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Erişime Açık

Relationship between personality and effective decision making in online shopping - introducing a holistic personality system: Enneagram

Karakaya, Mehmet Fatih

Online shopping offers a different experience than traditional store shopping, and consumer behavior on this platform may change depending on different factors. Enneagram personality types help better define consumers' online shopping preferences and Purchase Intentions. This can help businesses better target customers and offer products and services that suit their needs. This study measures the effect of Enneagram personality types on online shopping decisions in Turkey. In the study, analyzes were made based on the answers of 392 participants who shopped online. According to the regression ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The mediating role of psychological capital in the relationship between agile leadership and employee intrapreneurship: An empirical study in Turkey

Nurdağ, Veysel Karani

This research aims to undertake an extensive investigation into the correlation among agile leadership, employee intrapreneurship, and psychological capital. By examining the impact of psychological capital on employee intrapreneurship, this study seeks to make a valuable contribution to the academic literature.While there is an increasing interest in the concepts of agile leadership and employee intrapreneurship, there is a lack of comprehensive research exploring their relationship with psychological capital. The suggested study will employ an interdisciplinary approach, combining the pertin ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

A study of the best practices and procedures of risk mitigation techniques in elastic supply chain management in government sector in Jordan. “a case study on Arab Potash Company”

Abdulhameed, Zainab

Recently, managing risks in the supply chain has taken on great importance due to the vulnerability of the supply chain and the importance of mitigating any disruptions that can affect the business. In a world of highly changeable events, the number of upcoming risks is increasing, and managers' strategies to mitigate these risks should be studied and noted to help mitigate similar issues in the future. Risks in the supply chain tend to occur infrequently but can have significant consequences for a company. Supply chain management has been crippled by the coronavirus epidemic, affecting variou ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

A study on the effects of business incubators on entrepreneurs under the light of positive psychology

Tüzemen, Burçin

Business incubators support the development of start-up companies by offering a protective environment and various support services. Since the appearance of incubators, academic studies focused mostly on hard issues like their contribution to the financial success of start-up companies. Nevertheless, when it comes to soft issues, more needs to be studied, The purpose of this research is to help close some of the gaps in the literature by focusing on the contribution of business incubators to the well-being of entrepreneurs. For that purpose, the effects of incubator services on the psychologic ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The influence of website quality on customer purchase intentıon through the mediating role of E-satisfaction and flow experience

Turgut, Merve

To attract customers and ensure a competitive advantage in the e-commerce environment, it is crucial to identify which website attributes encourage customers to purchase by making them more satisfied and offering an online customer experience. Although various website attributes have been widely analysed in the literature based on traditional marketing theories, there are limited studies that have applied the holistic view to categorise these website attributes and online consumer experience regarding flow state. Inspired by the DeLone and Mclean IS model and flow theory, this study is the fir ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The effect of online Turkish shoppers’ perceptions on purchase intention in fashion industry

Akkor Koktekin, Müge

Even though retail stayed almost the same in the last 20 years, the effect of digital tools and applications substantially altered how businesses operate and how consumers shop. When the pandemic increased the pace consumers adapted to changes, retail industry was already battling with the challenge to digitalize. This study is based on the adoption theories including the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Technology Acceptance Model to investigate the interrelationships between perceived website design, perceived privacy, perceived reliability, perceived customer service by the Turkish online ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

Strategic advice seeking behavior of different leadership styles and its impact on strategic decision outcomes: an overview of Turkish companies

Gül, Ahmet Furkan

Decision making, and strategic decision making have been a focal and popular area of management literature, and numerous scholars have conducted thorough research to explain the relationships between each antecedent, characteristic, or variable and the outcomes of the strategic decision process. In addition, recent studies have looked at decision making from an upper echelons" perspective and tried to investigate how the top management teams, boards of directors, and CEOs in organizations take such strategic decisions. Scholars have also looked at how these executives seek and utilize essentia ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

The role of workplace fear of missing out and perceived supervisor support on the relationship between work-related basic need satisfaction and Job burnout

Karamık, Cihan

Job burnout profoundly impacts both employee well-being and organizational effectiveness. This study explores the dynamic interplay among job-related basic need satisfaction, job burnout, Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), and Perceived Supervisor Support. Drawing from self-determination theory and social support literature, it posits that job related basic need fulfillment inversely correlates with job burnout, with FoMO and Perceived Supervisor Support mediating this relationship. 391 employees across diverse industries participated in this cross-sectional study, completing assessments on job-relat ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

A research on local government's view on integrated reporting in Turkey and a model proposal

Akbaş, Müzeyyen Çiğdem

Municipalities are expected to be more transparent, accountable, understandable and to have stronger communication channels with stakeholders. Corporate reports are the tools that establish strong dialogs with stakeholders. Integrated Reports, which provide the opportunity to deliver both financial and non-financial information in a single report, is one of the innovative corporate reporting model. The purpose of this article is to propose an "Integrated Reporting Model" applicable by local governments in Turkey and to make "Integrated Performance Measurements". In line with the purpose of the ...Daha fazlası

Erişime Açık

From the quest for authenticity to advocacy: How do authentic brands create brand advocate consumers?

Tosun, Aslı

In a quest to investigate whether brands that position themselves as authentic create brand advocate consumers, the current study analyzes and collates the extant literature on brand authenticity through unfolding the relationship between brand authenticity and brand advocacy on the grounds of brand experience, actual self-image congruence, consumer involvement as well as the product category with an aim to explore whether brand authenticity positively influences brand advocacy behavior among consumers. The relationships are investigated through a comprehensive research model using two differe ...Daha fazlası

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