based on Albert Camus

Durak, Gülberk

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Albert Camus, one of the pioneers of existentialism and absurdism, identified the search for meaning in a meaningless universe as "absurd" by defining the limits of absurdism in his work The Myth of Sisyphus. According to him, a person knows that he will die while trying to add value to his life. This contradiction brings out the "absurd". Because death is a tragic end for Man. Another absurd work of Albert Camus, The Stranger is dominated by an incongruous sensibility. This novel of Camus, who argues that the world is absurd and meaningless, is considered one of the most important works of philosophy of the 20th century. The me . . .aninglessness of life, alienation from the environment and oneself, and indifference are at the forefront in the novel. Albert Camus, who has very influential works all over the world, knew today's people very well and expressed the problems of alienation and lack of communication in societies in a foresight way in 1942. In The Stranger, studies on absurd philosophy were carried out at the level of master's degree and doctorate, by considering other works of Camus. Some of these studies have dealt with Camus' philosophy of "absurd" by comparing existentialism, while others have touched on the concept of absurd in the context of the works. In my thesis titled “Absurdism in Communication Based on Albert Camus”, I focused on the alienation caused by absurdism by taking Albert Camus's novel The Stranger, which tells the story of absurdism, and examined the absurd communication and alienation of today's people by using In-depth Interview method, based on reasons such as socioeconomic, cultural and digitalization Daha fazlası Daha az

Orientalism and Nostalgia in British Travel Writing on The Balkans

Talay, Haluk İhsan

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The main purpose of this study is to examine the orientalist and nostalgic conditions as well as images reflected in British travel writers, specifically in Patrick Leigh Fermor’s travel trilogy consisting of A Time of Gifts (1977), Between the Woods and Water (1986) and A Broken Road: From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos (2013), and Georgina Harding’s In Another Europe: A Journey into Romania (1990). This work mainly utilizes theories regarding orientalism such as those of Edward Said, Andre Gingrich and Maria Todorova, in addition to Joep Leerssen’s theory of imagology and Svetlana Boym’s theories of nostalgia. Furthermore, this the . . .sis aspires to underline the orientalist conditions in the said works, by providing imagological examples that support these conditions and how they interact with nostalgic conditions felt or observed by authors. The orientalist conditions are handled in correlation with the conditions of the interwar period and the end of the cold war while the images reproduced by various peoples are underlined as contributing factors for both orientalist and nostalgic discourse Daha fazlası Daha az

Caucasus in Crisis (1870-1923)

Durdağı, Soykan

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Elviye-i Selâse (“Triple Cities”) is the region consisting of Batumi, Ardahan and Kars sanjaks during the Ottoman Period. The fact that the region was taken from the Ottoman Empire after the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) was a major disadvantage for the Turkish people living in this region. After the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878, this region remained in Russian domination for about 40 years and attempted to withstand every kind of persecution. This region was given to the Ottoman Empire pursuant to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which was signed as a result of the collapse of Tsarist Russia due to its internal struggle; however, the . . . joy was short-lived. After the Armistice of Mudros, which was signed after the World War I, the region was taken once more from the Empire. On the other hand, people of Elviye-i Selâse who foreseen the future painful days established national organizations in the hope not to relive the dark days. In order to manage these organizations from a single center, the Provisional National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus was established on January 17-18, 1919 Daha fazlası Daha az

Power And Beauty Relations in the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde And Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Özkan, Elif Sarah

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

This thesis endeavours to explore the enchanting power of beauty and its history. This thesis aims at examining the enchanting power of beauty on selected characters in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret. It further aims at examining the effects of possessing the power of beauty on the characters that possess it, namely Dorian Gray and Lady Audley. This thesis particularly focuses on the descriptions of the portraits of the protagonists in the two novels, on their effects on whoever looks at them and on the complex relationship between pictorial representation, beauty and truth . . .. Furthermore, the significance of beauty in the two novels will be discussed inside the framework of Victorian Aestheticism. To carry out the research this thesis addresses the following questions: What is the significance of beauty, and what is the extent of the power of beauty in Lady Audley’s Secret and The Picture of Dorian Gray? How is beauty represented in the portraits of Lady Audley and Dorian Gray? What is the relationship between outward and inward beauty in these portraits Daha fazlası Daha az

Semiotic Analysis of Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Movies and An Evaluation of Horror Genre in Turkish Cinema

Önder, Melih

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Cosmic Horror, developed by H. P. Lovecraft, is a subgenre of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Cosmic horror is about the fear of the unknowable. It is usually about threatening beings from outer space or ancient malevolent mysteries. It has also played a key role in the development of horror cinema. Unlike stereotypical horror themes, deep stories about the pains of human existence are included in the cosmic horror subgenre. This thesis presents a research on feature films that are directly or indirectly related to thecosmic horror genre. With this aim, some sample films were selected and some sequencesof these films were analy . . .zed using the semiotic method. Moreover, in order to make an evaluation on horror films in Turkish cinema, participants who have produced works in the horror genre were interviewed. They were asked to answer specific questions. A conclusion was finally reached based on the collected findings Daha fazlası Daha az

Framing Of The Annan Plan İn Print Media: A Comparative Analysis

Kurbanzade, Volga

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

This dissertation presents a comparative analysis of headline articles, op-eds, and cartoons on the Annan Plan that appeared in Turkish Cypriot, Greek Cypriot, Turkish and Greek newspapers in the month preceding the twin referenda held on 24 April 2002. The dissertation provides a content analysis of 12 newspapers central to the issue: Afrika, Kıbrıs, Vatan, Charavgi, Fileleftheros, Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, Yeni Şafak, Rizospastis, Ta Nea and Kathimerini. The research primarily investigates the patterns of similarity and difference in the use of “win-win”, “win-lose”, “lose-lose”, “there is no alternative”, and “risky gambling” frames . . .in print media... By employing content analysis, the collected data from 12 newspapers across three main themes (articles, op-eds, and cartoons) are coded through a detailed codebook. The findings of the study indicate that the game theoretical frames were not only used to present the “yes” or “no” choices by pro-yes and pro-no newspapers, but newspapers with a critical stance refuted the game theoretical logic when questioning the legitimacy of the referendum itself. In this sense, the logic of game theory and prospect theory appears at the backbone of the referendum and how it was framed by print media. Findings also point out that this logic originates from policymakers and then finds its place in the print media. Finally, this dissertation sheds light on the complexity of a multiparty conflict where primary and secondary parties adhere to the Mediterranean Media Model. The research combines several disciplines such as political science, media studies, social psychology, and conflict analysis and resolution, drawing from the related literature. Last but not the least, the comparative content analysis offers an important tool for further research in this domain that could be applied in other cases. Daha fazlası Daha az

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