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The other space: Heterotopia, memory and individuality in dystopian novels the memory police and the giver

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The aim of this paper is to explore the heterotopic nature of the concept of memory in dystopian fictions The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa and The Giver by Lois Lowry comparatively and thereby to discuss that memory is possible to be applied as a means of oppression primarily through the destruction of this heterotopic space and individuality. The protagonists in both novels suffer from memory loss that is schemed by the totalitarian authority in their communities. In order to resist that authority, they are required to hold on to their memory which acts as a counter-site that is analysed through Michel Foucault's variously defined a . . .nd interpreted concept of heterotopia. The approaches regarding individual and collective memory are presented in relation to identity formation. The paper ultimately discusses that individual memory, in the novels mentioned, besides being a part of collective memory, acts as a heterotopic space for the protagonists since it is a form of the other space created as opposed to the space that is formed by the manipulated collective memory and that the characters are forced to live in Daha fazlası Daha az

The stigma of the fallen woman in the novels of jude the obscure and Yeryüzünde Bir Melek

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Regardless of the cultural differences, the 19th century Victorian England and Tanzimat Period in Ottoman Empire had similar expectations from women. The two novelists from these two countries, Thomas Hardy and Ahmet Mithat Efendi, had critical attitude towards such expectations. Thus they created socially unacceptable but acceptable for them heroines. Afterall, for some Sue Bridehead is Hardy’s main focus and similarly for Ahmet Mithat Raziye is still an angel. The reason why these two heroines are unacceptable for the society’s of their days is intriguing. Considering all these, the aim of this thesis is to discuss these two heroi . . .nes through the lens of stigma of fallen woman so that why these heroines experince exclusion may be discussed. While doing this Erving Goffman’s ideas regarding stigma along with Stafford&Scott’s arguments on how stigma and norms are related; and Link&Phelan’s writing on stigma and its connection to negative stereotypes will be used Daha fazlası Daha az

The meaning of ideology: a comparative analysis of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Yaşar Kemal’s The Sultan of the Elephants and Red Bearded Lame Ant

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

In this work, the novels Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Sultan of the Elephants and Red Bearded Lame Ant by Yaşar Kemal are analysed comparatively through the Marxist literary theory benefiting from Georg Lukács, Terry Eagleton and Lucien Goldmann. This study examines how Orwell and Kemal from different geographies, nationalities and traditions have been influenced by the Marxist literary tradition. The figures in the two novels are compared according to their characteristics/profile, the changes they have gone through, and the protagonists’ endings in their own story. The features of the works have been also examined through . . .an analysis of the writers’ lives. In the discussion part, the meaning of ideology in novels, and its reflections have been evaluated in terms of the selected writers’ biographies, and the ideological elements as well as sociological ones in their works. In addition, the aim of this work displays a comparative thematic and stylistic analysis of the two novels Daha fazlası Daha az

Analysis of the notions of identity and selfness in Istanbul Biennial and Manifesta Biennial

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Art, throughout history, has been a way of expression, in which people prefer to explain themselves, understand the world, and explain societies to each other. This way of expression, took shape on different notions, concepts, and phenomena, depending on the period. Notions of identity and selfness are the concepts that artists are working on. These notions, socially generate individuals and society, and frame them, also have been tried to interpret by approaching the hands of different disciplines of social sciences. In this work; identity and selfless which are some of the important notions of art, artist, and production of art, h . . .ave been approached with the help of the fields of sociology, philosophy, and psychology. In art, the dual perspective of identity and selfness, which create each other, has been tried to be traced. Examination, that has been made, is limited to “İstanbul Biennial” and “Manifesta: The European Nomadic Biennial” which emphasizes the concepts of identity and selfness and, on the other hand, it is composed of artworks analysis that is associated with concepts of identity and selfness, while researching for the structure of biennials Daha fazlası Daha az

Transformation of cyberpunk films in hollywood remakes: a comparative historical analysis

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The last decade has seen an increase in Hollywood productions of cyberpunk films. These films, designed as remakes or sequels, appeal to both old fans of the cult original films and new audiences. The subject of this research is how the remakes, which aim to guarantee the box office undergo changes and how they fit into the system compared to the originals. In the research, it has been attempted to reveal how these change narratives have been integrated into current policies and the system compared to the originals, and to determine and show in which contexts this transformation of the remakes took place and what this effect serves. . . . For this purpose, the progress of remakes was examined, the originals and remakes of Total Recall (original 1990, remake 2012) and Ghost in the Shell (original 1995, remake 2017) were discussed with the help of narrative analysis and their ideological and economy-political functions were periodically compared Daha fazlası Daha az

The relationship between machiavelism, grandiose and vulnerable narcissism, and loneliness among white collar workers

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Considering the several negative effects of loneliness as an undesirable and hurtful emotion, it is important to discover how it occurs. Although Machiavellianism and narcissism are associated with loneliness, the number of studies that have investigated their relationship is relatively limited. This study, therefore, aims to investigate the relationship between Machiavelism, narcissism, and loneliness among white-collar workers. In addition, it is also aimed to examine whether the level of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and loneliness are related to sociodemographic characteristics of the participants, as indicated by several previo . . .us studies. The study was carried out with 200 white-collar employees selected by snowball sampling. Data was collected using an online questionnaire that included a sociodemographic information form, Narcissistic Personality Inventory, Hypersensitive Narcissism Scale, Machiavellianism Scale, and UCLA Loneliness Scale. The results failed to indicate a relationship between sociodemographic variables and Machiavellianism and narcissism scale scores. In addition, several significant correlations were obtained between Machiavellianism, narcissism, and loneliness scale variables. Finally, a stepwise multiple regression analysis revealed Distrust subscale of Machiavellinaism Scale and Hypersensitive Narcissism Scale scores as well as male gender as significant predictors of loneliness. The findings presented by this study are considered to make a significant contribution to the limited and controversial literature Daha fazlası Daha az

Sinestezi ve sanat ilişkisi

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe Üniversitesi Akademik ve Açık Erişim Bilgi Sistemi

Tıp biliminin 300 yıldan fazladır üzerinde durduğu sinestezi kavramı en genel haliyle renklerin sese, şekillerin tada dönüştüğü bir algıyı ifade etmektedir. Bir sanat eserinin bütünlüğünü sağlayan en önemli unsurun planlı bir kompozisyon olması gerektiği düşünüldüğünde ise sinestezik algının sanat eserinde yaratıcılığı geliştirdiği söylenebilmektedir. İyi bir sanatçının özgün eserler yaratabilmesi için hassas ve derin duyulara sahip olması gereklidir. Tarihte ismini duyurmuş, sanat sektörünü geliştirmede faydalı olmuş, birçok deha, olağandışı farklı yeteneklere sahiptir. Bahsi geçen bazı sanatçıların ise sinestezik algıya sahip oldu . . .ğu yapılan araştırmalarla ortaya koyulmuştur. Duyular arası ilişki sinestezik sanatçıları günlük yaşantıları en fazla etkileyen durum olmaktadır. Çünkü her insan yaşamını, tat, koku, işitme, görme gibi duyularla yönlendirmiştir, bazı sanatçılarda iki veya dört duyu bir arada çalışabilmektedir, örneğin ressamlarda en çok görülen, duydukları seslerin, renklerini algılayıp onları görselleştirmek olduğu bilinmektedir. Hazırlanan bu çalışmada, Sinestetik bakış açısına dayalı bir şekilde, sanat eserini üretmede kaynak olan psiko- nörolojik durumların sanat ürünü üzerindeki etkileri anlatılmaktadır. Ayrıca Carol Steen, Vincent Van Gogh gibi sanatçı örnekleri verilerek eserleri incelenmiştir Daha fazlası Daha az

The influence of visual movement priming on novel and conventional metaphor comprehension: an eye-tracking study

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

Understanding metaphors is key to language processing. This research examined the influence of visual priming on action metaphor comprehension, addressing a critical gap in understanding cognitive mechanisms behind language comprehension. Based on the principles of embodied cognition, the research investigated how visual priming impacts comprehension of action metaphors, both novel and conventional, and literal action verbs. An experimental design was adopted, with eye-tracking technology used to capture eye movements as participants read metaphor-rich sentences. We executed a repeated measures ANOVA to analyze various eye movement . . .metrics such as initial reading durations, the length of forward fixations, and the times spent on initial rereading. This was done to assess the influence of priming across varying categories of text. Results highlighted a significant effect of visual priming on first-pass reading times, especially for novel action metaphors, and forward-fixation and first-pass rereading times for all text types. The priming effects were confined to the target sentence. The study emphasized the facilitating role of visual priming in metaphor comprehension, hinting at the involvement of perceptual and sensorimotor systems in language comprehension. It also sets the stage for further research into the neural underpinnings of metaphor comprehension and broader priming modalities Daha fazlası Daha az

The effects of climate change on financial markets

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

There is a critical relationship between climate change and financial markets. In this study, temperature change values are used to examine the impact of climate change on agriculture, banking, investment, and insurance sectors. The study determines the relationship between temperature changes and agriculture, banking, investment, and insurance indices in BIST by regression analysis. The results show that climate change has different impacts on different sectors. While the agricultural sector is more sensitive to temperature changes, its impact on the bankingand investment sectors may be more limited. These results suggest that temp . . .erature changes directly and significantly impact the financial performance of the agricultural sector and provide a broad understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on financial markets and the agricultural sector. In addition, the insurance sector can be affected by climate change, and temperature increases can trigger changes in insurance indices. These results emphasize that climate change is an essential factor in financial sector performance and risk management. In this context, policies and strategies to combat climate change should focus on promoting stability and sustainability in financial markets Daha fazlası Daha az

The impact of logistics activities on customer satisfaction from an e-commerce perspective

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

In the digital era, the e-commerce industry is developing unexpectedly and has emerge as an integral phase of people's lives. It is now impossible to stay except e-commerce, as it gives comfort and will become embedded in our day by day routines.In the online shopping market, numerous components contribute to satisfying online shoppers, with logistics services playing a significant role in this regard. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the impact of logistics activities from an e-commerce perspective on customer and satisfaction,and to uncover the relationship between them. A survey organized for the find out about examine . . .d the satisfaction of end-users with the logistic services supplied via e-commerce websites. An online survey was performed with a hundred and ten people who had been 18 years or older and had preceding online buying experience from e-commerce websites. Tests had been utilized the use of the SPSS statistical program. Based on the study findings, it was perceived logistics activities had an impact on customer satisfaction influenced by some independent variable. Findings were deliberated in the discussion and conclusion, accompanied by a review of relevant literature Daha fazlası Daha az

The notion and use of space in the Küratöryel works of Başak Şenova

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

In this study, the concept of spatial perception in curating and the stages of spatial usage from the preservation to the presentation of artworks throughout history are examined. In contemporary exhibitions, curators shape the viewers’ spatial perception to give meaning to the exhibitions. Since the beginning of the 2000s, curators have been more influential. The transformation of public exhibition spaces from “Natural Curiosity Cabinets” to salons, from salons to the white cube, and subsequently to open spaces has taken place from the 18th century to the present. Throughout the study, this transitional phase is addressed, and sign . . .ificant works and investigations regarding space and spatial perception throughout history are discussed. In this context, the use of space in curating, the perception of exhibition space, and the utilization of exhibition space, from salon exhibitions to the white cube era, are examined with reference to Brian O’Doherty's book “Inside the White Cube”. Then, the components influencing the perception of space and the works of Başak Şenova, one of today's successful curators, were analyzed Daha fazlası Daha az

Comparison of monstrous figures in the works of H.P Lovecraft and China Miéville through Lovecraft’s five definitive elements

Preprint | 2023 | Yeditepe University Academic and Open Access Information System

The present study compared selected works of H.P. Lovecraft and China Miéville in terms of the representations of monster figures by creating a theoretical framework using Lovecraft’s “Five Definitive Elements of Weird Literature”. A comparative foundation was first laid down by examining the etymology of the word monster throughout history, as well as touching upon Saussure's theories of language. Following this, an intrinsic analysis of Lovecraft’s three selected works was made. The analysis highlighted the importance of factors such as cosmicism, and fear of the unknown, as well as the importance of human insignificance in the na . . .rration. Additionally, the uncanny in both Jentsch’s and Freud’s definition was included for a later comparison. The lack of context in details regarding the monsters was also highlighted in accordance with the established importance of fear of the unknown in Weird Literature. Then the same analysis was done on Miéville after a glimpse of his past with tabletop games such as “Dungeons and Dragons”, and the importance worldbuilding has for him. Following an analysis of Bas-Lag, a comparison was made based on the five definitive elements by first interpretating them on what could they refer to, and how the two works handled them in this context. The results from examination through the monster representation, cosmicism, fear of the unknown and the five elements helped the study argue the point that; The monster representation functioned as the source of paranoia and uncanny in both the works. Yet, while Lovecraftian narrative’s monsters achieved the feeling of uncanny by presenting a small piece of the whole; Miéville’s Bas-Lag did the same with a mirrored approach of a key piece missing from the whole Daha fazlası Daha az

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