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Bulunan: 204 Adet 0.001 sn
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Erişime Açık

Exhibition strategies of video works at Istanbul Biennials

The introduction of electronic image recording tools in the 1950s provided a unique structure that could affect the production processes of artists. At the beginning, video art was used by artists to criticize television and later on, artists developed new strategies using the possibilities of video from different disciplines and perspectives. Since 1960, artists have started to use video as a means of expression and video has spread rapidly. In Turkey, the spread of video art coincided with the 1990s, and the interest of artists in video art increased in the 2000s. The elements to be consider ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Financial performance measurement with cash flow ratios: a research and comparison on borsa istanbul (BIST) main metal industry and accomodation sector

Akarçay, Çağatay

As soon as people start to earn the money that their labor deserves, they begin to control their cash inflows and outflows. This control is more important for businesses established for profit making. Businesses that want to control their cash flows in a more detailed and neat report form refer to the cash flow statement. Knowing cash flow is vital for businesses. It provides both the control of the cash flow within themselves and the opportunity to compare itself with other businesses that use different accounting methods. The success and sustainability of a business is evaluated by the measu ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The images of women in fairy tales: An analysis of the djinn in the Nightingale’s eye by A.S. Byatt and the bloody chamber by Angela Carter

This dissertation examines A.S. Byatt's The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye and Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and the discussion on the contemporary issues of women, a portrayal of gender in the media, and the political position of women. The study also examines the ways in which Byatt and Carter redefined prevailing traditional notions of femininity in their selected stories. In a male-dominated environment, females are presented as emotional, weak, followers, and submissive to males whereas males are presented as bold, strong, and rational beings. Reading both collections offers an inter ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Instrumental use of corporate social responsibility and capitalist activism

This study highlights how the concept of “social responsibility” has been transformed into “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) which is detached from its both etymology and epistemology, and investigates how and in what ways the concept of “corporate social responsibility” in which the concept of “social responsibility” has been transformed as an invention of instrumental reason, is implemented by organizations for their own purposes to ensure their sustainability within the capitalist system. The objectives found out and identified in this study are examined under four headings; CSR for b ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The impacts of poststructuralism, psychoanalysis and postmodernism on the development of autofiction

This study aims to investigate the ways in which poststructuralism, psychoanalysis and postmodernism have contributed to the development of autofiction. It is contended that the genre has a dialectical relationship with the twentieth century critical theories. Autofiction both affirms and questions the poststructuralist dismantling of the traditional perspectives on the concepts of authority, authenticity and truth by bringing the authorial presence back to the text but fictionalising it to some extent, committing to narrate the truth but creating an ambivalence around it. Autofiction engages ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Altay Türklerinin Çarlık Rusya’ya katılış sürecinde Altay dini misyonunun faaliyetleri (XIX.Yüzyıl)

Çarlık Rusya XVII-XIX. yüzyıllar arasında Altay Türklerinin yaşam alanlarını işgal etmek sureti ile yerel halklar üzerinde dini ve kültürel alanda düzenlemelerde bulundu. Altay’da XVIII. yüzyılın başlarında Hristiyanlık dinine çağrılar konar-göçer Altay halkları arasında bir revaç görmedi. Çarlık Rusya’nın Altay kolonizasyon faaliyetlerinin destekleyici kurumları arasında Altay Dini Misyonu önemli bir yer teşkil etti. Çarlık Rusya, 1828 yılından itibaren Rus Ortodoks Kilisesi vasıtasıyla devlet dini olan Ortodoksluğu yaymak, Rusya’nın çok uluslu ve dini açıdan farklı nüfusları arasındaki misyo ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

An analysis of the player avatar protagonist in video game narratives

Video games depict various fantastic scenarios that players engage in. Fantasy has been a point of interest for humans for much of recorded history and fantasy fulfilment isan important appeal for people to play video games. The experience of such a fantasy can significantly enhance the player’s experience in games. Players experience fantasy in games through its elements:Culmination of gameplay, narrative story and the design of protagonist character(s) are how this fantasy is relayed to the player. The design of these three parts is significant in shaping the player’s fantasy and overall exp ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The case of Marginalised Victorian women: An analysis of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist and hard times through Kate millett’s feminism

The present dissertation aims to analyse Victorian society and its reflection in the 19th-century novels such as Hard Times and Oliver Twist within the feminist framework. Discriminative attitudes in a patriarchal society and how females meet abuse from childhood are among the main concerns; therefore, these are also examined with a great emphasis and added to the research. Their miserable condition inspires the author of this study to shed light upon the women and children within their fictionalisation both in the Victorian novels and in different periods. Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics is co ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Analysis of the notions of identity and selfness in Istanbul Biennial and Manifesta Biennial

Art, throughout history, has been a way of expression, in which people prefer to explain themselves, understand the world, and explain societies to each other. This way of expression, took shape on different notions, concepts, and phenomena, depending on the period. Notions of identity and selfness are the concepts that artists are working on. These notions, socially generate individuals and society, and frame them, also have been tried to interpret by approaching the hands of different disciplines of social sciences. In this work; identity and selfless which are some of the important notions ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Factors that affect the intention to use e-learning sites: A study from the perspective of technology acceptance model

The internet is a major technological development changing our life. This study investigates students' intents to use of electronic learning (e-learning) platforms using Technology Acceptance Model, known as TAM. Our model consists seven variables mainly, technology related variables, instructor related factors, course related factors, perceived usefulness, known as PU, perceived ease of use, known as PEOU, enjoyment and intention to use. Data have been gathered through google forms. Likert type questionnaire and applied 209 adult students who are older than 20. Results shown that instructor a ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

A study of the strategies used by companies creating a distinctive brand image through the use of strategic terminology in product and service naming for differentiation and image building

The use of strategic terminology in product and service naming is crucial for creating a distinctive brand image that sets companies apart from competitors. While brand naming is often prioritized, the importance of consistent terminology for product features and names is often overlooked. This study examines the strategies used by successful companies to develop a comprehensive approach to branding that includes a unique and consistent terminology for the brand, product, and product features. The thesis includes semi structured in-depth interviews with executives from Microsoft, Facebook, Son ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Auditory inattentional deafness investigated with eye tracking

Yıldırım, Funda

This thesis will examine auditory selective attention and inattentional deafness with an eyetracking approach. Some studies show that if a change happens between two modalities, like a visual task with an audio change or an audio task with a visual change, the inattentional blindness and inattentional deafness could be decreased with the help of the changes in multimodal conditions. The current experiment aims to take the first step and expand the understanding of the effects of multimodal changes on inattentional deafness. The main aim of this thesis is whether the type of environmental soun ...Daha fazlası

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